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  1. Razareth


    So here we are. New site and Lore. Lets see what this hold.
    Also here is the full Lore Wipe poem:

    Meditate for an hour and a second
    keep your mind here and refrain from flexion.
    Contemplate the Lore Wipe and what you may see.
    Let your mind open and your soul will be free
    and as the ticking takes you further below
    into the Lore Wipe you go.

    As you steady in this state
    explore and venture but do not wait
    for any company you decided to stem.
    Go on without, in here you can’t see them.
    And as the ticking takes you further below
    into the Lore Wipe you go.

    Take the candle you lit before
    and venture out of the nearest door
    your sanctuary has gone and your home disappeared.
    Welcome to the Lore Wipe and all that you’ve feared.
    And as the ticking takes you further below
    into the Lore Wipe you go.

    Normality now is to see blinking lights,
    near and around you in the curling site
    of smoke and fog you were sure
    definitely was not here before
    and as the ticking takes you further below
    Into the Lore Wipe you go.

    Your eyes and ears play tricks
    that the salt overflow with the pains of miss clicks.
    The lights continue to glow
    as the smoke leads you to the an beckoning door.
    And as the ticking takes you further below
    deeper into the Lore Wipe you go.

    A warning to all survivors beware,
    the wandering eyes bid a darken glare
    to alert that you’re here to their visible peers.
    Behind the door, their warnings are heard
    and as the ticking takes you further below
    deeper into the Lore Wipe you go.

    If you grow scared your journey must stop
    the Lore Wipe comes alive to bargain a swap
    of their empty blackness for your beating heart
    go in through the door for the end to start
    and as the ticking takes you further below
    Deeper into the Lore Wipe you go.

    On the other side of the broken gate
    the flames of artillery not much further away,
    hideous beings and smells abound
    their faces distorted and bodies torn apart
    and as the ticking takes you further below
    deeper into the Lore Wipe you go.

    They stare out at you from forgotten eyes
    their mouths moving quietly and uttering blame
    as hate for you and all that you’ve done
    you’ll feel to end, your mind wanting to run.
    I counted many the time I went.
    In a tall window their faces bent
    and curved around like a painted frown
    like one could find on a clown.
    These are the faces of the people you’ve lost.
    The ones you envisioned and the ones that cost
    you heartache and longing for months on end
    your thoughts of goodbye up to mercy you’d send.
    But no, here they are clawing at the window
    down in the Lore Wipe, life becomes bitter
    than anything that could’ve sparked the idea
    to share a midnight somewhere but here.

    In front of the window you lose your mind
    crouched in the dark the gate behind
    you’ll hear it slam shut regardless of luck.

    Inside the Lore Wipe you’re stuck.

    I do not take credit for this work. I got inspiration from another poem.

    1. ToeZ


      So your saying after all that...you're a phoney. 

    2. Razareth


      Aren't we all ;)

    3. ToeZ



    4. Razareth


      Roses are red
      Violets are blue
      Please Toez makes sure
      You don't lose them in round two ;)

    5. ToeZ


      LOSE WHAT, IN ROUND 2? WHAT's ROUnD "2!?!1

    6. Razareth


      Lose your toes again :D

    7. ToeZ


      Oh right, well yeah. I don't even have a character for the new lore yet like everyone apparently does...I don't know what I'm dooin.

    8. Razareth


      Make a toeless shut in that lives in his basement and the only form on communication is Forum Games?

    9. ToeZ


      Stop describing me and help me make a character damnit!

    10. Razareth


      I would have thought roleplaying as yourself would fit you perfectly.

    11. ToeZ



      It does u right.

    12. Razareth


      Of course I'm right :D

      I'm the all seeing Raz who is also a poet.

      Though sometimes I don't even know it.

    13. ToeZ


      Please stop

    14. Razareth


      How about...


    15. ToeZ


      I give you 90% of your beanz or should I say...'Reputation'

    16. Razareth


      It's just because I'm such a sweet guy ;)

    17. Blackfyre


      I just gotta ask...why re-write a poem for the lore wipe? Seems kinda..cringe 

    18. Razareth


      I didn't re-write a poem.

      I got inspiration from a poem I personally enjoy and wrote it my own spin on it.

      If it is cringe and re-write then by that logic all the characters in the character sections are cringe and re-writes.

      As we all gather inspiration from other material to create something, not so?