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  1. Lori

    Unity Nation (Selective Recruitment)

    I have only just returned to DayzRP, but damn this is a sexy group page, and I love the information and concept. Take my beans.
  2. A young girl, Mouse was one of the lucky ones. Despite the ravages of civil war claiming half of her family, she was able to cling to what little remained as the dead begun to walk the earth. Her father kept her close, and they found an abandoned hunter's shack in the forest, away from the hordes amassed in the city. He protected her, and they stayed deep in the forest. Sometimes her father would go for days to gather supplies, and Mouse was expected to stay inside the shack. If she ever heard anything, anything at all, she was to stay silent and stay still. Even when her father came back, sometimes bloody, he quietly requested she stay silent and stay still. The world was terrifying, and the idea of silence was ingrained in the girl. This was even more so when people sometimes wandered by the hunter's shack. Her father would take Mouse and hide under it, in the crawl space. He made her remain quiet. They would emerge hours later to find their home ransacked, but her father insisted it was worth it to survive. Stay silent and stay still. That was how you survived. One day, her father left for supplies. She was use to this. It was fine. Over the year or so that had passed since the outbreak, it had gotten to the point where words were barely ever exchanged between the two. Being quiet had become their odd comfort. Still, as the days passed, the girl couldnt help but find the comfort of silence becoming eerie and frightening. The wolves that howled to the north often sparked curiosity in her, but now, all they did was inspire terror. Her father had never been gone for this long. Where was he? Slowly, Mouse went through their rations and food supplies. The leaves turned from green to brown. Still, the girl waited. She waited and remained still until doing so was no longer an option. With a rumbling stomach and dry lips, the quiet girl set out. It had been over a year since she came to this shack, but now... the girl was leaving. She had to. Quietly, she walked down the steps, trying to remember clearly the way that her father had brought her so many months ago. The way he always took when he left. She just had to remember... Stay Silent. Stay Still.
  3. Lori

    Vote Now! - SCEENSHOT OF THE MONTH CONTEST - Bugs & Glitches

    @Gaylaxitivelooks like the devil himself is deepthroating that guy in the church. You got my vote
  4. I have never in my life or history on this community ever claimed to be an intelligent woman.
  5. I linked the wrong discord link in my account because I have 2 discord accounts, one for family and one for all this bullshit. Could I get some help with this? I was told I need @Roland to mess with it.
  6. Lori

    DayZRP Staff Live Stream (7th of July 06/07/2018)

    Sounds like you dont trust your staff- even your higher tier ones who have the ability to fully fuck the site over from the control panel. I'd recommend getting on that before getting huffy over a stream.
  7. Lori

    DayZRP Staff Live Stream (7th of July 06/07/2018)

    Sorry mate, just got a bit of a red flag with your first post XD
  8. Lori

    DayZRP Staff Live Stream (7th of July 06/07/2018)

    If it's Rolle's personal stream it should be called RolleDayZ or something. The stream is DayZRP.
  9. Lori

    DayZRP Staff Live Stream (7th of July 06/07/2018)

    I have a Twitch. Everyone has a twitch. You have a twitch. It could easily be done on any twitch. What does the stream key have to do with any of this? Do you not give it out to your staff? If not, why?
  10. Lori

    DayZRP Staff Live Stream (7th of July 06/07/2018)

    Why would they need to ask you to host a stream? They're your staff not minions. Without them, this site would fall apart. You dont have to micromanage any of this lol If anything this shows initiative on their behalf. Looking forward to seeing the live stream and seeing what they have planned.
  11. Lori

    Dead Matter~

    Same~ We have a website set up already and are waaaiting to finalize stuff~ Even chatting with the dev team!
  12. Lori

    Dead Matter~

    Dead Matter just released a new trailer~ It looks super spiffy. For those not in the know, look below!
  13. Lori

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "Hey, you wanna play football with that severed head?" -Roxanne Garcia (2018)
  14. Lori

    The Damned (Active Recruitment)

    4/5 stars Great moving company, would hire again. Would give 5 stars but guy ran off with a tent and we had to radio him to find him.
  15. Lori

    Staff level system

    1. Y'all are adults and shouldnt need stars to feel special. If people are whining or complaining about not progressing in staff enough, they shouldn't be staff. This is volunteer work done for a game and community you enjoy. Do what you want, but this seems immature. 2. These stars shouldnt be visible to normal members. It's going to add more drama and confusion for newer members in various ways that have been expressed by others. 3. Staff members who dont do work should just be removed. That clearly isnt happening as people have brought up. Just bite the bullet and remove the inactives- even if they'r your friends. Rolle, this site is a business. You need to treat it like one in some respects. Trim fat. Listen to your stock holders (i.e. members who give you money). 4. Once more, this system seems really immature and just adds more work for staff in regards to monitoring and a whole other aspect of stress for already stressed out staff in a community that's constantly going between an "us vs them" and a "paranoid side glance" mentality regarding staff. 5. I feel like this is just going to end up being left in the dust and in a few months the stars will still be there but no one will have progressed at all because it's really teadious and with .63, staff are going to get a lot busier. Bruh, don't do it.