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  1. Razareth


    They stare out at you from forgotten eyes
    their mouths moving quietly and uttering blame
    as hate for you and all that you’ve done
    you’ll feel to end, your mind wanting to run.
    I counted many the time I went.
    In a tall window their faces bent
    and curved around like a painted frown
    like one could find on a clown.
    These are the faces of the people you’ve lost.
    The ones you envisioned and the ones that cost
    you heartache and longing for months on end
    your thoughts of goodbye up to mercy you’d send.
    But no, here they are clawing at the window
    down in the Lore Wipe, life becomes bitter
    than anything that could’ve sparked the idea
    to share a midnight somewhere but here.

    Part 9/10