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  1. PurifieR

    Villian RP

    I was just reading the first page of the thread and the "fear" I had for a specific faction, the clowns, hell my first day in the server and everyone was saying how they were afraid of them, that was actual fear, when people saw a mask, they knew that shit had to be burned. Or like the horsemen, that didn't actually spread "fear" but rather cautiousness, cause you knew if some of them were around, someone was going to get either killed or robbed, or that's what I actually though because I used to be in two groups that opposed them. We need something like this right now, because from what I've seen in the little time that I managed to get back to the community and game, there are little to none hostile RPers, probably cause the majority stopped playing, got banned and etc, but there's still a lack of hostile RP in the server.
  2. PurifieR

    Can I get some conformation please?

    The only thing I'm not sure about is how to identify the "hostile mode" or "normal mode" inside the game, do I have to alt-tab, and search the name of the person I'm roleplaying with to know if I can initiate directly on him?
  3. Those that are around the minimum requeriments for the current engine, like mine. In the current build I play with 20-50 frames dancing around considering the location I'm in, with all low ofc.
  4. I have a question for those that are playing in 0.63 or played before, does the new engine have a better performance on potato pcs? Is it worst? Is it the same? Do big cities still cause framedrops? Will my potato fx4300 be able to survive the update?
  5. Jessie was an orphan, her parents left her in a foster home since she was a baby so she doesn't even know who her parents are nor does she care because in her mind, they abandoned her to her own good. When she was twelve, still living in an orphanage, a musician that used to play in a famous band from there came by with a lot of instruments that he bought for the kids to play and practice, he started to go there two days a week to even teach them, Jessie became in love with the bass since the first time she heard the man play it, so she started to practice even alone, improving with it until she was invited by that man to play in a band of young teens that he taught. And no one ever adopted her so she turned eighteen and had to leave the home she had, but immediately, the friends she did in the band, offered her a home which she of course accepted, having to share a house with three friends didn't sound so bad. She traveled to Chernarus for some vacations with a friend that moved up there a couple months ago, he said he had some family that offered his lazy ass a home and a job. That guy was a guitarist in one of her rock bands in her home country that decided to quit, maybe because playing in random pubs with a band didn't payed the bills. Well, even Jessie had trouble with that and had to work half-time in a clothing shop, but she was happy doing so. Now in Chernarus, the visit to her friend was going well, everything was so calm in that city not even being close to Capital of Buenos Aires. She enjoyed that, the fresh air, being with someone that she had missed, the visits to beautiful places like some castle ruins, the forests, and the mountains from there. But it all had to come to an end, and she had decided to leave after a little over a week because she was running out of money. But one day after she had to leave, the city that was once so calm was filled with screams, gunshots, car horns all at once and she soon knew why, when she looked through the window she saw how everyone was freaking out, attacking eachother, people without a limb, even some of them being shot that continued to run agaisn't their prey, acting like wild animals, why whas this even happening? Didn't matter, all she knew was she had to flee from there as fast as she could. Though, she had to do it alone, her friend was working in the factory, where all of those crazy people were coming from. She didn't even had the time to grab anything, she just went out the door to start running away, leaving the city as soon as she could to start wandering alone in seek for help, not even being able to speak the native language there was difficult, so she was left alone, following the masses of people where she assumed she was going to be safe.
  6. PurifieR

    Official Mentor Program - [CLOSED]

    Your IG name and which subject are you interested in learning about? (Please chose from the above listed categories): Alex Schultz - HostileRP-GroupRP What Timezone are you from and what time's do you usually play?: GMT-3, in the night of NA Timezone. How were you directed to the Mentors thread (Word of mouth, friends, report verdict, forums)?: Forums ^^ If you had to judge yourself and your role play, what would you say are your strong points and what areas would you like to learn about or improve on?: I think I can RP "well" but I kinda lack being a hostile person, like I don't have the attitude so I can't RP it, tho it's one of my favorite things to RP, since I loved it when in the past (With an old group) I had the chance to roleplay it out. I think my strong point is TextRP and SurvivorRP, I've almost always roleplayed as a survivor (mostly campfirerp) but the time I enjoyed the most was when I got to be the bad guy or just being a "bad guy" to those that deserved it, like some kind of antihero or hero. Also It's been a while since I last played DayZ so, I could need a hand with helping me getting the hang of the new rules. ( I've already read them tho )
  7. IGN: Alex Schultz Country: Argentina English skills: Fluent enough, 8/10. DayZ Mod Experience: 300+ DayZ Standalone Experience: 200+ Roleplaying Experience: 6 years of experience through forums, other games and social media. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Not really sure, Alex is just a survivor that is having rough days since it all started, so, he desires to thrive, going either the good side of things or the bad one. Have you been in any clan/group previously: A lot of groups when I used to be around, (After the reset, almost a year ago) Additional notes: I'm almost free all of the time (No matter the timezone you guys are in since my sleep schedule is a complete MESS) Best way to contact you: PM me here. Backstory: Alex Schultz
  8. Vacations were doing awesome, Alex was going on a trip around europe as a Hitchhiker, a "mochilero" as it was known in his country, he had done a lot of trips like this, but everything inside south america, the furthest he went was Brasil, but now, in Europe, everything was different, it was so good to be a hitchhiker in there because everyone was so helpfull, atleast on that side. But everything started to change when he started to get close to the east side of it, reaching countries he had never heard before, but he was still enjoying his time there, after all, he was on vacations and to make a living, he started to do dances, tricks, little souvenirs to sell and stuff that came over to his mind to eat because his money was running out. He had decided to go home in a week or so, maybe less, so he started going back to spain, where he started his trip that was going on for almost a year, when everything went to shit, trapped in a country called "Chernarus" for some stupid ass sickness, he had to stay on the streets, still doing tricks and shit to gain some money but that started to fail, people there weren't that happy about the "infection" or so they called it in their strange language. And days passed, without having a lot to eat, with his pride hurt, he started to steal from groceries stores, even pickpocketing people for money to buy food, but more shit started to happened, infected people that were eating others people just like fucking movies started to appear from everywhere, and in fear he ran and ran away since it was the only thing he could do, still trapped in an unknown country for him, with a family waiting home, or so he thinks.
  9. PurifieR

    The Un-relevancy thread.

    I think someone just called me
  10. So... Play a game set in the apocalypse with no fear? No, thank you~
  11. PurifieR

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    Congrats man! :D

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      thanks m7!

  12. Try reading the faq support of Battleye, here Make sure your windows and drivers are up to date and working okay Maybe try scanning the files in your computer (maybe there's one corrupted or missing) Here's how: Tutorial
  13. Too restrictive, limiting people to play either one role or another. No one is either black or white... Groups are unique, characters are unique, don't make a system that defines their morales and ways to act... -1
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