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  1. Razareth

    Zone Rentals for Groups

    Nobody would take the zone physically away. The only difference would be that if the zone is taken away Anarchy wouldn't have the freedom that comes with a Hostile Zone. So they will be subjected to normal DayZRP rules.
  2. Razareth

    Zone Rentals for Groups

    I've been reading the forums as of late and can't help, but notice that there is a void in expectation for what a group is and should be. Now a lot of it stims from the recent rules implemented towards gear and hostility. So, I thought of something and this is more a discussion, but also a suggestion. Allow an group that has given enough "Lore" to exist and has been approved, the ability to rent an zone on the map. For example: Anarchy would rent the zone of Novy. The renting would be for hostility and PvP. Meaning once you enter the Zone you are at the mercy of Anarchy. For the other side of the scale. Lets say the Capax Infiniti rents Polkovo Military Base zone. The renting would be more in line towards providing help. So while they are there people can't attack them. Basically representing a sort of Safe Zone. We can even go as far as renting an Event Zone. Where the individual or group would lay out the clear rules for winning and losing. Now I'm sure you are aware that I said renting. With this, what I would aim for is that a group would setup a forum page about the zone. This is where people would get information about your group and what to expect within the zone. After a week or more. A review would be done. To see if the group fulfilled their requirements. If not the zone will be taken from them. This is a rather crude and basic idea still. It would require some new group rules, etc. However I'm interested what people think. Would you support such a plan? Do you think it's too invading on your rights to RP as you see fit. Is this a way to go to get more fear back into DayZ. I feel it would for the simple reason once such a renting plan has been put in place. You as the Community Member are in control. You knew the zone was a PvP one and just have to accept the risk.
  3. Razareth

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Oh Nedved did ...but he knew she wasn't in the house anymore when he fired. Honestly, I've never had anyone be scared of any of my characters. It's so amusing to actually have managed to do so. With almost no effort. Good thing Bug Lady doesn't know Nedved's weakness
  4. Razareth

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    You are the only person in the whole world that fears Nedved
  5. Razareth

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Woah, what busy night. I hope I remember everyone. @derNils always a pleasure keeping you company. Things are starting to look interesting at the Haven. @fletcho1 hopefully now that we've have found your manual we'll be able to understand "Cheeseburger". @Grimnir & @Solo quite entertaining argument you two had. @jason hunter first day and already thrown into the fire @Lady In Blue you are dead. Like no way around it. You will have a slow...painful...bug related dead next time I see you. @Majoo always nice having you around as well @RogueSolace been a while, but always a pleasure assisting you. @Oisin was nice keeping you busy while it rained. Had a nice chat. @Malet didn't expect you see Compass. Was literally just coming back to make sure everything is okay and log. So nice running into you lot. @GreenySmiley we didn't speak much, but was nice seeing you again as well. @Lyca YOU ARE WITCH!!! I knew it. Voodoo is real and the dead are walking among us. Please don't turn me into a dog. For the others that crossed my path @Mark, @Cosmo, @SgtSmithy, @bloodcrusader, @Mason26 and @TiviylScratch Apologies if I missed anyone. I couldn't remember everyone as you can see there was a lot of you
  6. Razareth

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    I'm sorry that you are viewing us as the problem. As for your brilliant plan of having Staff deal with them. People can merely put in the minimum and get away with your equipment. ...and sure lets get rid of the rules then, but when the people starts complaining that we're hiding in the corners of the map and avoiding RP don't come crying to us. Because we'll be RPing "Realistically". I'll be going..."You know what. Every person I've met has robbed me, even though I'm only trying to help. So I'm going to avoid any stranger." Cause how am I suppose to meet new people and expand my RP circle if every individual just wants my items. I don't hide it. I am a lootwhore. I've supplied countless individuals with tents, vehicles, clothing and weapons. Cause I take the time to look for them. I know where people hide them and if it is on my list. I'm going to find it and get it to my client. As simple as that. Is that what you want then? Cause this whole time, every single individual that has challenged me. Is saying I'm weak and this is the Apocalypse people are going to betray each other. Yet Lore wise we are not nearly that far down the shit creek without a paddle. Miroslavl is still standing and there is about to be basically World War III fought in South Zagoria. Do you think two nations would go to war if supplies were that scares? People just accept what is around them in DayZ without thinking about the Lore. You really think cars would have rust so quickly? Its been hardly an year. They are not build that badly. Stores would still have larges amounts of supplies. Same goes for hospitals. If you also actually read some scientifically studies, it will all point to the opposite of what is happening in DayZRP. The scared, desperate excuse would work 3 years from now. When there is no big civilization just outside the borders and we are actually down to the last can of food and bullet. You are merely providing petty excuses to be an asshole in-game and lazy to the point of not gearing yourself. Because robbing someone now doesn't make sense. Because you are either doing it OOCly just because you can or you created the most edgy character very, because that also makes sense. That a teenager with enough mental problems to snap would be allowed to fly anywhere and not locked up in a mental hospital is totally viable. I've had times were I would gladly give up my equipment in the name of RP, cause it makes sense. However we are all suppose to still be living under the sense that the infection will be fixed or cure, but most people have accepted "OOCly" that the cure will never come. You think it is wise to rob military or any type of government forces if there is still a chance that this will blow over and then you'll be sitting nice and snug in a Chernarussian jail cell? You say we don't priorities the RP, yet our characters are acting and doing what an normal person would do. They are not setting up Kingdoms or pretending to be something they are not. They are helping the people cause it is still the right thing to do. If this was brought up 3 years into the Lore I would have been on your side, but where we currently are. It doesn't make sense to rob anyone.
  7. Razareth

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    The problem with this and what gets under my skin is that if we start to go hide in the corners of the map and not RP with anyone people say we are killing the server. Where is the middle ground then? My character is a cop and it's in his nature to help, but if some twat robs me for no reason I'm going to stop RPing with randoms and stick with my friends. Which leads to alienating new people that join the community cause only the bad apples are left roaming around. I get why you are upset and I apologise if I got under your skin, but there is a limit. Walking and talking. With me looking for your gear actually just to rob me cause you want a better colored vest is stupid and doesn't make logical sense. Specially if the person has asked for items the whole time and when I'm about to log robs me off everything just to be a asshole. Again, there has to be a limit and if we as grown individuals can't look after ourselves to behave in a respectful manner. Then it means we have to get some rules in place.
  8. Razareth

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    This is a difficult one for me as I am a Lootwhore, but also like to RP. I see myself as sitting on the fence with this. Though I can see where @Mexi is comimg from with this. I still find it comforting to know there are rules to protect me from not just getting ganked cause I actually took the effort to find the equipment to kit my character. For example I'm carrying an Hunters Backpack with me. Nothing special, but it's also ruined, again nothing special. The reason why I carry it is cause it has been with me for months. When I die I get someone to go fetch it for me. The item has a story for me. I would hate losing it cause a fresh spawn "needed it" more then me. Further more I also hated it when people would "rob" you after you spend an hour or more walking and talking with them. Going so far as giving them items they needed, but the one item they wanted you don't want to give so they just rob you. Which is usually a stupid vest or backpack. Again for my character which has an unique look and which I try to adhere to and spend time to make. It is aggrovating to just be robbed blind by a person you just helped. Now going to reporting it. I feel like this is worthless endeavour as the person merely gets banned for a short time, but still has the loot. You as the victum is left still having to regear as your look is now ruined. Meaning you are missing out on RP. I'd must prefer a rule change where if enough evidence is provided and the person is found guilted he has to return the items or face getting points. I'm all for the realistic survival aspect of DayZRP. Again the problem is there ar3 bad apples that ruined it for everyone and then rules have to be put in place to prevent such behaviour. If only we were more mature roleplayers as a whole this communnity would have less rules and allow for more creativity and freedom.
  9. Razareth

    Bringing Back Personal GM Text Emotes

    I see no problem with having these around. They are great ways to either keep the RP going or spark a conversation anew. My only critic or opinion would be to keep them more "realisitic". Depending on the character of course and the person. Having a sane person all of a sudden say they hear voices or an object is speaking to them is I feel power gaming the characters mental state. Of course the player could simply ignore it, but I feel that it would miss and waste the effort of the message in the first place. That is all.
  10. Razareth

    Bila Ruka PD

    No problem and I completely understand. Which is why I'm giving feedback . As to my knowledge there isn't any Law Enforcement or OREL Groups. Seems like people don't like roleplaying police. I can understand for the sake of convenience and the advice was more from my character's point of view. As dressing in full police uniform can be considered impersonating an officer of the law. Which is why I recommended the small altercation that wouldn't be too inconvenient to implement. Though I'm only one person that sees a problem with it ICly, so don't worry about it too much. As I said it was merely aimed as friendly feedback and advice.
  11. Razareth

    Bila Ruka PD

    I must say that my first encounter with the BRPD wasn't too terrible. Just some small critics and maybe advice (take it or leave it). * Your group consist of mostly foreigner members. I'd perhaps then, as not to offend your hosts change the uniform a little. I'd recommend perhaps wearing tactical shirts instead of the full uniform you are currently wearing. Leave that to actual Chernarussians. Same goes for the hat. Given the circumstances I was a bit taken back, but having a foreigner wear a hat of authority is rather insulting. Baseball caps, beanies or boonies would work and could symbolize what role the individual plays. Other than that I found the presentation rather welcoming. * Secondly and this is in no offense towards your Chernarussian character, but I'd advise actually remembering your backstory and where you were/are stationed. It was a small mistake, but given the role that you play something you should know. * Lastly I'd recommend not starting off saying you are all local government law enforcement. Since it isn't true and leaves a bad taste in the mouth of people that are. Also BRPD isn't or doesn't refer to a precinct. An precinct refers to a police station and its district it is assigned to. For example, your Chernarussian friend is part of the Chernogorsk Precinct and would have been tasked with looking after the city and close neighboring towns like Chapaevsk, Novoselky, Dubky and Prigorodki. Balota would be a high priority town that, would the Komarovo Precinct ask for assistance, the Chernogorsk Precinct would help if it is a threat to the military installation at Balota. BRPD doesn't represent any precinct in Chernarus as far as I'm aware of. You can correct me on that or a loremaster if there is actually an town called Bila Ruka. Though it then wouldn't make sense either as you don't have any Police Officers from that town/precinct. So perhaps just rethink of how you would introduce yourselves. Other then those three small things with one more aimed towards an individual and not the group I had fun running into you guys. Was also nice helping you by giving you the truck that I managed to get unstuck. As I said, take the feedback as you wish. It's merely and observation from someone that has been playing an Police Officer since Lore Wipe.
  12. Razareth

    Bila Ruka PD

    Hmm...so an Militia acting as Law Enforcement. Here I thought I saw everything South Zagoria had to offer. An interesting take and definitely something to look forward to, but I doubt my character would be pleased seeing people pretend to be police. Will have to see if I actually manage to run into you lot.
  13. Razareth

    DayZ RPuppy Thread

    My doggo wins
  14. Razareth


    @jason hunter is this true?

    1. jason hunter

      jason hunter

      1:38 : OK?...the beer was  OK?



      2:00 : It's actually true...That's a monument


      2:25 : That's a clean street in Belgium...





  15. Razareth

    Svoboda Movement

    As mention by @Spartan. The following are not correctly translated. Sergeant would be Četař Private would be Vojín For Lieutenant you have the Czech for 2nd Lieutenant. Since you get an 1st and 2nd Lieutenant I would suggest perhaps changing Lieutenant to be 2nd Lieutenant or just both to be 1st Lieutenant (Nadporučík) Other then that I don't see much wrong here, apart from what @Major already pointed out. I hope to see some more Chernarussians in South Zagoria soon.