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  1. TL140

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    This looks amazing. I need something like this. Frankie had to script this though haha
  2. TL140

    Prepare for battle - Agario

    so many people killing without initiation! I love it!
  3. is the VSS any good? i know in ARMA 3 and 2 it sucks
  4. TL140


    Gore would be great. The game is supposed to be gritty and dark. Kinda like what the walking dead did. They literally play with the boundaries they are allowed to go. S1E1, opening scene was Rick blowing the brains out of a little girl. I mean that gave the whole vibe for the show. Gritty, dark, and real
  5. that svd looks sexy... wonder what scope that is
  6. Ok thank you. I may need to just send it back
  7. Me and Whiskey once tried to create a group that didnt even use TS really. It worked fantastic for the longest, and then people started leaving because of it. I dont understand why you need TS other than to metagame. The game has radios. the game has VOIP in it. But thats just my two cents.
  8. I havent messed with it much. I work 70-80 hour weeks so this weekend I can play with it more. An update is I downloaded the software for the bios on my flashdrive and I tried updating it but it didnt work. I also tried flashing it and it didnt solve the issue. But other than that, there are no new updates
  9. OK so an update: I re-installed Windows 8.1 and it worked! However When I went to reinstall my drivers, I went for my nvidia drivers first. I installed them and the issue started again. I am thinking it has to do with those drivers. Theyre up to date though... is nvidia just not compatible with windows 8.1 or did I go wrong somewhere?
  10. I dont mind it if has some RP to it, but a lot of robberies don't. I also hate robbing for the sake of robbing. Robbing is not an excuse to get RP and 90% of robberies I've had on me, it was of a guy who was struggling to RP. One last note I have to say is that a decked out guy in full militant gear should not be robbing a fresh spawn without a backpack even. Pick on someone your own gear level or just a little below it. In all honesty, Yes, dayz is a gear grind game. But robbing someone who cant even get started is inhibiting their experience. I have had this happen way too many times to me to points where I wont play anymore simply because the way people rob on these servers are almost worse than getting killed. Id sometimes rather play it safe and be much more cautious when scavenging and with an RP environment, It takes SOME of that awareness away because if you want RP you have to approach people. And it goes 1 of 3 ways. You either get them on your side, you get robbed and maybe killed, or you rob them and maybe they get killed.
  11. So glad they took a comic arc on that story! That had to be the most satisfying kill this season except for when rick kept his promise with the red machete. Had a feeling Deanna's husband would die since in the comics the leader was a guy and his wife had her throat slashed. Pissed that Glenn didn't kill Nicholas. Overall, just a damn good episode. But that gunshot that killed pete, in the comics it starts some "said shit" so I cannot wait till season 6
  12. anything to do with the BIOS i try to stay away from. I have messed computers up conpletely... and 1200 watts is more than enough, i know that for a fact lol
  13. Thanks, I tried this and so far, its doing the same thing. I went back to the directory and looked and it is still in the changed state. (I changed it to a 1) I put it back to 0 and did a second reboot and still, no change 1200 watt psu, dual gtx 980s gigabyte ga-z97x 32 gigs of ballistic ram OS is windows 8.1 I have had this issue ever since I have had this computer (about a month now) I have sent in multiple tickets to the manufactures but they have not got in touch with me. Anything else you need to know? Sorry, I am just not sure where to even start because Computer troubleshooting isnt my forte. I had basically the same, and it´s probably a faulty driver from an update. I spent weeks trying to fix mine and i am somewhat decent with problematics like this any other day. Nothing worked at all, and no logs or edits or updates worked. In the end, i did a fresh install of my Win 8.1 and now it´s working as it should. -cringe- I am used to re-formatting everything, but reinstalling windows, would that erase all my files?
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