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  1. William Mitchell

    Quality and Reason for Robberies.

    I think a few posters hit the nail on the head here: Hostile groups make up the majority of the groups. And unless you roll with numbers you are guaranteed to be robbed/take hostage/tortured...etc. I also feel with the current rules for NVFL you leave the person being held up with no options but to submit to the above. Even if it is only a 2 on 1 situation. He who has his gun raised first will ALWAYS be at a distinct advantage (if one on one) or has the numbers and be able to force the hostile RP on the victim. With that said hostile RP has its place...totally agree. Between groups..definitely. If you dont want to be in a group that is actively involved in hostilities...you have the Option to leave (Option is key here...remember that). Even the occasional robbery/hostile action while I walk around ....sure....it happens and you have no option but submit if the hostile party gets the drop on you. But lately I would dare say well over 50% of the map guarantee you will robbed/initiated on if solo or in a group of 2 or 3. The majority want to be the badass showing how big their e-peen is. So lately, unless i stayed FAR away from the majority of the map... I was guaranteed to get robbed in almost every city with people in it while seeking RP. Getting hostile contact 2-3 times in a row in one day gets really f'ing old...really fast. Just like campfire RP gets old fast as well. Sad thing is the group that initiates on you has NO CLUE if you are the first hostile interaction that day or the third....and truth be told by the time I was initiated on for the 3rd time in a day...my attitude was F'it... Im going to fight back and if I get a ban for NVFL so be it. So this is why I havent logged in for a week now. Waiting for .61 and settlements to come in so I have the Option to Choose Campfire RP vs. Hostile. One other opinon I have , and I will don the flame retardant suit after, is Campfire RP I can CHOOSE which direction my interaction goes with others. We can be friends, I could be an ass and piss you off, or we can just chat and I walk away. But the key is at least I can CHOOSE. And the person interacting with me can also shape the way the RP goes by how they act. But with Hostile RP the initiator pretty much chooses for you. You as the hostage have very little choice in how the RP goes. Not bashing here...but again after multiple hostile interactions in the same day as the victim...it sucks. Its boring... and that is why I CHOOSE to go into the areas that has a less likelyhood of hostile RP.
  2. It would have to be one helluva big group, and a group that would have enough players in their respective time zones to be a formidable force in each timezone. If not they will just get owned in one or more timezones as they will be a HUGE target for any and all bandit groups. With that said I would be up for it in the US Esatern/Central timezeone. Tex has always played a goody-goody character with leanings to the neutral side. Kinda like the "Texas Rangers" of old.
  3. Have to agree on the comments about "militarized" and lack of RP because I like your shoelaces. My first month or so on DAYZRP were great. LOTS of Campfire RP (which I like = GOOD hostile RP) and lot of folks meeting, chatting, sharing stories, tense moments. And the occasional hold-up and hostile RP (enough to keep it lively). But in the last month the Hostile RP seems to be the norm. And aside from one encounter at the AF with Frosty and the horsemen...the Hostile RP was absolute shit mixed in with a lot of metagaming (ie not giving my name yet strangers holding up/torturing myself or my partner because "we know you are with 101" as the only reason for initiation). All this robber/hostile/torture RP is getting really old and starting to feel more like DayZ Robber Play instead of Dayz Role Play. Granted we are teamed with a group of folks that made their own beds. Hence why Darra and I are breaking away from 101, and even considered perma-death just to see if this changes the RP experience. All I can say is we are no longer "with the north" and we will see if the RP improves. If it doesnt that I guess we will just part on good terms with DayZRP. The last point I will make is it seems that those that enjoy mob mentality PvP and hostility outnumber those of us that want a less hostile RP experience. It also seems a lot of the PvP folks want to demean/debase those that like less hostile RP. All I will say on that matter is who cares....why should my style of RP be forced to conform to your dsired RP? And why should PvP style RP be forece to conform to a less hostile style? They shouldnt. Which is why I have always been in favor of NO PVP zones (trader zones), zones specifically dedicated to PvP with very few rules (dont go there if you dont want to get shot), and a third where all normal DayZRP rule apply (that majority of the map). That way all styles of RP can be accommodated.
  4. *Tex grabs his radio...annoyed at the bravado and lack of communication between folks lately. Presses the PTT* "When are we going to start putting differences aside? The NA has several groups bent on our destruction, yet all we do is alienate groups that come forward with olive branches. Look I know Im somewhat new to the 101, but all I've seen is fighting and destruction as our numbers have dwindled. We will NOT be able to continue to hold the front without some peace agreements between somewhat like minded groups. What the RRMC does for their business is just that...THEIR Business. Does anything they do interfere with our ability to peaceably exist and trade with other groups? In my humble opinion we need to stop being so high and mighty to dictate what other groups of folks do, as long as they dont interfere with what we as 101 wants to do. Enough said from me... I will just end with Im tired of the fighting. I have the scars, bullet wounds, and missing pinky to show for it and thats it. A good historical example is the US and UK would have lost WWII if we did not put aside differences and ally with Stalin. Not that Im comparing the RRMC with Stalin mind you, it was more for rhetorical comparison. Think about it folks...seems Cowboy and the RRMC have been very open lately, that olive branch wont stay out there forever." *Tex puts away his radio and continues walking east through the hills*
  5. Which night of grieving?? You mean every night (and 2 more times daily) for the last 2-3 weeks?
  6. William Mitchell

    Northern Alliance[Private Frequency]

    *Tex takes his radio and turns it on, placing back into his ghille suit* "Been watching the little gazzelles prance about their pasture for 4 days now. Thinking they are safe. Such creatures of habit they are. I can tell you when they come, when they go, how many, by what direction, and when they come back. My position is not compromised at this time. Also inside intel reports new info. Will be reporting in at our next meeting. The Lion is hungry...repeat Lion is hungry. Tex out" *turns off radio and crawls back into place.... time to watch the gazelles play more. Playtime shall soon be feast time*
  7. William Mitchell

    Warning to 101 [Open Freq]

    *Grins as he thumbs his PTT* "Yes... lots of tough talk here. You have forced us underground. And so we are. But like a patient lion I will await the lonely little gazelle, separated from her herd...that is when I will strike." *Licks his lips to moisten them in anticipation* "We shall see little gazelle... we shall see very soon. Be content to graze in your little field for now. I have nothing but time now" *Releases PTT.. adjusts his ghille suit and brings his binocs back up to his eyes watching the gazelles scamper about in their little town...soon*
  8. William Mitchell

    Something that been bothering me recently with hostilities

    Very nice! I will have to remember that one.... I did RP after being tortured by the Horsey Men where they kicked me in the nutz 3 times then hit me with a ball bat in the jewels, that I was passing out, and couldn't walk. When they let me go I crawled away, crouch walked, fell on my face, and would pass out. They gave me 5 min to clear the area and it took me like 10 min cause I RP'ed it all the way out of the area. LOL
  9. William Mitchell

    Something that been bothering me recently with hostilities

    1v1 or 2v1 isnt NVFL. I hate the NvFL as I have taken 5v1 and 6v1 on many occations. I dont like staff saying its NVFL for trying. Trying shouldnt get you banned or reported. 100% with you there Thumper. If I feel I have a chance to shoot my way out of a bad situation I should be able to. And thanks for having a mature discussion on this!
  10. William Mitchell

    Something that been bothering me recently with hostilities

    I think another thing that is skewing the feelings of non - PvP seeking RP'ers is there seems to be FAR more PvP players than not. But that is what it is. Interesting take Thumper... you initiate on me, I don't comply or act like a total idiot to you. How does that not violate the NVFL rule? I mean you may not report me for it, and we RP it out and I probably die... but whose to say the next guy doesn't report me. Seriously interested in your take bud...
  11. William Mitchell

    Something that been bothering me recently with hostilities

    BINGO.... In the month and half I have been with 101, our numbers are shit right now because of this bullshit. And those of us that are on are scattered across the map doing something different. Whereas 3 weeks ago you would have had 5-10 in town interacting and RP'ing with numerous visitors, and another 5 or so running around scavenging or PvP'ing in the south. Last night we had between 3-4 people on ..... yep. Really helped RP didn't it? Bottom line... PvP done right with good RP makes the whole picture. PvP for the sake of PvP will kill this server. Hell if we are gonna do that why not just go back to a normal DayZ public server.
  12. William Mitchell

    Something that been bothering me recently with hostilities

    I'm feelin ya Thumper. Good RP PvP is fine. Problem is, IMHO, with the rules as they are it will ALWAYS put the person being initiated on at a disadvantage. I mean if you raise your gun on me and initiate...due to NVFL rule...what chance do I have to really PvP? I mean if its 1v1 I can always argue that if I feel I'm in a good position with relative chance at killing you vs. you killing me...then I can fire back right? (and maybe its just I'm still a noob to the rules and ways to work with them). My point is I get the PvP is some folks cup of tea. Others it isn't. But with the rules as they are now there is little a non-PvP inclined person can do to not have to play the PvP game. With that said...and I know Ill get flamed here... that is why I have always felt there should be "safe haven" no Pvp zones, and all out PvP war zones where KoS and NVFL rules go out the window. Give good RP for all inclinations. Maybe 4 No fire Zone trading posts in 4 diff cities (One N, S, E, W), then make the NWAF and surrounding towns all out PvP zones. And the rest of the map using the existing rules. I know... been tired/suggested before... wont work...blah blah blah. To me it seems like the only way to make all happy.
  13. William Mitchell

    Something that been bothering me recently with hostilities

    You're entirely missing this point. Does complying change the issue? No. The triangle will still be the triangle and they'll still get shot to shit the next week. The reports section is fat enough. IC actions do indeed have IC consequences, but the quality is on question here, not the standards of RP. A lot of us don't play public because all we want is RP. Do we want hostilities? Yes, but good hostilities. Instead they're met with an army, all synchronised on a teamspeak, not even RP'ing, but OOC'ly synchronising. OOC pvp bragging of course follows. What roleplayer in all credibility sake even takes PVP as a roleplay worthy credibility? People can debate it all they want, but it does not under any circumstance change the quality of the roleplay. PVP is all well and good, but the issue is that to a lot of people it's being put before the roleplay... and that is NOT why we are here. I think you are completely wrong. PVP is just as much of roleplay as story development, and 'campfire' situations. As far as I know, noone told them to go to the triangle, and the map is much bigger than that. Again, ICly they were told what would happen if they didnt comply. why are there posts on the forums complaining? PVP is a part of roleplay. If it wasnt, we'd have 'PVE only' somewhere in the rules. Agree with you Thumper...and I think you are saying the same thing. Just like gear leads to roleplay you have to watch the Gear > Roleplay. Just as PVP > Roleplay. I mean how many times have you run into a stranger and in 2 min or less its "Put your fuckin hands up...." then drop your gear...and that's it, off the bad guy goes with your gear and no RP given. I think to the issue is, because of Dayz being DayZ and seeming to attract the PvP player, there seems to be far more PvP centric players vs. RP players in game.
  14. William Mitchell

    Something that been bothering me recently with hostilities

    THIS...so much this. Cowboy did a great job after a firefight you all had with us like 3 weeks ago of explaining the RIGHT way to RP the attack on 101. He said "we came up here with a valid RP reason. We were searching for zinnia Jackson." He also said that "After a valid RP reason is there we will hit a camp/group like once a week or every other week, but not every day. That would get old for both sides" I just didn't want you to think I was critizing your group tony...as I feel you guys do it right!
  15. William Mitchell

    Gear RP Discussion

    That's called griefing....which is a clear rulebreak... That's funny.... because that is exactly what is happening to 101 at least daily. That or a good part of the items thrown into a fire and burned. Not to mention the one person that duped multiple tents and duped ruined items to fill the tents with then called an admin over to show them. In the end I could give two bits about tents and gear.... that's not why I play DayZRP. In fact I haven't been back to camp in a week now. Yes..I changed my RP and what I do IC due to this grieving. And still having fun... but that's not the point.