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  1. A strange awakening. A girl opens her eyes in the wilderness. All she has is a torn up journal covered in blood. Her clothes are ragged. She's hungry. The journal mentions coming to Chernarus for her sister's marriage. She can't recall anything. What happened? Is the journal even hers? Her head pounds. There's dried blood on her face. She stands and walks. The horrors of the new world await her.
  2. I've seen the same person "perma banned" 4 times and was able to buy their way back into the server. I've seen this happen multiple times with different people to lesser extents. I do report regardless, because it takes me less than 2 minutes to put one up. However, a lot of people just don't trust the staff team. I havent played in a few months, so maybe that's changed, but its basically a case of staff bias and not wanting to deal with it. This is especially true since a lot of reports end up with the reported party slinging mud OOCly and taking the grievances into IC. A lot of people see reports and take it personally- as a personal attack. It causes drama. Personally? The report board should not be public. All it does it make it a spectacle, turn it into a game of who can make the other look worse in front of the community and get people more upset because they're being called out in public. People take it personally and it ends up getting invoked ICly. Other people actually do multiple reports on the same people to try getting them banned vindictively over nonissues as well. It's a fucking circus, not a respectable report system.
  3. That didnt go to well, now if you have something you wanna get off your chest feel free to DM me next time

    1. Craig


      You could have DM'ed them this as well, but instead you decided to post it on the profile page to bait them into a response and look cool.

    2. Lori


      Am I supposed to care..? I made a suggestion and it didn't go well ?‍♀️ Nothing wrong with that. People see things different regarding different aspects. I'd get your ego checked if you think it was purely about you, or maybe read things clearly. You're clearly just trying to look clever and "cool" by posting this on a public venue.

  4. So, I'm pretty sure everyone is use to the common sight of people derailing threads with something or another and then someone snapping back at them "You haven't even played in x amount of months, why are you even commenting on this?". I've seen it about 4-5 times since this prior lore wipe. So my suggestion is to limit responses in certain community boards, such as community discussion and what not, to people who have actually played within the past month or two- similarly to how Radio is limited. Why? Because people who haven't played in 3+ months have obviously lost interest in the community in some way or fashion. I'm not saying we should punish them for not playing, but generally these people spread misinformation as they haven't played in quite a while, derail threads or act trolly as since they no longer have any stakes at getting banned or warned due to not playing no more and are generally way more entitled about things than they should be. I'm pretty sure 90% of the people I see kicking up fusses about things that haven't played in long times are generally kicking up fusses about generally stupid things or how this community is bad. I just don't get why people who are obviously no longer interested in or able to partake in the game, this community's main focus, are generally able to run in and be nuisances and give constant misinformation or outdated opinions. It just feels like these forums, which, lets be real, can get kind of cesspool-y, only suffer and get more clustered and worse when this happens.
  5. Weird it's like you didnt actually read my initial post you quoted and only knickpicked what you could get a feisty zinger from. Lame. As I mentioned in my post, there are lots of people who dont use the forums because tbh it can be super dumb sometimes and they dont want any part of it or they just arent big forum people anyway. You can absolutely not tell the state of rp in game based on the small vocal minority that post on the forums.
  6. I think there's a place for "just having a laugh", and that's with friends of like minded tendencies. The people I've seen get in trouble for that generally try to force their "sense of humor" on other people in more serious groups. People are here to have fun, and for a lot of people that's partaking in serious RP story telling with other people. Honestly, if you just want a laugh, go play on the PvP servers with your friend. As an RP server, the primary focus should be storytelling, not making each other giggle. Do you want to know why you only see campfire RPers posting on the forums and stuff with the @s? Because the serious RPers who do engage in fights and intense story telling generally don't visit the forums often except for sometimes posting in the radio channel. As for why I havent been playing much, the unhived servers and long queues make it almost impossible to play unless you're really lucky, in a specific timezone or are patient enough to wait an hour or two to play. I am none of those things.
  7. Lori

    No Raid Rule

    Honestly I think staff should be monitoring who's breaking into the military compounds at night and taking stuff when no one is online and enforcing punishments on them. The situation is no where near desperate enough for civilians to be sneaking into military bases where they could be shot or arrested if caught. There's no value for life there. Also, realistically, the bases would never just be abandoned when people log out. There would still be soldiers somewhere in the base, whether sleeping or on guard. It's failRP and gearRP.
  8. The girl's voice filters back in, sighing. "So you met one group of people who beat you up and now you have decided 'OH NO CHERNARUS IS NOT SAFE FOR ME! ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE HAVE BEATEN ME!' I assume muggings and robberies must never happen in your country. Did you even try going to Vybor and reporting these men to the military there or staying around that area?"
  9. So, going to clarify some things here: Almost everyone in this thread saying they dislike the wolf HP is saying not lightly disarmed. They're carrying various forms of guns that would be more than enough for hunting IRL. Literally 75% of the posts have been about how these big game bullets that should be able to take out a bear or deer normally just aren't doing the job. You shouldn't need military quality guns to handle wild life. Wolf AI is still janky as fuck. Yes, they will chase zombies when spawned into cities but they're also likely to just drop the chase and chase you. Furthermore, a lot of times they don't howl. There have been several other posts in this thread confirming this as well as my own experience. Honestly? In my opinion, wolf spawns should be turned down since we're still early in the infection and they wouldn't be coming into cities or forests near them as there would still be heavy human traffic. Zombie spawns should be turned up since while, yes, we're still early in the outbreak, there would be lots more people getting infected as there are lots more people around to be infected.
  10. The voice of a young teen girl filters in. She's obviously a native. "You claim... that you were beaten for just being an American, but... could it be you were rude or caused trouble with the entitlement you've been displaying in this very radio broadcast? You contradict yourself constantly. Telling others not to group all Americans together before grouping together an entire other group of people in the same sentence- accusing them of slaughter and murder." "And no... the virus would not go away if everyone was just sent away. It would probably help with the spread of the virus. You have a fundamental lack of understanding for how these things work, which is understandable due to your American education system. The country's focus should be on containing the virus, not making the lives of wealthy tourists comfortable. Everything is going to hell, and you're whining that you got beaten up by some locals. Did you ever think that what you think is polite may be rude or insulting to others? You seem to speak like you may not consider things like that. Everyone is under stress right now. Stop being such a jerk. I now look forward to your response where you purely focus on my jab at the American education system or cherry pick what you respond to and ignore every other point I brought up." The radio clicks off.
  11. The problem with this train of thought is that 90% of my wolf encounters have been in forests or fields. You're extremely lucky if you've been able to find a high ground to shoot down from most of the time. Furthermore, this doesn't account for wolves that don't howl when they get into your range and randomly pop out a bush as the AI is prone to do sometimes. It varies from encounter to encounter. The point is, encountering a group of wolves in a field or forest with no conveniently placed rocks shouldn't be a "you're screwed" automatically moment.
  12. Wait, wolves were buffed? Why? They've ALWAYS been a challenge for smaller groups. Like. Always. Anyone who says otherwise is either very disconnected from the reality of running with smaller groups, has been incredibly lucky or has never had to run with a smaller group or alone in a forest with wolves without having like two automatics on them. Buffing them is just really... it definitely shows a disconnect from the player base's experience. Like, 2-3 wolf packs converging on one another and forming a mega pack isn't even that rare and y'all fucking buffed them!? What the hell? EDIT: Sorry for the cursing, this just really baffles me. It's like staff haven't learned anything from the past of DayZRP. Most of y'all were around when Anarchy's gun ban was in full swing for a while, and one of the biggest complaints about it was that their gun regulations made people outside of Anarchy using automatics very difficult, and it made civilian characters have almost no defense against wolves with their pistols and bolt actions. And this was before they were buffed.
  13. Another day another group of grown ass men screaming about how my character's moderately short shorts are way too short and how she must be freezing in the middle of summer while wearing them. Why do these chucklefucks act like my character is running around in booty shorts or a thong? Seriously. I've gotten more shit for wearing shorts than I've seen people give civilians ICly for wearing military gear they shouldn't be.

    dog smile GIF

    1. S.Bradley


      YOU must be freezing, its so cold out just look at all the dead grass around

    2. Lori


      I know right, that Chernarussian grass that turns green when it does!

    3. IsaiahCortez


      I hope you have managed to miss everyone trying to hit on you for now...

    4. S.Bradley


      Nah they clearly just thought she was cold, Gosh Isaiah out here making it werid

    5. Taffinator


      A lot of thirsty roleplayers deflecting amirite? 

      But on a serious note, it's the summer. As in, moderate to very warm. It's as if people haven't seen someone wear shorts and a hoodie... 

    6. DukeLR


      The RAC approves of all short shorts. Keep at it.

    7. Lettuce


      They are just jelly of your amazing summer fashion sense with the shorts! That's clearly what it is ?

  14. Why not load this up on server 2 so people can play with it and diverge the server pop a bit?
  15. When you spawn in a nice top and then it glitch gets destroyed when you put on a rain coat and VANISHES ?

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