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  1. Lori

    A Message To The Fucker That Shot Me. (Open Freq)

    *The voice of a teen girl can be heard. It sounds hoarse. She doesn't sound much older than sixteen. There's an accent, perhaps Spanish?* "Oh is that what happened... No wonder I woke up with a bleeding shoulder. I was wondering where you had gone. You sound like you are okay, so that's good." *Click*
  2. Server and location: Server 1& Field outside Kabinino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 02:48 & 05/23/2019 Your in game name: Roxanne Garcia Names of allies involved: @GreyRP Name of suspect/s: ??? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Met Grey's char Sergei like 15 minutes beforehand, they got along so decided to travel together. Serendipitous. Some guys started following us, Sergei went to go talk to them. They said they were just firing on zombies. They kept following us. Then more guys showed up, like two more. They never spoke to me. I kept my distance. They then kept talking to Sergei, asking if they knew him. At this point, they were ignoring me. No RP was had with me. They then told him "Put your hands up bro". In this moment I was in the middle of getting a soda to drink because my food was in the yellow, before I could even tab out to put my hands up for safety, less than a second to comply, I was gunned down. I was given less than a second to comply. I wasn't RPed with in the slightest. The situation was a bit shit. They had no kill rights on me.
  3. Lori

    Generation Zero - Media Thread

    Sounds like y'all need a Spanish Inquisition
  4. The real reason I didn't end up actually doing the mentor program is because only one or two people actually read the whole thing and properly applied. 10+ people did not and applied incorrectly. Fuck me mate. The mentors needed mentors. Aint got time for that.

    1. Roland



  5. Lori

    Minimum Age Requirement Back to 16.

    Jesus fuck just make it a rule and if some cuck acts like a 4 year old ban him on the grounds that he's acting like a 4 year old. He doesnt have to prove his age or anything. He's acting like a child so treat him like a child. DayZ isnt some god given right. Why the fuck are we acting like it is?
  6. Just letting you know I miss you! Also, people really want to get this mentor programme going again, and you dropped off the grid, right after posting the thread to get it started up. I may step in for now.

  7. Recently I’ve seen a lot of people talking about how players need a helping hand, especially those new to the community or those who have been trying to take RP more seriously than they have before. I’ve seen people discussing wanting the return of the Mentor Program, however, no one has yet to do anything. As the mentor program has always been a member run program, I decided, fuck it. I’m an active member of this community with nothing better to do. I don’t have a ban or warning history that could worry staff with me heading this project, so here we are. I’ve written this post up to begin the process of recruiting interested students and mentors who are looking to learn and or help the community. As this is a fledgling project, I can only hope it will one day reach the levels that @Buddy's wonderful program did at it’s peak. I’m hoping I can act as an organizer to help put people willing to teach and those wanting to learn together, or even teach others myself. Let’s hope this works! The Mentor Program is a program founded by members of the DayzRP community to help teach those who are new to Roleplay the ropes. It also assists those who have been doing light RP and now wish to broaden their scope and understanding of roleplay. Furthermore, they can help those struggling with character ideas or plot lines. For example, if you have an established character and are having difficulty deciding where to take them storyline, a mentor can assist with this by talking with you and discussing various elements in your narrative. The Mentor Program has two main groups, Mentors and Students. You can read more about them in their respective sections below. We hope to pair Mentors with Students so they may assist those who need help adjusting to RP on DayzRP the most. Mentors are members of DayzRP who are known to be exemplary roleplayers and have little to no severe warning or ban history under their belt. Mentors are volunteers who submit an application, and they are not picked by DayzRP Staff but rather by myself, Lori, and by recommendation of the other Mentors. They can assist students by roleplaying with them actively in the game and helping them develop their characters through these interactions. They may also choose to simply interact with their student through PMs on the forum, through discord or other means to answer questions or discuss character progression. Both are optional, and mentors may mix or match their methods, or even add new ones, to help however they feel best. Mentors will never attempt to control your character or you. They only seek to guide you. Furthermore, if a mentor ever becomes abusive, please report them promptly to myself or a DayzRP staff member. Students can be new or old members of the DayzRP community. New members with no experience or those who lack confidence may come ask for mentorship to learn the ropes of how the unique roleplay experience on DayzRP works. Furthermore, established members who wish to expand their roleplay or have grown unsure of how to proceed may also become students. Students may also be those who simply wish to have someone they can rely on for the occasional question or two that they know will provide an answer. Students, like mentors, can choose how heavily they want to interact with their mentors. Furthermore, students are expected to put work into learning. A mentor is not to write character backstories for them or other such things. We will follow all DayzRP guidelines and community rules. If a mentor requests that students only message them around certain times or a certain number of times per day or week, please respect that. If a DayzRP staff member feels our mentor program is breaking a rule, we will work with them to resolve it. More will be added as issues or concerns arise. If you wish to become a mentor, PM me the application below: Preferred Nickname: Discord Name: Age: Country: Roleplay Experience: Noticeable Bans or Warnings: What is the Line Between OOC and IC?: If you wish to become a student, reply to the thread or if you wish to remain anonymous, PM me with the application below: Preferred Nickname: Age: Country: Roleplay Experience: Noticeable Bans or Warnings: What is it that you wish to learn:
  8. I wish we could get the Mentor system back for younger and inexperienced RPers who needed it for the airsoft military RPers and the RPers who seem to think drinking medical cleaning alchohol gets them drunk and not dead.
  9. Lori


    jesus fuck is it 2015 again? Welcome back. fyi vox is the new outrun so have fun.
  10. Lori

    Bullet damage

    I got shot in the head with an SVD and only bled a little. Everything's fine.
  11. Eh, he's just asking for who the guy you were with is. Only reason he banned ya' is cause you wont say? Unless not saying that is fun? I don't know man. You must have fun in weird ways. I dont think that situation was fun either, considering you were just sitting in a bush not interacting with anyone. Even when I got up there you didn't talk.
  12. *The radio clicks on as a young girl's voice filters on. She speaks in Chernarussian. She sounds like a young teen, or maybe an older child? Behind her, the sound of quiet crickets and gentle birds chirping can be heard.* "Pro ty, kteří bojují o Černarusii, Mám pro váš boj něco užitečného. Velmi užitečné. Mohlo by to všechno změnit. Chcete-li mě kontaktovat, je tato frekvence rokem, kdy se do této země dostalo peklo. Ne mrtví, kteří jsou teď tady. Řekni mi, co se zlomí kameníci." *The radio clicks out.*
  13. I swear to god if one more person runs up to me calling my character by her first name, which she never uses, instead of Rada, Ima lobotomize them. Someone did it yesterday and I gently corrected them oocly and they actually started arguing with me about how their metagaming was correct. 

    1. BrianM


      Isn't Rada her fisrt name? OwO

    2. Bot Elmo

      Bot Elmo

      It’s happened to a friend of mine a few times as well. Truly annoying shit.

    3. Lori


      Nope Brian. Rada is a petname her mum gave her. Means Happiness in Chernarussian. Her first name is Petya, named after her dad. 

      And yeah, I know the friend, I share her solidarity. 

    4. Mademoiselle


      I’ve had this. I only call myself Mouse and everyone goes “Oh hi Minnie...” like fucks sake ?‍♀️ 

    5. Bot Elmo

      Bot Elmo

      Tbf when I found out what your char’s name was out of character I was kinda glad I didn’t make the Minnie Mouse jokes I had in my head

    6. Ron


      Just report it, tbh.

    7. Lori


      tbh @Mademoiselle that's why I like called y'all the trouble makers last night because i couldnt remember 

    8. Mademoiselle


      I’m the trouble maker but you called that poor coloured man something Q_Q of course I’m the troublemaker

    9. CamoRP


      Honestly, if they are being dicks about it after you correct them OOCly, i'd report them for metagaming. If they don't want to take your roleplay seriously and respect you, they shouldn't be here.

      FYI Trent, ran around with you for hours the last couple weeks, and he still doesn't know your name. Hahaha!

  14. ;o; Why is it so hard to find people now? Someone who me da way

    1. Chewy


      I hear NWAF is nice this time of year

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