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  1. Razareth


    Just a small Status Update :)

    Firstly I'd like to say it is awesome to be in the new Lore. I've personally been enjoying RPing around with my new character and hope the future he has is going to be awesome.

    Secondly rather belated, but happy 5th Year Anniversary DayZRP, thanks for being here and providing me with a wonderful escape. Also for allowing me to meet awesome people both on the Forums and in-game. @Rolle may there be may more years of DayZRP.

    Thirdly another belated, but rather worth it happy 1 Year Anniversary to myself :D. Been with this community for a year now and had a blast RPing as two awesome characters (RIP Willem duToit and Pepa Prochanzka). Also to the people that have crossed my path. Thank you for being you and improving my RP in the process.

    Looking back at where it all started this post is rather cringe, but I still feel like this when playing DayZRP.

    Doing a shoutout will be long, but I feel like I should.

    @derNils, @Oisín, @Blackfyre, @Saradomin, @Spartan, @PatZ, @Grimnir, @Redneck Rebel, @Majoo, @Ramon, @jason hunter, @Doc Holiday...the list can go on and on, but these people have really made RP awesome. We've had our ups and downs, but looking forward to what the new lore and site will bring. Hopefully our paths will cross again :D.

    1. Sexlaxarienlaxask




      We have had many great times, many feelings and laughter during this one single year... feels so much longer.



    2. Razareth


      Indeed :)

      We have come a long way from Kate and Will vs Petra to Pepa and Petra :D

      Still well worth it and an awesome friend was made in the process.

    3. Majoo


      You know why i'm here! <3 you 

      Siege? xD 

    4. Razareth


      Hehe. If I was hope then sure ;).

      I'm nothing more then a Siege or PUBS puppet to you <3.


    5. Grimnir


      Right back at you, we might have had our  IC differences but the RP quality was always top. Thanks for that. :D

    6. Razareth


      Hehe. Was a journey and still have much to learn when it comes to be assertive :D, but yeah. Think still our first meeting where you pulled Pepa finger nail will be a highlight for me.

    7. Lemons


      Not seeing my name on there, i see how it is :|

    8. Razareth


      Cause you are always Inactive Mr Lemons :D

    9. Lemons


      What about back in the days when we used to RP a lot 

    10. Razareth


      Aye, but if I mentioned everyone that crossed my path. I'd spend all day at it, but I did enjoy RPing with you up at Kamenka. Until you left us to die :(.

    11. Blackfyre


      Much love bb <3 

      Good luck to you in the new lore, hope we cross paths again :) 

    12. Ramon


      I love you Razy <3
      Don't be a stranger in the new Lore :D