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  1. What an evening filled to the brim with RP. @derNils It might take some time to get use to the new Nils, but was good seeing Pepa's bratr again. Plus the two weird encounters at the beginning was quite...entertaining to say the least. @PatZ Was not really expecting the evening to start off like that, but still was interesting to see the coldhearted side of Matyas @Grimnir I didn't choose Leadership. Leadership choose me, but hopefully Tereza and Pepa can find a agreeable middle ground. @Blackfyre Was really nice just sitting around the compound and talking. Pepa is always happy to see more "wiser" individuals roam South Zagoria. @jason hunter PAPA PATRIK! It is always a treat when you are around to shared your knowledge. For the rest of Nasinec and CNO that came in and out of the compound throughtout the evening. Was nice having some interactions with you and seeing what strange adventures you get up to when going out on patrols. Keep it up.
  2. So according to DayZ Wiki: A player's character has 10 slots available for clothing. Each slot corresponds to a part of the player character's body and allows for a specific type of clothing to be worn there. The slots are: Head Eyes Face Top Chest Back Arms Hands Legs Feet It will take some caculation, but it isn't impossible. The arm I'm assuming here is for Armbands. This will be removed from the caculation as I feel it is unneeded.
  3. Does this include the different colors or variants of set item or just the potential combinations of the singular item itself?
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  4. I do love that look . Between it and my police uniform I can't decide which looks best. As for the title...uhm...yeah.
  5. Wait...what ?
  6. This is a little something different. A glimpse into the life a character: It's been far to long, but he finally made it back... At least it is still standing... "I've finally come home rodina (family)." Sometimes you just have to answer the call. The past awakens. "Hopefully it won't take me another 3 years to return." "Goodbye rodina...my nasinec needs me." ...and now back to some random pictures. Out and about with my nasinec. "I won't forget sestra. I promise." "I don't think I can do this..." A bratr down and out, but holding on to what matters most to him.
  7. The reason why there is lore for you to read is because this world is fictional and has been shaped into what it is currently due to all this lore events. The character you portray in this world might been involence or effected by these events. An example would be the hatred between Russians and Chernarussians. You are free to ignore this. Nobody is forcing you to enrich yourself and your character by knowing the lore. It just makes the roleplaying more believable and enjoyable if a character knows something logical. Again an example would be that Chernarus isn't a island, but a land mass connected to Takistan and Russia. It sounds silly now reading it here, but you would be surprise at the amount of people that get this wrong. So there is no "NEED" for you to learn the rich and interesting lore and history of DayZRP, but I would more say it is recommanded depending on the character you wish to introduce to this world.
  8. An rather eventful evening of RP again. @Elmo After what felt like an intense firefight that was going on forever...was nice spending a hour or so just walking and talking about whatever . (Weather your character likes it or not. He is family now and there is nothing you can do to change that ).
  9. I am personally afraid to voice my opinion just because I feel that there can be a bias or unnecessary reaction towards it. I have always believe and grew up with the believe that honest is the policy. Also if you can't say something nice or constructive don't say anything at all. As such I have spend most of my time in the back seats when it comes to Forum Politics.
  10. "Willem would be sitting in a old deer stand. His feet slowly tapping on the steps of the ladder. His radio would be in his hand and set to a frequency he almost forgot until today." -Flicks the ON switch and presses down on the PTT button- [A man letting out a sigh can be heard.] This is... [A small break.] This is Whiskey 7... [A man making a scoffing sound can be heard.] I say again...this is Whiskey 7...Eldar from Kamenka... Is...is anyone still on or using this frequency? [A small break followed by some mumbling.] Please let there still be someone left... [A man clearing his throat can be heard.] Guys...guys please...please tell me some of you are still there? It's me...Will... [A long pause. The mans voice would sound shaky and almost like he is tearing up now.] Kate...Kat...Harky...Drogo...Levi...Leo...Voodoo...Martin...Petra... Please...just let me know that you are all alright. I just... [A small break.] I just...just need to hear a friendly voice again... -Lets go of the PTT button-
  11. Yet another eventful evening of RP. @lukzo2024, @Kyle_Jones and the rest of your little group (Sorry I can't remember all the names or forum names). Was a...unique photoshoot to say the least . Still not happy that you injured Anna. Pep...I mean Will will have to remember that and get even . @Spartan Your Pain RP and talking skills were impressive as always. Too bad it wasn't good enough and sorry I couldn't save you . I'll find a way to make it up to you . @PatZ "BEST HOSTAGE NEGOTIATOR EVERY" *Is being sarcastic.* Still man was nice walking with you. Too bad it had to end on a bit of a conflict of interest regarding friends and foreigners. Lets hope it doesn't turn out bad. @Oisín I'm just going to say it. Faith and her family is Lighthouse v2 . The same great passion and caring that I had back then is what I'm experiecing now walking with you guys. Honestly makes it difficult at times when I have to switch back to my Chernarussian character. At least Pepa did good before Willem showed up . @derNils Far better attempt today. We didn't talk much, but at least we didn't fight. Great shot by the way. Even though I did all the work setting him up for you. @Babyface Always nice having you around with your...uhm...uniqueness...yeah...that's a word. With your uniqueness as Pekko @FranzStigler What a way to reunite with a former Lighthouse friend . Nearly killing you and then having to face you after we got you awake again. Good to see you are still up and about...even if you did shoot one of my friends .
  12. (I'm beginning to see a pattern of peoples driving skill in South Zagoria.) (I have got to lay of the warm Cola and Powered Milk. I'm starting to see some crazy shit.) (Second day back in South Zagoria and I already have to deal with choices that I'm not comfortable with.)
  13. Going on a adventure with @Ramon What happens when you let Rami drive. Boss Lady silently judging poor Pepa. Boss Lady speaks and we should all listen.