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  1. The Last Light Media Thread

    Pre-wedding assembly. The ceremony. The Best Men. The Happy Couple. The Venue.
  2. Willem Nedved's Picture Book

    Did someone say UN Mechanized Division? Having to go on foot for the rest of the way. I can show you the world. (@HarveyJ) Getting a debriefing from the Major after investigating the tower. (@DinoCasino, @Pontito, @derNils, @VodkaWolf & @TiviylScratch) There is no place like...home... We got a Gray Venom Down, We got a Gray Venom Down. (@Iso) When doing the right thing...just doesn't feel right. (@Samti & @Irish) Did someone say Halloween? It's nice to hear "real" voices echo through your hometown. (@RogueSolace, @Lyca, @Ramon & @Shanoby) Where is this Goth/Emo Festival again? Just a man and his fire.
  3. Indeed, always nice to get to know the people you walk with better. Been enjoying the "bond" our characters have been creating. I'm so glad that nobody was actually unmuted at that stage . My character was really annoyed having idiots putting peoples lives at risk and having to deal with Mr Waffle. IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!! How can Officer Neeved leave his favor doctor behind? IMPOSSIBLE I TELL YOU! I think your callsign or nickname should be Mamabear . Glad we can inspire some RP . Was nice having the Irish as backup. I'm just going to run through the weekend of people as if I did it every day it would look to spammy : @DinoCasino Major Moses at his finest. Though I don't RP a lot with you in-game. The radio RP is always enjoyable. Also glad I could make you laugh as that just brightens my day . @Irish If you keep this up I'll have to become an assistant to Dr Elizabeth and Dr Rose. I keep having to patch you up . @derNils I feel like our characters are on a bumpy road in their current friendship. So many ups and downs, but still love the RP my dude. @Helsing glad to finally run into you again and have you travel with us. Hope there will be more adventures ahead. @Lyca PURPLE POWER RANGER FOR LIVE!!! All I'm going to say...(stop calling it a nose-job) @RogueSolace Thank you for the nice medical RP. First time I believe the Doctor has to look at Officer Nedved. My character appreciated the comforting. You've definitely gotten the nickname Mamabear . @DarkStyle my favorite and only Ukrainian . Good to cross your path again even if it was short. @Shanoby Sorry for the poor attempt of a extraction, but happy to see that you are walking with us again. Also loving the uniform . @Karma Wasn't sure how to approach a new Doctor, but thank you for looking at my nose after @Iso broke it. @Iso Really been a up and down right with your character. Didn't expect our boxing match to turn out like it did, but was still fun. @cheeks I'm so happy to see Shield-2 again . Also the small Operation we undertook before head back to the group was top notch. Glad to have you back. @Lemons still not sure how I feel about what we discussed about. Also I'm getting more and more concern as I'm finding out stuff OOC. Hope you don't have something planned up your sleeve Captain . @Faith not a lot of RP between our characters, but I think Neddie is just pouting because of Duchess . @HarveyJ I AM NOT NODDIE!!! LEAVE ME ALONE! Uhm...I think that is everyone that I've ran into over the weekend. Thank you everyone for the awesome RP
  4. Willem Nedved's Picture Book

    Watching "Two Strong Silent Types" make first contact is amazing in the wild. (@Irish) Getting some fresh air without doing a PT lesson. (@derNils, @Majoo) Taking a casual walk. (@HarveyJ, @Iso) Getting ready for a road trip. (@Lemons, @DinoCasino, @Faith, @Crim, @VodkaWolf) A man and his Duchess. An patrol that took a slight bizarre turn at the end. (@Samti, @RogueSolace, @PCJames) Taking a well deserved breather. (@Malet) Operation "Saving Major Holmen". (@Spartan)
  5. Has been a while since I did a 5 hour straight session, but man what a session. @Last Light good to see we are back officially and strong numbers to commemorated the occasion. @Mercy, @Lemons, @Malet, @Spartan, @derNils, @VodkaWolf, @lukaszxe (Sorry if I left anyone out.) @Irish & @Demaabd thanks for the short medical RP. Gave my character a sense of helping people again . @DinoCasino thanks for sending me on the mission. Was bizarre, but had fun. Even though I nearly fell asleep at the wheel. @Iso, @HarveyJ & @RogueSolace was an honor being your driver. Sorry I started singing at the end, but I had to keep myself going somehow . @Pontito & friend thanks for the...lets say interesting encounter at the gas station. Was not really expecting something like that to happen. @Samti & @PCJames was a interesting rescue mission. Good to see some natives still fighting the good fight. Hope to see you around again. @The Duchess finally the star of the show. You kept going no matter what. You fought me every step of the way, but we got the job done. I couldn't ask for a better truck then you .
  6. The Last Light Media Thread

    STOP BEING CUTE AND PUT ON YOUR DAMN RADIOS! ...or in a way @Mercy will understand: NOTICE ME SENPAI!!!
  7. Dear Mama... I'm Sorry

    Is that powergaming I hear? Hehe, but nah. You're not off the hook that easily .
  8. Dear Mama... I'm Sorry

    Nedved decided not to give the documents to the UN getting on the Chopper and burned all of it .
  9. Dear Mama... I'm Sorry

    What a heart warming read. Hehe. Though knowing the characters a bit more "personally" also makes me bias I think . I'm sure he has helped in many other ways as well . Again, great stuff. Loved the music and honored that I got mentioned and played a somewhat small part in this.
  10. What started out as a peaceful walk ended with an intense gunfight. I must say a rather joyful experience. @derNils, @Majoo, @Gowbe & @Lucky1911 was nice running into some new and old faces and getting to know the new ones a little. @Ramon you're my BB enough said. @DinoCasino, @Iso, @Mercy & @Lemons had to say this was my first taste of proper RPPvP. The radio and keeping with the character even in the most tenses of moments made it feel more real then just a game. @Crim for the daring rescue and getting caught in no man's land of the Attackers and NATO + RR sprinkled some comedy on the dire situation. To the NATO & Riley's Rangers thanks for the RP as well. From meeting you guys at the gate and bringing reinforcement to holding the camp to the last man. Apologies for not tagging you all, but don't know your forum names and can't remember all the character names. As for the Attackers. Great job, well executed initiation and intense firefight throughout. The moments of shit talking and realizing a friend of yours is actually within the walls made for interesting RP. The silent moments as everyone looked to the hills for another way of gunfire gave it a hint of realism you can't fake. Also would like to just give a tip of the hat for the sportsmanship displayed at the midpoint for me at least when technical difficulties and RL got in the way. Would have loved to stay until the bitter end and have seen the conclusion, but maybe next time .
  11. The Last Light Media Thread

    From the ashes of something great... Came something even better. ...and even though our path is unsure and unclear. ...at least some old friends are among us again.
  12. It was an honor to assist the UN throughout its ups and downs. Getting to know not just the Characters, but the people portraying them was also amazing. Thank you all who were part in the UN that made it awesome . Indeed . A rocky start, but overall I must admit a wonderful first day rolling with the new family. Please @Lemons next time don't hot mic. My character will never look as cows the same again .
  13. Willem Nedved's Picture Book

    Having a talk with a trustworthy friend (@Red) Being joined by Lieutenant @Lankin I hope you didn't get advice from Ella Dr Elizabeth. You won't catch anything then. (@RogueSolace) Even without the UN. A PT lesson is never far away. ( @Majoo, @Blackfyre & @derNils) Enjoying the Chernarus weather around Bravo Hotel (@cheeks)
  14. Roleplay- Immersion and Believability

    I do have to agree on this. Currently the community seems to be barreling at warp speed towards getting this Lore to the state of the previous Lore. At locations like Severograd to take as an example. I can walk in there at one point and see survivors armed with rifles or shotguns and it gives the sense of "believably". The next day I'd see a large group armed to the teeth with AKs and M4s. I'm not seeing a problem with it, but it's pacing that concerns me. I am sure a lot of people are familiar with the works of "The Walking Dead" or "Fear the Walking Dead". Watching those you feel invested and can understand the arks the people are going through. I've met incredible people on my journey thus far and I've met people that don't really hold a candle in the sense of RP. I know what you mean. Though I can't blame people for doing it, it is a scary idea venturing out on your own and it will get boring if you aren't careful. However the character that I'm currently playing was intended for a certain role, but I never made it set in stone and let the character find his own path. I'm happy for that reason cause I've met interesting people and have gotten a chance to get to know those people OOCly as well. So sometimes taking a leaf in the wind approach can result in wonderful experiences. I must admit that not seeing Chernarussians around is a little disconcerting at times. I think in all the time that has gone by I've only seen around 10 or so Chernarussians myself included. Among those I recall even a smaller number being civilians. The majority were CDF soldiers. I'm not going to point fingers or anything, since my character isn't that original either being a police officer. I think it is because before the Lore Wipe I was part of a Chernarussian Nationalist group where I was a police officer as well. Playing the character did make me a bit uncomfortable due to me feeling my accent isn't that good and I struggle with pronouncing foreign words. (It is unfortunately a side effect when you are raised with English being your secondary language). However while designing and considering me New Lore character. I felt compelled to make a Chernarussian again and have had, I guess mixed results. I feel something that sometimes also discourage people to RP as characters they aren't "native" to is the banter of people you are trying to imitated. I for one can't speak Czech at all and have only recently started learning at least words and phrases to make my character a bit more believable. Though having someone laugh at you or make fun of you due to not pronouncing something right isn't fun. It breaks the little foundation and confidence you have right down. Even if the people doing it are OOCly your mates. Then there is also I feel the people that purposefully looking to put you in awkward positions. For instance people saying they know Czech so it would be fine to speak in that instead. Overall I would love to see more Chernarussians, but I get it why people don't want to RP them.