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  1. J...Just put cooked meat in your coat?
  2. *The radio clicks to life as the voice of a girl can be heard* "Anyone dumb enough to refer to themselves as 'poor' anything is clearly fishing for pity. Think of it this way, if they were actually just 'poor merchants' why the fuck would they be putting on a war front and trying to chase down a group that's only attacked them once? No mention of torture or anything. Seems pretty contradictory to the general attitude of merchants. Anyone who believes them is clearly a fucking idiot." *Click.*
  3. Kneeling with hands behind your head is still considered hands up. The position was taken due to IC fear as there was a gunfight going on and any sane person would have crouched down. Furthermore, the rule example you clipped shows clearly *by picking up.* As in, having in my hands. Not *by almost picking up*. It is your responsibility to properly ID targets, not mine. I will no longer be responding to this topic unless called upon to by staff. Have a nice day. o/
  4. I wasn't anywhere near the downed men nor was I looking at them, as shown in the video. Furthermore, I spun partially, showing myself from several different angles. There was no way you couldnt see my arms on my head.
  5. Server and location: S1 Stary Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 07/09/2019 03:10 Your in game name: Keiko Higanbana Names of allies involved: Wolf Pack Name of suspect/s: Jaysh Allah Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Wolf Pack went down to Stary Sobor because we heard someone was being held by a cult or something. When we got there, we were immediately initiated on by Jaysh Allah. I put my hands up as my character is a 13 year old girl. The fighting all ran into the yellow house, away from me. However, if you watch the video, Jaysh Allah members continuously run behind me to use me as a human shield and then when I get shot, by one of them, due to this, none of them attempt to help me up despite the rules stating that once they take a hostage they must do their best to keep them alive. At this point, most of my group was dead. You only hear one or two gunshots. I move around and wiggle, showing I'm still alive but can barely move. Still no help. One literally jumps over me. Still no help. Thus leading to my character bleeding out, and any RP that could have happened being cut short.
  6. Eh. I RP as a 14 year old who appears 12 or so because of malnutrition. There's never been any issues with child characters being around. It just feels like a thing with someone's sensibilities being a lot more sensitive than someone else's. Child characters add diversity to the character pool. As for them with guns, it depends on the RP. I live in Texas and kids can be taught how to use larger guns. My character carries a KA-M that she barely knows how to use and has zero idea how to preform gun maintenance on. There's no magic barrier that magically prevents kids from being able to use automatic weaponry. As someone who grew up in a cartel town, kids can use guns like the rest of us. Now whether they can hit their target is another story.
  7. I'm being told two different things here. What this is telling me is that the group isn't unified and is having internal struggles regarding what the ever loving heck y'all are even wanting as a unit. Maybe work on that before going out on "info gathering" operations?
  8. >:\ I like your group BUT CAN YOU GUYS NOT ATTACK AT 4AM WHEN IM ASLEEP PLS? I miss all the fun DX
  9. They literally claim to be a group of Russians aiming to take Chernarus for Russia, but then they spend hours in a civilian camp shit talking Civilians. We had one incident where over thirty minutes, every ten minutes, one of them walked by a cabin and screamed "THIS USE TO BE A NICE PLACE UNTIL THOSE FUCKING WOLF PACK PUSSIES MOVED IN" every ten minutes. Different guy every ten minutes. How exactly is that helping take Chernarus? She's upset because this feels like they're inflating the smallest tensions, baiting, making up lies and going overboard to create conflicts with people they shouldn't even care about when their RP goals should have them doing something else entirely and it's directly and adversely effecting our group. We don't care about hostile RP. If we did, then we'd be in your group's thread having issues too, now wouldn't we? Our conflict with your group makes sense. The conflict with Pamyati makes no sense.
  10. Now with all this in mind, and with all due respect, why does it make sense for these operators Russia is using to sit in a civilian camp shit talking civilians? Because they tend to do this a lot. Why aren't they out doing military stuff? The old PAMYATI was terrifying without doing this kind of stuff. Why do they have a fixation on the Wolf Pack? They should be working towards a larger goal. Them being around the Wolf Pack's base every day made no sense from the beginning- especially now that they're just a small group of survivors in the forest. They're suppose to be doing stuff to make Chernarus Russia's territory but so far all I've seen is banter and them wasting an abundant amount of time on a small group of foreigners.
  11. wut. I sent you a PM last Saturday that was left on Read and never responded. We never spoke about the previous complaints. That's all I'm going to add to this conversation.
  12. I think a lot of us want a fresh change of pace. Both the servers are often at 80/80 with full queues at peak hours. My suggestion is to start up a third server with fresh lore set in America using the Deer Isles map for a change of pace. It could even be a smaller server at 60/60. I think this would be a really fun server idea for people to have a fun and fresh start. The Lore Idea could be that it's a resort island with old blood on it so we could have a large amount of variants on it.
  13. Hey, just an FYI since y'all are playing to the whole Muslim thing, earlier today some of your guys were hassling some younger female characters for not covering their faces. One of the characters, mine, is small for her age and appears to be 12 or so and the other was only 13. She (And the other for that matter) would not traditionally be expected to cover her face as she would most likely not have reached any of the signs of adulthood or puberty that would require that as of yet. So it was really out of character for Muslims, even extremists, to expect child characters to do so or even think about them needing to as it indicates that they're thinking of the child in not so clean ways.
  14. Agreed @Roland Why not add them all in without the pictures in the shop with a ? image and then have a massive thread where members can submit images of their pictures of them wearing it for the shop. Get members involved to do your work for you.
  15. Why are some of the basic clothing variants not in the store? What's the point of us purchasing these clothing items if we can't spawn in the clothing item. I'm not talking about the ones that give extra slots or the super deluxe rare items, I'm talking about the basic colored stuff like the yellow long sleeved shirt or the yellow short sleeved book defender shirt. Why all the yellow hate? It's simple stuff like this that makes it difficult to want to spend money.
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