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  1. Click

    DayZ BSOD and Lawsuit

    Dad's a crime/housing lawyer but deals with a lot of cyber crime cases these days. Asked him about this and it is virtually pointless to even consider a lawsuit for this specific issue. Since you are using the game knowingly understanding that it is in its alpha/beta stage, this complicates the process. Also, with some files being modded per server, technically if the issues are being caused server-side, the action lawsuit should be filed against the server-owners themselves, not against Bohemia. so effectively, Even if you could bring evidence showing that the stable patch actually destroyed the computers themselves, Bohemia could simply push responsibility on to you or the server providers since the players chose to play on their unfinished game, chose to use their expensive computers to run this. This message specifically fucks up your hypothesized lawsuit the most.
  2. Click

    Development Blog #1

    Where are my 783 new assault rifles? Jokes aside, I love the work. Hope its all going good and everything is alright, man. I'll say now, University studying is a priority. We appreciate the help here of course but keep yourself stable. 7 hours sleep, eat regularly etc. Regulate sleep, study first, projects whatever, Then do your work here.
  3. Click

    Discussion Zone (Settlements)

    I want aquatic settlements. Military boats. Do that for me and I will love you.
  4. Click

    Some Rule suggestions.

    No. What you're asking can easily be exploited and distorted. I think this is an awful idea that wouldn't even be prefaced by the main body of the community let alone the staff. You really need to work on your writing skills as well by the way.
  5. Click

    Some Rule suggestions.

    What the hell? Son, you really need to clear that mess of a paragraph up. Are you talking about rule ambiguity or censorship?
  6. Click

    Base Building Suggestion with Staff

    Yes please.
  7. Click

    Classic Names & Descriptions mod

    I liked the old names. I want this +1
  8. Click

    Initial fear of players

    Yes, I'm assuming that the two are mutually exclusive for the majority. Purely from my experience not from any attentive discrimination.
  9. Click

    Could we rely only on IG radios for IG communication.

    Oh fucking god no. Never. This post always comes up every so month or so and it's always the same. OP: "hey guys! Let's drop teamspeak and discord so we can really immerse ourselves in the roleplay and only use in game radios! It'll be super fun!" Community: "we like our OOC communication so no thank you". I think what you fail to understand is a lot of the community have made friends OOC through the teamspeak and discord. The game is a game, it's where we go to act, but we also need a place to speak normally without our Ig personality. It's why most of us stay. So no. Not even with modding support.
  10. Click

    Initial fear of players

    Getting attached is setting yourself up for failure. Its a dangerous path to follow. There are thousands of cases here of community members breaking the rules purely to be selfish salty little children who don't want to lose their nice shiny ak. Just don't. You don't need things. You need your voice and a personality here, that's it. My advice is look for roleplayers. They are pretty easy to distinguish over the bandit groups.
  11. Click

    Dealing with Depression

    I spend most of my time in my own head thinking up shit and making sense of myself. Most of the time I'm fine, occasionally the gf makes a big ol' fight and I have to own up to shit I didn't do. Whatever. But I've had moments of lapse more times than I should have. Times where I wanted to end it all because there was no way out. Walk into a car or jump off a cliff. Since coming to the US I've been to a shooting range once, had an extensential crisis almost blew my brains out with a .22 there and then. I hate feeling trapped. My girlfriend makes me feel trapped. University makes me feel trapped. My parents make me feel trapped. Sometimes I really lose my fucking mind. But I just move on. So the way I survive is by telling myself "I can't give up". There's nothing simpler. Giving up to me is admitting to failure. And I am no failure.
  12. Click

    New currency

    Trade efficiently* I have fourteen-hundred pages of book explaining why bartering fails as a trading method if you want?
  13. Click

    New currency

    That's not a currency, that's a bilateral trade agreement. Either way, until a defined currency is created, there wi be no way to trade in this game
  14. Click

    US server?

    Ping doesn't do too much to gameplay but I see where you are coming from. Not a priority.
  15. Click

    Suggestions for the Campfire Collection

    Object's name: boat Reference picture: Reason for it to be added/usage: for boat things and also as a static loot spawn. Which randomly floats. So you could say a, portable loot spawn