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  1. Student here Preferred Nickname: King Age: 20 Country: USA but I'm a UK transfer, I come back in May. Roleplay Experience: 2 years of solid gameplay, played basically every available type of character, some more than others. Noticeable Bans or Warnings: Currently on final warning and I have a permanent place on the 'scoreboard of shame' or whatever its called. Somewhere around 100 warning points, that's not even counting the old forums I think What is it that you wish to learn: I don't want to learn anything. Well maybe, you never know. I just want to get back into roleplay I guess. I miss it. I don't know how that will work with a 24/7 girlfriend and my studies, but hell, I'll fit it around somehow. If anyone wants to roleplay with me, feel free to pm me.
  2. Click


    Don't know anything about that American shit. My partner introduced me to red bull snuff, which is tabacco you take like a line of coke. Great stuff. Keeps you wide awake
  3. Is this dayzrp escape from tarkov edition now? Loving the updates.
  4. I mean.. It's just a different time. In the last few years, hostileRP has grown and manifested itself so far in the community that it has become a core mechanic in the natural laws of DayZRP. For newer players, I can confidently say the hate comes from gearRP. Believe me, listening to old videos with me complaining in TS about the gear I had just lost pains me to hear. But for the more veteran RP's from all reaches of the server, the problem more lies in discrimination and stereotyping. Something that is incredibly hard to fix.
  5. -User has been warned for this post-
  6. *coughs* I think you've literally banned me for that specific reason lol *coughs* These are rules that bind the community, making significant changes without direct notice and a significant amount of reform is pointless and unnecessary. People hate change. It would be a mistake to even consider this.
  7. Yes, do you? The rule can fit a virtually infinite number of situations, but clearly states its boundaries.
  8. Click

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

    I thought flaming wasn't allowed, regardless of rank? Just play nice for Gods sake. You seriously going to bring shit into this thread?
  9. I refer to its ambiguity in how the rule is very clearly interpreted. It simply says any form of hostile action must leave a half an hour grace period for all combatants. This is ambiguous and pretty clear. I don't know what you're getting at here?
  10. Click


    I love you too, guy.
  11. Reforms occur when a system is clearly not working. If the rule works, it should remain how it is. To me, the rule seems concise and ambiguous as it is designed to be. This allows the staff to easily make a judgement based on opinion freed from needless complication. This is common in law.
  12. No, this seems like nitpicking. Did you get bored and decide to look for mistakes in the rules?
  13. Click

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

    I thought this was an rp server
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