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  1. If you need a laugh. Watch this!

  2. 3.4 When your character dies you lose all memories from the situation that lead to your death. Good day everyone, Over the weekend I was in my first firefight for DayZ 1.0 and afterwards while talking to a friend this subject came up and the question for this post: "Do you as the dead party RP out the injuries?" Now it sounds like a rather stupid question and forgive me if it does, but reading the rule marked in red above would have me believe that you shouldn't. From my reading and understanding this rule or the way the rule is phrased leads to you not being able to RP out any medical RP what so ever. Leaving basically everyone now with a "Superhuman" complex. You are not allowed to remember any part of the situation. You don't remember the lost nor would you remember the injury. How would it work? Do you just randomly have a hole in your chest now and can't remember if it's due to a crash night with the boys or because someone murdering you. It also blocks off RP. I have now no recollection of this firefight that happened and will in the future be forced to act friendly/neutral towards the people that attacked me. While they at least have one or more person that can. I feel it would lead to a "Baiting" situation where they can mock us with this info and we are left believing they are just pulling this from out of their ass. I would very much appreciate an more clear answer towards how to deal with this Medical RP and Normal RP wise and perhaps even suggest an rephrasing of the rule regarding that sentence, but that is for a different post.
  3. You show me good series with nice music - I like you ?

    1. Razareth


      Wait, what ?

    2. Malet


      Black Lagoons Intro Song is lit, my friend ?

    3. Razareth


      Indeed it is my friend ?

      Thank you for giving me inspiration for my Profile.

  4. In the Forest, the Mighty Forest, the Chernarussians Slav Tonight!

    1. Grimnir


      We should start marching tbh

    2. Malet


      Didnt know Nedved had such moves ?

    3. derNils


      I wonder who is the guy with the megaphone in the first clip hmmm.... ?:trolle:@Razareth

  5. 20181223124739_1.jpg.e04046706ac757e0bce289fdfa91dcfb.jpg

    Some Winter wonderland in the land of DayZ, thanks to @Blackfyre

  6. 20181221164118_1.jpg.e732adc9815f5c7ec128f61d10098826.jpg

    Am I a Hero now @Dino?

    1. Malet


      You two always were ... 


    2. Dino


      Hero outfit on point ?

      Look at that! A picture of when I became Major Moses ?

    3. Majoo


      Heroic-lootwhore we all support

  7. 20181218_210328.thumb.jpg.653ea5fdad02c7cce139dd788b705630.jpg

    Look @Spartan I have a small doggo too!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Grimnir


      Hold on... That's a cabbage 

    3. Razareth


      Yes @Spartan Of course we do. Why wouldn't we?

    4. Spartan


      I was expecting you to have a pet Rhino or so

  8. 20181218_095621.thumb.jpg.54712685f79017098293c73cd0a3db99.jpg

    So happy to be home and with my doggos!

  9. Whoop! Whoop!

    Finally on a well deserved Holiday.

    Now all that is left is the 1200km to my Hometown.

    Going to be a long drive...

    1. Grimnir


      Stay safe!

    2. Dino


      Drive safe, have fun!

    3. Saradomin


      Drive safe, friend!

  10. This system is interesting, but way too exploiting in my opinion. Maybe if it had side effects as well as a time constraint. For example: Popping a pain killer increase health to 125 for 15 minutes. That way the items can be used before and during an firefight. Would lead to RP and maybe even some epic final stand moments. If these constraints aren't implemented, what is to stop someone boosting themselves to 150 and never touching the drug again until death. Maybe even a risk system like overdose or mixing drugs will lead to death. Then it will be accaptable.
  11. Razareth

    Change Clothing Inventory system

    As someone that lives off of finding a balance between not only style, but also space I have to say this has me on the fence. Personally I feel that the current inventory system is flawed, but effective. Specially now that we are getting more cosmetics I feel we can work with it. There are two things that can improve the current system (maybe three). 1. @Banshee's idea of being able to rotation items will be very welcomed. 2. A full resizing of items. Like seriously some items are taking up way too much space. 3. (Optional) Increase in the space clothing items provide.
  12. Just a little South African Vibe on this lovely Friday ?

    1. cheeks


      never knew your name was Robbie Wessels, Raz?

    2. Craig


      WTF did I just watch.

  13. Although it benifit of this system is welcoming, I have to say no. I have a decent enough rig to play DayZ in all its beautiful glory and record, but I have a worst then patatoe internet. Hell it took me 2 days to download Battlefield V. So uploading is out of the question for me. True the rule would be that only one needs to do it, but no. It unnecessary punish people for something they don't have control of.
  14. *Nedved would be called in by his Radio Operator as they pick up the faint transmission. The Operator manages to clear the frequency and writes the messages down for them to respond. Nedved looks it over and and takes out it notebook. He looks over the the words and tells the Operator to prepare his equipment. He sits down at the transmitter and clears his throat.*-Pushes down on the PTT button-This is Havran-2, potvrzení 27773, from základna Osel. Confirming Vepr-9 status and acknowledge directive Odraz[He pauses a moment]Interrogative, is a průzkum sortie required? Zakladna Osel standing by for zelenyy for průzkum.[He pauses a moment]Interrogative, is koordinaty setki for Odraz still zelenyy? Active Vepr-9-7 standing by for zakazy, over-Lets go of the PTT button-*Nedved stands up from the transmitter as the Operator returns. He'll wait for a confirmation before making his way back to South Zagoria.*
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