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  1. Razareth


    Whoop! Whoop!

    Finally on a well deserved Holiday.

    Now all that is left is the 1200km to my Hometown.

    Going to be a long drive...

    1. Grimnir


      Stay safe!

    2. Dino


      Drive safe, have fun!

    3. Saradomin


      Drive safe, friend!

  2. Razareth

    Should drugs give you extra HP?

    This system is interesting, but way too exploiting in my opinion. Maybe if it had side effects as well as a time constraint. For example: Popping a pain killer increase health to 125 for 15 minutes. That way the items can be used before and during an firefight. Would lead to RP and maybe even some epic final stand moments. If these constraints aren't implemented, what is to stop someone boosting themselves to 150 and never touching the drug again until death. Maybe even a risk system like overdose or mixing drugs will lead to death. Then it will be accaptable.
  3. Razareth

    Change Clothing Inventory system

    As someone that lives off of finding a balance between not only style, but also space I have to say this has me on the fence. Personally I feel that the current inventory system is flawed, but effective. Specially now that we are getting more cosmetics I feel we can work with it. There are two things that can improve the current system (maybe three). 1. @Banshee's idea of being able to rotation items will be very welcomed. 2. A full resizing of items. Like seriously some items are taking up way too much space. 3. (Optional) Increase in the space clothing items provide.
  4. Razareth


    Just a little South African Vibe on this lovely Friday ­čśä

    1. cheeks


      never knew your name was Robbie Wessels, Raz?

    2. Craig


      WTF did I just watch.

  5. Razareth

    Require recording during hostile situations

    Although it benifit of this system is welcoming, I have to say no. I have a decent enough rig to play DayZ in all its beautiful glory and record, but I have a worst then patatoe internet. Hell it took me 2 days to download Battlefield V. So uploading is out of the question for me. True the rule would be that only one needs to do it, but no. It unnecessary punish people for something they don't have control of.
  6. Razareth

    Chernarus Rally Racing!

    If you need a driver, just look me up. Though you sure your PC can handle it?
  7. Razareth

    149.32 - MVD Open Directive Channel

    *Nedved would be called in by his Radio Operator as they pick up the faint transmission. The Operator manages to clear the frequency and writes the messages down for them to respond. Nedved looks it over and and takes out it notebook. He looks over the the words and tells the Operator to prepare his equipment. He sits down at the transmitter and clears his throat.*-Pushes down on the PTT button-This is Havran-2, potvrzen├ş 27773, from z├íkladna Osel. Confirming Vepr-9 status and acknowledge directive Odraz[He pauses a moment]Interrogative, is a pr┼»zkum sortie required? Zakladna Osel standing by for zelenyy for pr┼»zkum.[He pauses a moment]Interrogative, is koordinaty setki for Odraz still zelenyy? Active Vepr-9-7 standing by for zakazy, over-Lets go of the PTT button-*Nedved stands up from the transmitter as the Operator returns. He'll wait for a confirmation before making his way back to South Zagoria.*
  8. Razareth

    The Cavaliers [Applications Welcome]

    Good to see you Gents finally Official. Congrats and I look forward to more adventures.
  9. Razareth

    Realistic Radios and Transceivers!

    The problem is nobody is using the radioes anymore. I like to keep my radio on to hear the occasional gossip, but there just isn't anymore. When there is it's usually someone that turned the radio on and forgot about it. I really feel that the old ranges should return to the radioes so you can use them as intended.
  10. Razareth

    Steyn Koekemoer's Sketch Book

    Here piggy, piggy, piggy! A Nation is not build on land, wealth or strength. It is build on the shoulders of It's people. A portrait of my local guide. Trying to construct an little place called home. There is something eery about an Castle off in the distance.
  11. Razareth

    Fixing the "Base Building" Bug

    This is more an question/suggestion towards our Dev Team. Could you please look into the bug that happens when you are building something like a wall and there is a restart that you can't continue or finish that wall. Currently if you want to build a base and finish it properly you have to finish it before the server crashes or there is a restart. It makes is annoying RP wise as having the half build look is appealing and shows progress, but it is also frustrating to have to reset it with a barrel because the server crashed while you were out looking for metal and now you'll never be able to finish that bottom section. Not to mention the waste of resources, because now you have to gather everything again. Apologies for the rant, but after having to restart building a base for the millionth time it starts getting annoying.
  12. Razareth

    Steyn Koekemoer's Sketch Book

    Taking a breather after the dust had settled from the Horde. From a certain point of view. A moment of silence for the dead. Only the strong survives. Why so serious?
  13. Razareth

    Steyn Koekemoer's Sketch Book

    Will mankind ever cover from this? Even the skies aren't safe. Simple farm life still seems to find a way. Gathering for warmth as the prawns surrounds us. A little construction project.
  14. Razareth

    Steyn Koekemoer's Sketch Book

    Correct. I like it so much that I wanted it to be a sketch for this Character.
  15. Razareth

    Persistance observation

    @Kerkkoh did you guys make any changes to off roaders recently? I know you guys are or were working on making them spawn in fully repaired. The reason why I asked is I left a car in my base and a barrel about 30m or so away. This morning upon logging in. My base and car had despawn. I was under the impression that cars aren't effect or does not effect base building. So this change is rather strange.