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  1. It's Friday the 13th!!! Time to get your Jason on!

    Looks nervously at @jason hunter

  2. Learning the hard way with @derNils that DayZ never changes. #JustDayZThings

    1. MajooRB


      the nice map

  3. 739879921_NedvedTimeline.jpg.936213994b0ee7d83152546067ae6b37.jpg

    Was feeling a bit nostalgic and went through my old pictures. Damn has my Character come a long way.

    Am I Hero enough now Mr @Dino & Mr @Malet 😉

    1. Razareth



      I'm so close to the original 😢
      Just need the shirt, jeans with knee pads and the vest. *Looks at DayZRP Devs.* 🙏

    2. Scarlett


      Lol if you wish it enough it may come true lol. Looking good

    3. Malet


      Nedved was always way more the Hero we needed than deserved 😘

    4. Dino


      They grow up so fast 😢

  4. Photo0283.jpg.a063d76488ce2e80ea555e7649c2de55.jpg

    What a way to start a day. Just took in these two strays we found. Aren't they adorable 😍 Plus Mama Balalaika is so happy to have them.

    1. Saradomin



    2. Scarlett


      Aww wee puppies, so cute 🐶

    3. Malet


      I demand more puppy pictures!😍

    4. Scarlett


      I agree with malet we need more puppy pics

    5. Razareth



      @Malet you wanted more. There you go xD

    6. Scarlett


      Awwwwwwwww 😍

  5. POV of Willem Nedved: We had headed to Chernogorsk to look for supplies. After finding a few items we headed back to our base. I was busy opening the gate when I saw movement out of my right eye. I stopped and walked towards the person to RP. The person disappeared behind the fence and emerged with a Mosin and fired upon @Mia and myself. I took out my pistol and returned fire, but @Isaiah CortezPVE had already mowed him down. There was no communication from the attacker to attempt Roleplay or anything.
  6. The Early Years If there is something I cherish quite dearly it would have to be the advice that my mother thought me. That knowledge is power and through expanding our horizon by any means we would improve ourselves in the process. HECC, Takistan and Chernarus On my 18th Birthday I was faced with the same difficult question every teenager my age is faced with: 'What do I do now?'. I had matriculated with decent enough marks that my choices weren't too limited. I had several interests ranging from IT to Engineering to even the Military, but the latter wasn't going to happen. Not while I was still in South Africa. I was leaning towards IT and the potential of working with computers all day, but my friend had other ideas. He introduced me to his father who had heard that I was interested in a Military Career as well as Engineering. Even though I was a greenhorn with little or no experience he said they were looking for candidates to train and I would be perfect for the role. What role was it? An Field Engineer in the Hazardous Environment Containment Corporation or HECC for short. I'm not going to bore you with the training I had to go through, but it took me about four years to get into a somewhat decent shape. At that point things were heating up in the country Chernarus. HECC was contracted to provide aid and security to our client's assets in Takistan at this time. During my time in Takistan I managed to make a small name for myself when it came to constructing. So it came as no surprise that my team and I were subcontracted by an Organization to construct some facilities for them. Even though we pushed to get a security contract with them negotiation in the end broke down. I was on my way to a Monthly Report meeting when we heard on the radio about the strange symptoms that starting to plague the people of Chernarus. Upon reaching the Facility it went on a lockdown to insure our survival and to prevent any contamination. For the initial weeks of what now is known simply as the Outbreak we kept hidden away in the Bunker. Unaware of what has happened to my team, Chernarus or even the rest of the world. Upon finally emerging from the bunker we found that a lot of people in the area had become infected by a disease that turns them into rabid animal-like creatures. I of course immediately wanted to go and regroup with my team, but the security consultants with me advised against it until we knew what was happening. Current Situation I've fallen back on the HECC primary directive. Once I've established an commlink with the Corporation again we'll move forward with the initiative. =Still W.I.P= Mental Health Arachnophobia - Fear of spiders. Hyperalgesic Trypanophobia - Fear of needles. Claustrophobia - Fear of confined spaces. Scars and Damage N/A Likes Making jokes Listening to all kinds of Music NotaCola Drink Red Meat that has been BBQ Bananas Canned Tactical Bacon Dislikes Being at heights without proper safety Dishonest people Associates N/A
  7. Ayyyyyy finally playing with my UN buddy 😉

    1. Razareth


      Hey 😉

    2. Red


      Did you realize i was sitting next to you for the longest time ?

    3. Razareth


      Don't know your other characters...so no 😂

  8. If you need a laugh. Watch this!

  9. 3.4 When your character dies you lose all memories from the situation that lead to your death. Good day everyone, Over the weekend I was in my first firefight for DayZ 1.0 and afterwards while talking to a friend this subject came up and the question for this post: "Do you as the dead party RP out the injuries?" Now it sounds like a rather stupid question and forgive me if it does, but reading the rule marked in red above would have me believe that you shouldn't. From my reading and understanding this rule or the way the rule is phrased leads to you not being able to RP out any medical RP what so ever. Leaving basically everyone now with a "Superhuman" complex. You are not allowed to remember any part of the situation. You don't remember the lost nor would you remember the injury. How would it work? Do you just randomly have a hole in your chest now and can't remember if it's due to a crash night with the boys or because someone murdering you. It also blocks off RP. I have now no recollection of this firefight that happened and will in the future be forced to act friendly/neutral towards the people that attacked me. While they at least have one or more person that can. I feel it would lead to a "Baiting" situation where they can mock us with this info and we are left believing they are just pulling this from out of their ass. I would very much appreciate an more clear answer towards how to deal with this Medical RP and Normal RP wise and perhaps even suggest an rephrasing of the rule regarding that sentence, but that is for a different post.
  10. You show me good series with nice music - I like you ?

    1. Razareth


      Wait, what ?

    2. Malet


      Black Lagoons Intro Song is lit, my friend ?

    3. Razareth


      Indeed it is my friend ?

      Thank you for giving me inspiration for my Profile.

  11. In the Forest, the Mighty Forest, the Chernarussians Slav Tonight!

    1. Grimnir


      We should start marching tbh

    2. Malet


      Didnt know Nedved had such moves ?

    3. derNils


      I wonder who is the guy with the megaphone in the first clip hmmm.... ?:trolle:@Razareth

  12. 20181223124739_1.jpg.e04046706ac757e0bce289fdfa91dcfb.jpg

    Some Winter wonderland in the land of DayZ, thanks to @Blackfyre

  13. 20181221164118_1.jpg.e732adc9815f5c7ec128f61d10098826.jpg

    Am I a Hero now @Dino?

    1. Malet


      You two always were ... 


    2. Dino


      Hero outfit on point ?

      Look at that! A picture of when I became Major Moses ?

    3. MajooRB


      Heroic-lootwhore we all support

  14. 20181218_210328.thumb.jpg.653ea5fdad02c7cce139dd788b705630.jpg

    Look @Spartan I have a small doggo too!

    1. Spartan


      You have hamsters in SA? ?

    2. Grimnir


      Hold on... That's a cabbage 

    3. Razareth


      Yes @Spartan Of course we do. Why wouldn't we?

    4. Spartan


      I was expecting you to have a pet Rhino or so

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