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  1. Monday

    current political stances?

    1. Blairism is considered to be slightly right winged regardless of TB's political party. 2. Nick Clegg is lib dem and is definitely a slight leftie. Both personal opinions based on what I've seen and read, sue me
  2. Monday

    current political stances?

    Okay, let's add some spiciness to this thread For those 'middle' people, if you were forced to choose between a Tony Blair (viciously middle with a few drops of right) or a Nick Clegg (a middle extremist with the smallest drop of left) who would you go for?
  3. Monday

    current political stances?

    With the amount of shit circulating around the media at the moment about Trump's auto-tariffs, brexit, Venezuela's current 10 million percent inflation rate, I have a few questions for you all: What is your Political stance (I.E: Republican, Democrat, left, right, etc)? Has this changed at all in recent years? If it has, what changed it for you?
  4. Monday

    Lo's Diary - Letters to Mom and Dad

    Lil' Lo! I without a doubt think your character was one of the most phenomenal people I have ever had the opportunity to roleplay with in this community. Dolores was the character you really progressed with, noticeably out of character as much as IC. I noticed how hard you tried, really fucking tried to give it your all in your roleplay. I never saw you deviate, drop or fail to do anything less than your best. I persistently threw thespian hardballs at you all the time, and you consistently threw them back, twice as hard. Asking you to be my daughter so @Gaylaxy could murder you last year in the chiefs cantina was easily the best luck-of-the-draw decision I ever made. 3 years roleplaying here has been nothing compared to the 4 months I spent storming the servers with you and @Aristocrat
  5. Monday


    Sadly the games industry is at a point where indi devs can't be trusted to make anything decent, so nobody buys from em and big devs pump out little money magnets to make as many fat stockholders happy as possible. My advice, stick to the old stuff, you'll most likely find the best gold there
  6. Monday

    Increase the damage of smaller caliber ammunition

    Yeah, I mean haven't got in the game for like 5 months but tbh, from what people have been saying, 5-6 shots per kill is a bit annoying.
  7. Monday

    So PK for NVFL?

    Exactly. tbh, the rules are always subjective to the staff team reviewing the case. Really, the rules are guidelines for players on how to behave within the game. Good rule for NVFL is 4 victims for every person initiating.
  8. So we have 3 problems in this thread Campfire roleplayers hiding in rabbit holes Pvp groups the size of mid-sized brothels Interplanetary starship sized bases just limit the size of groups, make an approval process for alliances and bases and ease up on group creation approval. Doesn't stop you from rping with anyone else since it's just a group definition, doesn't state anything with dynamic pvp groups are less of a threat, so people come down to chill with each other. Reduces rabbit-hole rp Pvp groups get more challenging hostile Pvp encounters will be less significant, but much more frequent. Base building is already a bit of an old meme from what I can see tbh (ignore my 'last played' :P) Fewer bases = bigger bases = better rp hotspots Opinions?
  • Monday

    The Game

    Because I love you
  • Monday

    I know most like to kill people but...

    Then I apologise for misunderstanding this quote: "How about we make rule or something about groups so that there can´t be too many bandit group, not too many friendly groups etc. Because right now the bandit groups are soooo many and many of them"
  • Monday

    The Game

    Thanks @Roland really appreciate it @Brayces @Aristocrat @Lyca @Tony I hope you enjoy this nice game
  • Monday

    I know most like to kill people but...

    You know, its funny to me. Every so often I see these posts, often from aggravated campfireRPers arguing with hostileRPers, and I look at their profiles. Since often, these threads contain replies from a very wide range of the community, coming from the very freshest community members, PVP-hardened bandits and even some of the purest campfire roleplayers around, the kinds of demographics really interest me. For example, last year, there was a moderate population of campfire rpers, the year before the higher proportion was bandit like we have now. And it really isn't anything to do with "most liking to kill people", more just the fact that that is just the type of community we have right now. Whether you like that or not, you can't just force a massive clique of the community to change how they act by enforcing restrictive rules like they one you suggested.
  • Monday

    Base destruction trolling issue

    Agreed. Could just do something like rust and make it take like 2 hours to take down a wall with an axe.
  • Monday

    Clyde's Custom Weapon Schematics.

    But as a buildable extension that you can craft?
  • Monday

    Off amnesty benefits

    I'm moderately confused by this statement. Could you potentially elaborate on this? It might just be me.
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