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  1. Willem Nedved's Picture Book

    Hey! I'm just showing my age, okay. Helping the UN is a stressful job. With rescuing @Mercy all the time .
  2. Willem Nedved's Picture Book

    We're going on a Field Trip (@DinoCasino, @Lankin, @Mercy, @Lemons & @Skinner) Getting a surprised visit from an usual group of people. (@derNils, @Blackfyre & @Majoo) Meeting up with an old friend. (@Ramon) Fooling around the camp and naming our new truck. (@GodOfInternetLag)
  3. *Willem unhooks his radio from his vest as it lays on the table beside him. He clears his throat before starting to speak.* -Pushes the PTT button- This is Četař/Sergeant Nedved of the Komarovo Precinct. Currently acting under the prime directive of Kapitán/Captain Sofiya Pavlova. Officers you are breaking up. Please switch to a more stable frequency and repeat previous message, over. [Short pause] Although I am glad to hear there are more active CPF personal out and about... I do believe an Major Andrej Novak has called for all personal to report in at Zelenogorsk. If you are not able to make contact with him please redirect to CDF personal that should be stationed in Chernogorsk, over. [Short pause] As I'm sure you are aware we are currently still under Martial Law Officers. All government forces should be regrouping and working together unless directed otherwise. Remain safe out there and I hope to see or hear from you soon. This is Četař/Sergeant Nedved signing off, out. -Lets go of the PTT button-
  4. Razareth

    I'm sure we've all had one of these dayz :D.

    1. Koala Kozak

      Koala Kozak

      >everytime Willem gets sick of us

    • Razareth
    • Lemons

    Feels like it is hitting a little close to home for Cpt Hawk ;)

    Specially the beginning.

    1. Majoo


      that thing is actually nice

    2. Razareth


      @Majoo Indeed. I randomly stumbled upon this, but glad I did.

      Definitely one of the better DayZ songs.

    3. Lemons


      @Razareth Seems about right :D 

  5. Razareth

    For some reason this classic popped into my head today.

    @Lankin where are the Latinos at ;)?

    Operation La Cucaracha is a go :D.

    1. Lankin


      *Dances in Latino*

  6. Willem Nedved's Picture Book

    @derNils, @Lankin and myself gathering supplies for the UN effort. Relaxing day in the sun...right @Lemons & @Mercy? Hiding from the VDV in the wood with Lemons, @Nick Wilde and @Red Brokeback Mountain much? Preparation for Operation Pine Cones. Going for a little PT lesson?
  7. Aye, felt like some sort of movie. A squad of merry men behind enemy lines, the one local that knows the area. Would have so loved to have been a floating camera and made a movie of it. "The Estonian with a Dream"
  8. Local Law Enforcement [STRICT POLICE USED FREQUENCY]

    *Willem lets out a sigh as he hears the mention of CDF and Martial Law.* -Pushes the PTT button- ...copy your last Major. I'll see who I can rally on my way to Zelenogorsk, but it hasn't been promising thus far. Thank you Major and good luck to you as well, out. -Lets go of the PTT button-
  9. Local Law Enforcement [STRICT POLICE USED FREQUENCY]

    *Willem looks hesitant at his radio as he hears the voice crackle through it.* -Pushes the PTT button- This is Sergeant Nedved, copy your last Major. However it will still take me 8 hours to travel even to Zelenogorsk. Can you confirm we have more Officers stationed there, over? -Lets go of the PTT button-
  10. *Willem unhooks his radio from his vest as he sits down on top of large hay bale and look out over the beautiful countryside.* -Pushes the PTT button- This is Četař/Sergeant Nedved of the Komarovo Precinct. Radio check can any Officer confirm if this frequency still works, over? [Short pause] As previously stated I am still acting under the prime directive of my Kapitán/Captain Sofiya Pavlova. It is imperative that any and all local law enforcement please respond if you are still in the South Zagoria area, over? [Short pause] Due to recent events I do believe we need to regroup and stand together in this our Country's darkest hour. To any and all Officers that can hear this broadcast please look at your maps for the follow rendezvous coordinates, over. [Short pause] All Officers we will be using the Brave Code Guideline in relaying locations. All Officers using Delta Issued Maps your coordinates are as followed: BRAVO HOTEL LIMA *BREAK* DELTA HOTEL DELTA All Officers using India Issued Maps your coordinates are as followed: HOTEL LIMA *DASH* TANGO BRAVO *BREAK* DELTA HOTEL DELTA *DASH* ROMEO PAPA [Short pause] I am currently making my way to this area and will be there for the day if any Officers want to regroup. ETA of my arrival at location is 8 hours from 0700 ST. Which would make it 1500 ST. If you need a debriefing on the current state of what is going on, be sure to make your way there. This is Četař/Sergeant Nedved signing off, out. -Lets go of the PTT button-
  11. Red's Twitch Thread!

    Always a pleasure keeping you company Red Hopefully things will get back to normal soon so we can play some Blueberry Ball and unwind.
  12. -Pushes the PTT button- This is Sergeant Nedved. All Officer please be advise that Chapaevsk is now Code Red. Please do not make your way there, over. [Short pause] We will also be moving over to the backup emergency frequency in hopes that it has not been compromised as well. Please at this state do not identify yourself as local law enforcement and do not wear your uniform at this time. All reframe of making contact with any and all military personnel, National or Foreign, over. [Short pause] If you remember the backup frequency I'll be broadcasting coordinates for a meeting point, over [Short pause] This is Sergeant Nedved signing off, out. -Lets go of the PTT button-
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    Uuuu ja Hello ;)


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    :x  So call me maybe...

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      Here's my number... :x