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  1. Monday


    Sorry I haven't been around recently guys.. @Chief @Phoenix @RogueSolace @JakeWalford @Pinkerton

    Had my third nervous breakdown in my sleep this week based around my A-levels, I've been doing my best to do as much work as I can. 

    Might have to sort something out lorewise to kill off my relevancies with Livvie to explain why I haven't been around. Work's just been getting to me. It's frightening the fuck out of me and I haven't been able to get any real sleep. My first exam is in a 9 days and my final is in a month and a half. I'll be around a little bit, but not nearly as much as I was before. I definitely won't be hopping in game though.

    1. RogueSolace


      Just take it easy and dont worry. Livvie can have gone to the safe spot she was at before and just want to stay there for a bit. Ch safe, ic excuse to not be around for a bit done. Focus on what you need to, you know we support you ❤️