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  1. I was just saying it out of opinion. Yes I do see the irony in me saying that, I admit. Happy?
  2. *shudders* please don't start a forum post off like that. Just a little modesty next time please. After seeing both worlds as a text-roleplayer and in the conventional sense, I do feel for your need to give people warning for large emotes. But honestly, people should understand and do understand the need to give space for textRP. If a person sees you textRPing (stopping to speak, taking time to reply, etc) they should stop to give you time to reply. I have only been in one situation where the people I was roleplaying with failed to. So while I understand your need for this, it is not something I think should be enforced. -1
  3. This thread is so one-sided lmao. So this is an argument me and @deadlyslob have had on a couple of occasions while I watch his streams. He plays on an "optional" roleplay server where it is almost solely PvP oriented known as undergrounds. It is also one of the most popular DayZ servers aside from DayZRP. So he brings up a number of points which I have always found very interesting. From his perspective, he believes that with these added rules we have, it allows people to hide under them to avoid confrontation. Where a conventional PvP situation can be as simple as 123, DayZRP adds "unnecessary" factors which affect how a situation can go. However, he also says that it is completely up to preference. If people "like that sorta thing" they can join the server and play. But he feels as though a lot of it is forced which is not something he wants to do. He likes to rp casually and not need that added weight which I respect. In my personal opinion however, public servers without the rules DayZRP has offers a completely different experience that what we have here. It is a much lonelier world. It is brutal and chaotic. It is one where one wrong move, one bad decision can lead to the end. I have had some truly amazing moments in undergrounds as I have had amazing moments in DayZRP. So honestly, if you haven't played publics or undergrounds before, do have a go. It offers something almost completely different to what we have here.
  4. To be honest its a nice slap in the face for anyone playing the game. Rip DayZ.
  5. Two exams down, 12 to go..


  6. Give it some more time @RogueSolace, after my exams I'll have much more time; hopefully then I can have a cp invite ^.^ i will never forgive you for this chef <3
  7. ".62 is due to come out this week.."

    Quote from deadlyslob. We're getting ever closer to the modding scene :)

    1. Kunkka


      modding comes with 0.63 or 1.00 Beta but this will take 1 more year i think :P

  8. So in the community meeting today a lot of useful things were clarified for me to work on removing the varying levels of subjectivity held in reports from the community rules. While some of the rules can be as clear as black and white, there are others which seem incredibly grey and which rely on staff judgement rather than simple rule regulation which cannot and should not happen. In my opinion, the rules should be clear in what they are trying to prevent. A judgement made by the staff should be a last resort if it goes past the rules. Obviously though as @Oliv did mention, there cannot be endless rules to cover every single situation that happens, so there will always be a degree of subjectivity; However, what I want to achieve with this is to remove as much ambiguity as is humanly possible. This will not only make reports go much quicker, it will decrease any and all impartiality held against the staff. Which at the end of the day is all anyone wants Something that would help me quite a lot is if I know what I'm up against. I can read the rules 10 times over, memorise every word and pull quotes all day and still get nowhere. What I need is actual reports you have been in or that you have overlooked which have left you unsure about the outcome; something tangible that can be worked with. So feel free to list any of your queries with the current set of rules and I will add them on a list to work on and see what I can make of them
  9. Something I am a little worried about is something that was mentioned in the community meeting which I don't think was given much time. It was about this idea of simplicity. I think while this lore change is important to the community, something that you should bear in mind is that it shouldn't be over-complicated. Or at least the main whitelisting lore should be as simple as possible for everyone to understand. If necessary, a secondary, non-crucial lore story for more backstory into the crisis should be something on the sidelines than as something that is critical for everyone to understand. Something to base characters off of or to have more to say in game. But for the main lore, it should be as simple as humanely possible as to not stray away new people. This isn't to say that I don't like the ideas that @Chief was telling me or what I heard about in the community meeting, I was very impressed by the work that has been done and that is being done.
  10. Nope, seems pretty relevant tho unlike me >.>
  11. Thanks for the paranoia.

    I really didn't need that drama on one of the only weekends I'm free. Way to make me feel like complete shit.

  12. Not clear at all, which is an issue for me. Uncertainty makes me paranoid, especially when it comes to law. If I was to give my personal opinion on this though, what I suppose you're trying to say with the examples you have given, in a situation which involves other individuals and the AOGM is used with a hostile intent, it should be considered a bannable offence to prevent such behaviour in the future. But in passive situations, where you are alone, you may use these mechanics at your own discretion. Would it at all be possible for you to discuss with your colleagues a more understanding stance to give other than examples on this, assuming you aren't busy enough?
  13. All of the examples show a varying degree of abuse of game mechanics. Well done @Oliv +1. Just out of curiosity, how far can I go before it is considered AOGM? Can you clarify a subjective limit for me? Many thanks.