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  1. Husky

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    It's aight 7/10
  2. Husky

    Truth or Lie

    Lie? I got into a fight with a bum/alcoholic once
  3. Husky

    How many times have you been a hostage?

    Not many, been here since 2013 and I can only think of 4-5 tops.
  4. Husky

    Settlement rule suggestion.

    Even though I do remember how retaliation would work I feel you should add it to the thread as you left it out as without it you make it sound like we should have a safezone with zero retaliation options Mr. Vlad
  5. Husky

    Good bye community

    Cya Jasoo55
  6. Husky

    Desolation Redux direction poll

    Uhm sorry but what? What makes it so you can't "heavy RP" on either of those?
  7. Husky

    The good and naughty list

    Naughty for doing nothing but spam the forum games
  8. Husky


  9. Husky

    [GAME] What would you do if you woke up with the person above you?

    Ask what on earth his IG name means or even comes from.
  10. Husky

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Nope Keedz
  11. Husky

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    I do like me some Niko Bellic, but I feel there's better pictures of him out there 6/10
  12. Husky

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had a very enjoyable time with our hostage the stuttering Dr. Steven Lore talking about wolf behavior and psychology, I liked your RP mate keep it up.
  13. Husky

    Avatar size.

    Yeah we good, ty.
  14. Husky

    Arma 3 Contractors

    Yup it works again, cheerio's.
  15. Husky

    Arma 3 Contractors

    We went onto some more missions and I must say you missed quite a bit of heavy action Dax
  16. Husky


    It's been suggested a billion times and it's still gonna be a no, text RP is the most common form of roleplaying on pretty much any platform and it's here to stay.
  17. Husky

    The World's Strongest Man...

    Hell yeah I wanna throw hands fam
  18. Husky

    Arma 3 Contractors

    Cheers mate I submitted my app for the group, @Rolle pls
  19. Husky

    Arma 3 Contractors

    Thanks for the reply Sauce, do you have a link to this specific war room by any chance?
  20. Husky

    Arma 3 Contractors

    Been playing on the server for a bit now, so far I haven't had any issues with being kicked or the like. I got a few questions though. First one being about saving your character and his loadout, I've set my ID up with AliveMod as people instructed me but it still doesn't seem to work even though I leave the server with the alive player exit option. Second one being how to make money on the server despite the paychecks? I have yet to see any missions pop up despite being on the radio and most of the events I have encountered have just been the occasional insurgents or militia and saving up for the more expensive vehicles at 600k+ seem a bit far off with paychecks only but i'm sure i'm just missing something or not doing it right. Thanks beforehand.
  21. Husky

    Husky Thread

  22. Husky

    Is offending someone a rulebreak?

    I'm having a hard time following what's offensive and what isn't, I don't understand why we are banning people for using the N word or F word when it's widely used IG, I've heard both words used relatively often and even seen it in videos in reports and such, if we can be mature enough to use it IC'ly why is it such a big deal on the forum if it's being used as a joke or in the lyrics to a song like Nishi mentioned, it sometimes strikes me as people getting offended on other peoples behalves, i'm gay myself and I don't really have a problem with the F word and I use it myself sometimes because as long as shit isn't personal and just for "banter" why even bother? Instead of thinking said person is offending someone the least you could do is ask whoever is involved if anyone took offense before handing out bans or points. And to address the 1.2 rule insulting, harassing, bullying and provoking is nowhere near the same as being offended by something, people get offended by the pettiest reasons on a daily basis, if someone calls me a faggot 10 times in a row and keeps spamming me messages whereever, yeah i'd class that as harassment, if someone says the word in a channel I don't give a shit and bullying ONLINE? Literally ignore the person or walk away from the monitor, provoking is kind of the same as harassment if you ask me at least. I don't know i'm just ranting at this point but I thought i'd give my two cents.
  23. Husky

    Arma 3 Contractors

    I'll be giving this a go later today, sounds like a lot of fun.
  24. Husky

    Gator's dank content thread

    Nah i'm sure Gatorr always wear a Red dress on RP.
  25. Husky

    Sobaki [Media Thread]

    Pfff I would neeeever!
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