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  1. Lori

    Unity Nation (Selective Recruitment)

    I have only just returned to DayzRP, but damn this is a sexy group page, and I love the information and concept. Take my beans.
  2. A young girl, Mouse was one of the lucky ones. Despite the ravages of civil war claiming half of her family, she was able to cling to what little remained as the dead begun to walk the earth. Her father kept her close, and they found an abandoned hunter's shack in the forest, away from the hordes amassed in the city. He protected her, and they stayed deep in the forest. Sometimes her father would go for days to gather supplies, and Mouse was expected to stay inside the shack. If she ever heard anything, anything at all, she was to stay silent and stay still. Even when her father came back, sometimes bloody, he quietly requested she stay silent and stay still. The world was terrifying, and the idea of silence was ingrained in the girl. This was even more so when people sometimes wandered by the hunter's shack. Her father would take Mouse and hide under it, in the crawl space. He made her remain quiet. They would emerge hours later to find their home ransacked, but her father insisted it was worth it to survive. Stay silent and stay still. That was how you survived. One day, her father left for supplies. She was use to this. It was fine. Over the year or so that had passed since the outbreak, it had gotten to the point where words were barely ever exchanged between the two. Being quiet had become their odd comfort. Still, as the days passed, the girl couldnt help but find the comfort of silence becoming eerie and frightening. The wolves that howled to the north often sparked curiosity in her, but now, all they did was inspire terror. Her father had never been gone for this long. Where was he? Slowly, Mouse went through their rations and food supplies. The leaves turned from green to brown. Still, the girl waited. She waited and remained still until doing so was no longer an option. With a rumbling stomach and dry lips, the quiet girl set out. It had been over a year since she came to this shack, but now... the girl was leaving. She had to. Quietly, she walked down the steps, trying to remember clearly the way that her father had brought her so many months ago. The way he always took when he left. She just had to remember... Stay Silent. Stay Still.
  3. Lori

    Vote Now! - SCEENSHOT OF THE MONTH CONTEST - Bugs & Glitches

    @Gaylaxitivelooks like the devil himself is deepthroating that guy in the church. You got my vote
  4. I have never in my life or history on this community ever claimed to be an intelligent woman.
  5. I linked the wrong discord link in my account because I have 2 discord accounts, one for family and one for all this bullshit. Could I get some help with this? I was told I need @Roland to mess with it.
  6. Lori

    • JimRP

    So if stuff that doesn't happen in the servers doesn't count, where was Anarchy when they archived? They weren't in the server fighting some war across the border... because there's no across the border in game... Did they get lost in the woods for a few weeks and make up the fighting to hide their embarrassment? 

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. Lori

      Just like it's super realistic you're people get tortured and shot up daily yet never have limps, death or long lasting injuries? You can't picl and choose the realism card mate.

      Frankly, if you dont want people to feel they need to go somewhere else for quiet events without them being trolled then maybe y'all should look into it. I'm 100% sure all the people involved in the wedding would have been cool with hostilities at it if it didn't turn into joke characters making shitty jokes and ruining the tension of the situation.

      There are a lot of amazing hostile RPers, G19 being one of them, but you cant deny that a good lot of them are light rp troll characters made for shits and giggles.

    3. Jack the Ripper

      Jack the Ripper

      There's nothing realistic about people coming back from the dead after every firefight, yet here we are. We suspend our disbelief for the sake of storytelling. You and yours have had plenty of action over the year and caused major conflict that has had lasting IC effects. I'm sure they can have a freaking wedding without completely ruining current stories.


    4. JoffreyRP


      Yeah, i personally dont think its an avoiding RP report. It's more likely to be an OOC hate report yanno?

    5. G19RP


      Bad guys wanting to do something bad? Holy shit how fucking crazy is that one? 

    6. Pussy


      You can stand by it all you want, doesn't mean that their roleplay is actually invalid just because you dislike it.

    7. JimRP


      I don't care about what their RP was, I care about where it happened. 

      And sorry but RP outside of DayZRP services is indeed invalid.

    8. Oisin


      Yeah im sorry but wtf, rping elsewhere like in discord or steam don't count? Wise up like. Internal rp like that allows for a shit-ton of character development. Rather than doing the wedding through text they wanted to do it if, but didn't wanna get disturbed by a bunch of hostile people for once, I don't see the issue here. You lads get more than enough action and to 'swing your dicks about'. Let people to how they want to rp.

    9. JimRP


      Internal RP can happen on the server and the forums, not just discord/steam. 

    10. Pussy



    11. JimRP



    12. Zanaan


      It seems what you truly desire is consequence free RP which goes against the very foundations of both this community and the game as a whole. @JimRP is right, all RP related to DayZRP should take place either within the server or in the respective IC areas of the forum where the RP can be built on by the community as a whole. To attempt to do so elsewhere and then bring said RP into the server after the fact defeats the entire point of the community as it stands. 


      Now that is not to say consequence free RP is bad, it is just that the community isn't set up to promote it, but rather promotes dynamic RP. If you wish to have consequence free RP then that is fantastic, but please don't attempt to mix the two by then merging RP decisions made elsewhere back into the server retroactively thereby denying the dynamic RP style @Rolandworks so hard to promote.

    13. Grimnir


      I am low key confused after reading through all this. Is this now a rule or an opinion and if it's a rule does the rest of the admin team agree with it? 

    14. EveryoneHatesRonin


      I cant understand why it's such a big deal that they did their wedding on a different server. Did it affect your RP? Were you so hyped and prepareing for this event you knew nothing about till today? Like honestly.

    15. Wolfstorm
    16. Roland


      It's never been a rule because it was never needed. Just like NLR hasn't been a rule until people started running back to firefights they died in. Anyways for as long as I remember players have been loyal to DayZRP community and never had to go to pubs to role play and then retroactively import that RP back to their DayZRP characters. I don't see any reason why that should be allowed and groups of players allowed to live in their RP bubble or alternate universe somewhere else and then us hosting their stories or characters here. All it does is hurt the community, both content and number wise.

    17. Zanaan




      The reason isn't the wedding itself that I'm concerned with, but the precedent of conducting RP under the guise of developing your DayZRP characters elsewhere so that you are free from consequence, then retroactively fusing it back into DayZRP after the fact. The fact is people present had antagonized a group, so rather than deal with the fallout they conducted an event they knew they would be normally confronted at elsewhere to avoid it.

    18. Whitename


      While I don’t have any problem with RP happening off-DayZRP (private discord, steam, other servers etc) I gotta say some of yall are blowing this way out of proportion, just like the shit that happened with dynamic groups, initiation reasons, loremasters etc. Yes, Miroslavl happened, as well as every other lore event. Really hard to support this side when people throw up strawmans  

      That being said, until RP that happens outside of DayZRP causes negative consequences to others I see no reason to try and police that. Obviously nobody that was part of that shit has execution rights on anybody, but it’s a wedding, and considering they can just work that into their backstory as something that happened, there’s no reason to try and find that invalid.

      They could have had a text RP event on their Discord and nobody would be throwing a fit. It was literally a wedding. The whole “follow them across servers and gat them for *insert reason*” shit aside, I see no reason a wedding off DayZRP couldn’t be taken IC, since they can just add it to their backstories anyways.

    19. JimRP


      @Roland thanks for clarifying.

    20. Pussy


      @Roland Oh hey. I've been around for a bit of time... As you know. I've been in quite a number of groups, and interacted with a number of people. Most time, what we'd do, is finish up our RP on the servers, then curl up next to a nice warm fire in our "IC Camp Roleplay" channel and just... Roleplay out the end of the night; swap stories, talk about our day, you know. Then the following day, we'd jump back onto good ol' DayZRP and roleplay using the text roleplay as a guideline for how our night ended. I don't really see the harm to the server population there, do you? Although according to these new found rules, that's invalid? Hmm... I think the real harm to the server population is all of this OOC hoopla, don'tcha think? 


    21. EveryoneHatesRonin


      ^ Nothing else needs to be said.

    22. Zanaan


      I'm assuming you're referring to Chiefs Cantina where people used to sit RPing in teamspeak all day, seldom getting in game, and you had to be invited to participate? 


      There was a lot wrong with that, including the fact there would be a dozen people not filling the server. 


      Tell me, what point do you see in DayZRP if you want to conduct your RP elsewhere? 

    23. GenericName


      That means that Radio chatter is also "unfair" because I can't interrupt someone talking shit on the radio by barging in, taking the radio out of his hand and shoving it down his throat during his broadcast. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    24. Pussy


      Actually... No? I'm talking about the groups I was in previously. I was in Chief's Cantina like... Maybe once for OOC conversation. So... deep breaths.

      As each day goes by, I'm seeing less of a point. Mainly from the game itself, but also due to management. But, I guess speaking on prior experiences, it never actually took away from the IC roleplay that happened IG. It was moreso done as a night cap; for those who wanted to roleplay in between sessions as a way to pass the time. All major character interactions and development was done in game. Don't really see that as me or mine "conducting RP elsewhere" since the roleplay always revolved around what had happened IG. 

      But, meh. I mean, there's no way to tell between what has happened IG, and what has happened in Discord anyway, right? So... I guess from the outside looking in, mum's the word. 

    25. ExoticRP


      Here's a pic of my cat


    26. Farmer-BorisRP


      Jesus everyone just calm down. 

      @Lori calm down there Braveheart 

  7. It's so sad that if it doesn't happen in the server it doesn't count at all... Guess Anarchy didn't go off to fight some rebels when they archived... Guess all of Majors cool events never happened either :<

    And no one's backstories either... We all just popped into existance in Chernorussia I guess. 

    btw am I evading RP by not logging on for a week and playing Fallout 4?

    1. Tony

      I've been evading RP for months now. Fallout, WoW, a little bit of Hearthstone... I am a repeat offender!

  8. DrMax

    • DrMax

    Raven, that you? Where's Octavia at?

  9. Lori

    DayZRP Staff Live Stream (7th of July 06/07/2018)

    Sounds like you dont trust your staff- even your higher tier ones who have the ability to fully fuck the site over from the control panel. I'd recommend getting on that before getting huffy over a stream.
  10. Lori

    DayZRP Staff Live Stream (7th of July 06/07/2018)

    Sorry mate, just got a bit of a red flag with your first post XD
  11. Lori

    DayZRP Staff Live Stream (7th of July 06/07/2018)

    If it's Rolle's personal stream it should be called RolleDayZ or something. The stream is DayZRP.
  12. Lori

    DayZRP Staff Live Stream (7th of July 06/07/2018)

    I have a Twitch. Everyone has a twitch. You have a twitch. It could easily be done on any twitch. What does the stream key have to do with any of this? Do you not give it out to your staff? If not, why?
  13. Lori

    DayZRP Staff Live Stream (7th of July 06/07/2018)

    Why would they need to ask you to host a stream? They're your staff not minions. Without them, this site would fall apart. You dont have to micromanage any of this lol If anything this shows initiative on their behalf. Looking forward to seeing the live stream and seeing what they have planned.
  14. RANT TIME:

    It baffles me how some people can ask you to give them your character, the one you made from scratch, because you havent been online due to IRL things like moving. Furthermore, it baffles me further how they can try to justify this. Like, this wasnt a character given to me- I made her from scratch. I don't understand why some people feel ownership over other's characters. It fucking pisses me off that this was even asked. Furthermore, when they try to justify it by "oh you didn't say anything for a month" when you fucking did a week in and got told they had come up with a reason for your char to be not in the RP scene.

    Like how fucking effected in the head do you have to be to think like that? How entitled can you be to demand someone give you their character? 

    1. SweetJoe


      um. People cant, if they do and are unwilling to talk to you, pm an admin.

    2. Karma


      No one demanded anything, you were asked more than once if/when you are coming back. You never said anything in the group discord about why you were gone, and before you try to say you did remember that I can go back and check. Which for the record I have done, today is the first time you have responded to any of my messages asking if you were coming back. You want to be included in the RP then you need to be around that's how things work Lori. If you had told us you were moving then it would have been a very different conversation, that is on YOU not any one else in the group.

      Telling people to fuck off is not going to fix any of this.

    3. SweetJoe


      Need a Mediator ladies?

    4. G19RP


      +1 Lori, +1

    5. Scottie


      +1 Lori

    6. Couch112

      I second those +1's consider it 3 +1's

    7. LukeRP



  15. Lori

    Dead Matter~

    Same~ We have a website set up already and are waaaiting to finalize stuff~ Even chatting with the dev team!