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  1. King

    BeanZ WAR

    And the game begins again! 100
  2. King

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    No no no to fast travel. Can eeeeaasily be abused. Yes yes yes to everything else. Might get me playing more.
  3. King

    What are you tired of seeing most?

    dollars is still around. Get back in game so I can oppress the Irish. I am tired of bullshit. I am tired of looking through staff verdicts that don't look thought through at all (although only some). I am tired of people not complying and deliberately NVFL'ing because they care so much more about their precious FAL then getting any hostile roleplay. I'm tired of not finding anyone because they are hidden at the edge of the map glorifying over guns and building settlements instead of roaming. Most of all I am tired of reading salt posts in the community discussion forum constantly denouncing hostile roleplayers and PVPers as the bane of the community.
  4. King

    Eagles Junk yard

    You dropped me twice in this video lmao
  5. King

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    Welcome @Ozymandias to the roster!
  6. King

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    You better join us boi
  7. King

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

  8. King


    Ah yes, the "forced permadeath" thread. The basic idea of roleplay is to have a character you can progress with. If I am continuously making characters because I want to play a hostile character who fights other people, my time here would not have lasted long. I believe that perma rights on a character should always be the choice of the community member. He chooses whom to give permanent execution rights to. If that person is not being responsible, and is keeping his character alive after multiple torture sessions and executions , that is on him, not on you.
  9. King

    The Russo Syndicate [Selective Recruitment]

    As the other co-leading member of the 503, I wish to state my own feedback. In the three engagements I have had with you, I have only felt like your group has been going around looking for fights. My first roleplay scenario was fine. You asked me if the 503 would like to help take out some nationalists. I asked for a reason, to which you couldn't find me one. Fine roleplay, no problem. The second engagement you decided to take me as a freshspawn. Even after I had shittalked to in the first engagement and even during the intiation, you didn't return the hostile. There was no torture, no actual hint of hostile or anything other than some guy who had a gun in my face the whole time. You asked some questions and let me go. In the third situation, you tried to create hostilities with the runners in Vishnoye and huddled round the outside of the base. You then decided that you wouldn't be able to take the runners place, so you decided to run away and initiate on a member of the runners outside of the camp, to which we gatted all of you outside of the place. So, personally, I have no problem with RP/PVPers, and I actually enjoy the engagement once in a while. But when initiating, please attempt to have a clear reason why you are doing so. Because so far from what I have heard and experienced the reasons have been weak and tasteless. Otherwise, good luck on this group, and I hope to see improvements in the future.
  10. King

    New Map - Issues

    To be honest, I actually really like it. I like the idea of there actually being a level of difficulty due to the lack of weapon spawns on the map. It adds variability to roleplay and I can see it surely making hostile more interesting. But on the other hand, loot whoring will be a lot more relevant. It's quite hard to see this early, but it'll be interesting to see how the server progresses.
  11. King

    New Map - Issues

    Has anyone actually found an assault rifle yet?
  12. King

    Initiating from behind cover

    I mean, I don't know when that rule was put up, but agreeably it needs to be worded differently. While in some ways, initiating can be as clear as putting a gun in someones face, it gets a lot more complicated when there are large groups of people around. Perhaps I initiate on a group of campfire roleplayers in vmc, would I be banned for invalid initiation if all of them heard me but only a few of them see me?
  13. King

    Warren Lowe

    A few hours later, you would then hear another voice again, slightly disgruntled. If you are stupid enough to believe this shit, then you don't deserve the truth. Already handled the situation with a few friends of mine, CJ. Bitchboy is coming to apologize tomorrow. The PTT cuts
  14. King

    Warren Lowe

    You would hear a voice on the radio, speaking in sarcastic, consorted tones. He would appear to be grunting as he speaks. Hello... My name is Warren Lowe. I am resigning as leader of the 503.. And I admit to the allegations of myself raping multiple women And I am a terrible terrible human being. You may then hear over the radio, "Is that good enough?" As the PTT cuts.
  15. King

    Make Pistol Calibers Great Again

    Would never waste a life using pistol round RP bullets but on deathmatch servers, pistol caliber shoots pretty good. you can easily gat a roleplayer with 5-6 accurate hits. Feels legit. The only reason why nobody carries pistol calibers is because there are better alternatives. A sub-cartridge will never match 5.56.
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