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  1. KingRP

    S2- RDM- Outside of Pavlovo military base

    Hi @Saunders, If it is okay, I would like to post a brief POV at this current time and I will update it throughout the day as and when you need more detail on a specific issue from my POV. Please feel free to question any issues. Draft POV: > I am ICly informed we are being attacked on the island by @Lemons and OOCly informed we were initiated on > I check for any potential threats on the mainland and then head to a rock by the boat > Start laying down cover fire for the islanders >Killed a few to my knowledge, but not sure of the exact number, if any >Lay down continuous .308 for about half an hour against people I am very sure were in listening distance to any initiations that took place > Saw approximately 3 ID's leave the island at least 300 meters on the west side of the island >Attempted to patter shots at them, no luck because of the water > I believe they are trying to get around me to nail me from behind, so I double back and get a position from when they enter the mainland again > All swimmers fucking scupper in different directions, I didn't get clear ID's because my position was moderately compromising > Chase two of them down > Very sure both of them saw me aiming my gun at them, didn't have time to get a clear shot but they carried on running at least 1 click > We arrive on the north east side of the field next to Pavlovo military >I nail one of the people I was sure swam off the island in the back, the second ID I spam shots at, very sure I hit target > Turns out I did, because I saw him hiding away injured, north side of Pavlovo mil, so I shoot him
  2. KingRP

    Would an "Alba 19" styled group still be possible to do here?

    And if not, what criteria or requirements would be needed to do that?
  3. KingRP

    Initiating on area 51

    https://www.facebook.com/events/448435052621047/?ti=as Hope to see all the boys there lmao
  4. KingRP

    Child RP

    To be honest, if the RP was fucking amazing, I would let someone roleplay a fetus if they wanted to. But the argument more stands on people's maturity regarding the role of a child in roleplay rather than the age.
  5. KingRP

    Child RP

    She does rant for hours about it tbh can confirm If you can't get girls IRL don't do creepy shit to people like this on a role-playing videogame.
  6. KingRP

    Child RP

    Beans to that. I think there's a way to do it if you genuinely wanted to be creepy like that, but in hypotheticals not just *sticks this in there* which I can imagine and see a lot of thirsty cunts here doing. I'd probably do the same, at the end of the day, 9 times out of 10 that's someones irl wife or girlfriend
  7. KingRP

    Child RP

    Just something further to note because this pissed me off a while ago: If you want to play a child with down syndrome, please do not act like an absolute fucking retard. I have friends IRL with down sydrome and the way some people have played that have really offended me ooc. The way people have played this card in the past has CLEARLY been a way to mask BadRP but in a more real sense, you are not only doing harm to your own reputation, but our community as a whole. I once had a guy genuinely do the whole "MWEH MWEH MWEH" crap for over an entire hour in a camp of over 20 people all trying to roleplay seriously.
  8. KingRP

    Multiple Group Allegiances?

    I agree with this guy Tbh, I don't think it's up to you in any sense @keibancz how things play out is how a group likes to play. If one groups likes to make a lot of dealings with others so be it, but it's up to how they handle themselves in roleplay. Plus, it's also not up to you if a group chooses to make an alliance from OOC means as well as IC, how the group leader wishes to handle the group is entirely each to their own.
  9. KingRP

    The hunt for Mr "Jona" [Open Frequency]

    "The button appears to be working, Mr Edgar!" - is heard from your radio, supposedly from a place in the highlands, as you may appear to have some trouble overhearing his voice from the static and the wind. You would hear the gentle snapping of electricity in the background, along with a cursing Texan. Richard would speak with a clear, British accent over the loud background noise. "To everybody listening to this radio frequency, I may have a small.. Task available to you. You see, I seem to have a small problem. A problem that involves a man, a sick man, who wants to hurt my poor, vulnerable clients going by the name of.. Jona. If you can find the man, and bring him to me, you're reward will be.. Lucrative to say the least. My clients are not without man-power or capital, and should be willing to help you or pay you in anyway that may quicken the process of finding our Jona. From what I know, he is of Chernorus decent, reasonable build, not without friends I might hasten to add. At the moment I believe he is hiding away in forests, and trees, so it might be quite a fun challenge for any hunters out there. Good luck, my friends, if you find him, my name is Richard. Please be in contact when you do. The radio goes dead, indicated by the static stopping.
  10. KingRP

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Richard the POS here. Loving the roleplay, the dynamic and everything going on at the moment. You've given me a reason for my RP as of current and I appreciate that greatly. Thank you guys can't wait for the next one.
  11. KingRP

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    I can happily agree, that the way that rule was written was certainly not what was intended at all. I personally agree that the 2.3 rule must be changed in order to make the balance between HostileRP/CampfireRP fairer. I can see its use as an exploitable tool for whitenames and salty groups and I'm sure that is where the main backlash its pretty much always received. I think in general, a compromise must be had where one isn't. A new rule 2.3 that cannot be used in an exploitative manner.
  12. KingRP

    Which *MODERN* pistol would you like to see added?

    The MP-443 Grach is the only sensible option since it is a standard Russian firing arm. And I'm sorry? Do you think Eastern European countries are without "super solider modern guns"?
  13. KingRP

    Tale of Two Cities EVENT

    Unlikely. This is probably not the place for something like that. The staff team much prefer events focused on RP over PVP deathmatches, hence the name DayZRP. Maybe this is something you can do with some friends though, perhaps even invite some buddies you met from the community!
  14. KingRP

    Lore wipe and map change?

    This is why businesses have focus groups! The voters are active forum members from various parts of the community, all with various experiences and forum cultures; from a qualitative standpoint, considering the fact that the votes against a lore wipe is literally 6 to 1, I believe that it is fair for me to say that it is a "No" at this time. This may change though! You never know!
  15. KingRP

    Lore wipe and map change?

    Based on the results, people's opinions clearly haven't changed yet! I respect all of you's honesty's! Personally, I do not care enough at all, I just wanted to make sure we're all on the same page on this issue.
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