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  1. Razareth

    I'm rather confused, yet amused by this :D.

    Going to be my new catchphrase now: RAZAMANAZ!

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    • Razareth

    Lurking on my profile without leaving love?



    1. Razareth


      Just checking if the Butch Lesbian is actually back :x.

    2. Sexlaxarienlaxask


      Oh it is.

    3. Razareth


      ...and I'm only hearing this now?


    4. Sexlaxarienlaxask


      I tried poking you multiple times in TS the past two days but to no response....



    5. Razareth


      Yes, poking me 23:00 PM during a working week is getting a response :D.

      I love my sleep!!!

    6. Sexlaxarienlaxask


      You love me more.

    7. Razareth


      Calling in @Ramon for his POV ^_^.

    8. Sexlaxarienlaxask


      @Ramon Loves me the most. Please. Call him.


      Also calling ramon for his PoV.

  2. Humanity in DayZ

    Now I know DayZ Standalone is far from a perfect game, but going through YouTube I stumbled upon this. It really got my attention and maybe when BETA hits in the year 3000 we could strive to add it through mods. I'd love to hear what you guys think. As Roleplayers I feel like this could be a natural addition to bring across the intentions of our characters without emoting. I also can already foresee the issue with people playing multiple characters as it would impact your characters and require a bit more effort between changes. However seeing as this would never be implemented by the Developers it does open the floor for discussion of what could be the perfect system for a roleplaying community. Also be sure to check out Uncuepagamer which inspired me to share this with you all: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDvmx0imVtZGFw3Lvbso5qw
  3. The Deal With It Attitude

    If I may throw in my two cents here. I believe that you are correct that it isn't so bad as the entire thread is making it out to be, but I do believe that proper protocol should always be put first. What was upsetting in this regard was the (pardon my French here) half assing of protocol. If an Admin feels like they are in the right and justified enough to R4 someone without going through the proper channels that has been put in place then go ahead. Admins caring their titles because they have proven to know what is best for the community. I would suggest if this is something you strongly support to create and issue a "Special Admin Report Template." Where Admins can issue an R4 without going through the process half way and deciding nope they are above this and commit their verdict. We are civil people and have rules and structure in place for reasons.
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    • Razareth

    I-I-I I am your butterfly, I need your protection need your protection~

    Fuck yes!

    1. Razareth


      Hehe. Knew you would like it ;).

    2. Jasper


      Who do you think you are getting this song stuck in my head at 7 in the morning? 

      Im reporting you. This will not stand.

    3. Mademoiselle


      You know you love it BubbleThicc js js

    4. Razareth


      I'm a ninja!

    5. Jasper



      now I'm going to fall into the rabbit hole of listening to like two albums and watching Chappie for the 15,000th time and crying. 

      Youve done this. 

    6. Mademoiselle


      TBH Chappie is such a great film.... (and I want to cosplay as Chappie)

    7. Razareth


      I am consciousness. I am alive. I am Chappie.

    8. Jasper


      Dude. Why do people not like that movie. That shit is such a classic for me. 


    9. Razareth


      I guess because it is South African?! The movies make out our accents are so weird, when it isn't.

      District 9 and Chappie are one of my favorites by far.

    10. Jasper





      Anyone that sees this and hasn't seen Chappie. Watch it on Netflix if they have it. It's byoutiful.

    11. Razareth


      Yolandi Visser: Chappie... who did this?

      Chappie: A man... in a van.

      Yolandi Visser: A man in a van?

      Chappie: Yeah...

      Yolandi Visser: Did he put you in the van?

      Chappie: Yeah...

      Yolandi Visser: Do you know this man?

      Chappie: No... And there were children, also... And they threw fire, even though I said, "please".

      ^This right here...sums up so much of Chappie and it is where I burst into tears the first time.

    12. Jasper


      Chappie is the most adorable fucking thing. Whole movie I'm sat there like "I WANT TO HUG HIM".

    13. Razareth


      I'd love my own Chappie!

    14. Mademoiselle


      I ran out of beans cause of you guys...

    15. Razareth


      Can't help it if we are such awesome people :P.

  4. Razareth

    After more than 20 years I've finally won something!!!

    I don't care how irrelevant or meaningless it is. At least my losing streak has finally been broken.

    Whoop Whoop!


    1. Elmo


      Congratulations you sad fucker

    2. Sexlaxarienlaxask


      You won my heart a long time ago buddy.

  5. Winners of the Screenshot of the Month Contest

    I just want to thank my family and friends that told me I have no life and gaming is a worthless and wasteful pass time. I did it everyone! I'm still irrelevant .
    • Spartan
    • Razareth

    When you run out of ammo for your submachine gun but you still kick ass:

    @Doc Holiday

  6. Razareth

    Did someone say SIEGE?!

  7. @Camokid95 That was in an earlier iterations of DayZ (0.58 I think). In that vehicles had an chance to spawn twice at the same location. That resulted in the mating dance that was capture in the screenshot. The resulting death was us poking the mating pair with sticks, items and gunfire. Which resulting in the couple body slamming the poor victim and me making off with a beautiful screenshot.
  8. Community Opinions and the Sort

    I don't believe it is Bandits in their entirety that is to blame. You are correct and merely toxic behavior can also make a place unfavorable (Toxic referring to meming and trolling). Along side that is of course grieving. As a Certified Lootwhore I can speak with certainty that spending half your day gathering equipment just so it can be grieved or "burned" is not fun. Though I'm sure people will say "Why do it than?" To provide at least an broader spectrum of trading and making an environment more "realistic". Visuals are just as important as merely RPing. Look I'm the last person to speak up cause I'm a Grade A Runner. My character isn't brave nor am I myself. Though you have to admit @DustyRP that reputation of hostility and merely hostility itself does play a factor in the lifespan of a Settlement. I personally do avoid the Anarchy Group due to the rumors of their opinion of Government Representatives. Me actively going out in the area that the group roams can be considered NVFL as it is unrealistic for the Character to risk it. Would I like to run into the Group and experience what they have to offer and judge them for myself? Of course I would, but then it should be under realistic circumstances and not forcefully scripted by me actively looking for the people that might cause me harm.
  9. Community Opinions and the Sort

    I totally agree with this. I often use the fact that my character is a police officer to spread the Lore publish on the Forums, but I am only one person. In fact the general misconception of the Lore baffles me at times. It makes it annoying seeing so much effort being put in by the Loremasters, but ignored for simplicity sack. Why have Lore in the first place than? Why not just back DayZRP a Battle Royal instead?
  10. Denouncing themselves [Open]

    *Nedved flinches for a moment as his police scanner picks up the back and forth broadcasting spewing out about the CDF. He glances around him at the abandon vehicles and shakes his head. He unclips the radio from his vest. He shakes his head grabbing a small electronic box out his back vest pouch. He places it on his throat and switches it on before tuning the radio to the frequency.*-Pushes down on the PTT button-*Nedved's voice would sound robotic and garbled. A mix of male and female tones making it unable to tell who or what he is.*More people showing no intellect of what is going on in the region I hear.[An faint chuckle can barely be made out]Let me help you on the right path. The CDF no matter how loud they shout and cause shit are merely a military organization supporting the will of the Government. They are not themselves the Government and if they tell you so they are bullshitting you. However since South Zagoria was placed under a state of Marshal Law before all the madness kicked in we have some of these military elements representing Chernarus poorly by thinking they are the Government now. Them denouncing their loyalty to their military unit is as much use as putting a ice cube in a stove. Nothing. Zero. Fuck all. They are merely betraying their nasinec and bratři that they have fought with for years.[He pauses a moment]The Chernarus Government is still performing its active role in trying to get ahead of this viral epidemic. Along them are still active Government Representatives feeding information on current events happening within the borderlines of South Zagoria. [He chuckles louder this time]If you hoped that having these soldiers denounce themselves would net you power or credit you are sadly mistaken. However if you do have a compliant with how the Government is currently handling the situation. You are more than welcome to march to Miroslavl' and try to explain your case. I can save you the trip and tell you what will happen. You will be met with the might of what is left of the Chernarussian Government. Not only the brave and veteran CDF, but also the CPF and CAF. Along side them would be our brave firefighters and medical personal that are still actively assisting foreigners and Chernarussians alike. Doing their part to smooth over this unpleasant situation, regardless of nationality. In hopes of actually returning you all home so you can live out your life as intended. [He pauses a moment] ...but go ahead and continue broadcasting this pointless declaration of war. For you will never scratch or harm the true might of Chernarus and its people. Sláva státu! -Lets go of the PTT button-*Nedved places his radio in his pouch again and removes the electronic box from his throat before continuing to walk down the road.*
  11. Thanks , but your picture is just as beautiful. Hell it has me in it . Plus you made yours look cool. Mine was just taken in the world as is.
  12. Razareth

    After four hours of RP that went more up and down than a rollercoaster I'm happy to say this:


    S.I.H (Suffer in HELL) Diadora

    1. jason hunter
    2. Sexlaxarienlaxask


      What @jason hunter said.