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  1. Click

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    I mean.. It's just a different time. In the last few years, hostileRP has grown and manifested itself so far in the community that it has become a core mechanic in the natural laws of DayZRP. For newer players, I can confidently say the hate comes from gearRP. Believe me, listening to old videos with me complaining in TS about the gear I had just lost pains me to hear. But for the more veteran RP's from all reaches of the server, the problem more lies in discrimination and stereotyping. Something that is incredibly hard to fix.
  2. Click


    -User has been warned for this post-
  3. Click

    Proposed change to the wording of rule 4.6 (CL)

    what, this is the now enforced? What? What??
  4. Click

    Proposed change to the wording of rule 4.6 (CL)

    *coughs* I think you've literally banned me for that specific reason lol *coughs* These are rules that bind the community, making significant changes without direct notice and a significant amount of reform is pointless and unnecessary. People hate change. It would be a mistake to even consider this.
  5. Click

    Proposed change to the wording of rule 4.6 (CL)

    Yes, do you? The rule can fit a virtually infinite number of situations, but clearly states its boundaries.
  6. Click

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

    I thought flaming wasn't allowed, regardless of rank? Just play nice for Gods sake. You seriously going to bring shit into this thread?
  7. Click

    Proposed change to the wording of rule 4.6 (CL)

    I refer to its ambiguity in how the rule is very clearly interpreted. It simply says any form of hostile action must leave a half an hour grace period for all combatants. This is ambiguous and pretty clear. I don't know what you're getting at here?
  8. Click


    I love you too, guy.
  9. Click

    Proposed change to the wording of rule 4.6 (CL)

    Reforms occur when a system is clearly not working. If the rule works, it should remain how it is. To me, the rule seems concise and ambiguous as it is designed to be. This allows the staff to easily make a judgement based on opinion freed from needless complication. This is common in law.
  10. Click

    Proposed change to the wording of rule 4.6 (CL)

    No, this seems like nitpicking. Did you get bored and decide to look for mistakes in the rules?
  11. Click

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

    I thought this was an rp server
  12. Click

    does DayZRP have a controlled or a liberal authority?

  13. Click

    does DayZRP have a controlled or a liberal authority?

    I appreciate this being admitted, I like the clarity. I also admit, of course in cases you consider ultimately taboo in the nature of DayZRP you may wish to remove the Accusee due to the outright upheaval of the civil rulings you have. Nor am I accusing any of your staff being of discriminating against the applicability of peaceful resolutions or exploiting the loose set of rules available. As from what I can see in most cases in my opinion, after a period of time people do forget their "salt" and eventually come to a peaceful resolution. I feel as though instead of our current system, tension should naturally diminish with the exacerbation of staff discussing and promoting the idea of a peaceful resolution rather than leaving the situation at a "be all and end all" when they post their final verdicts. I would even go as far as to say I believe that the Accuser should even have the right to choose whether the accusee should be punished or not. An element from the Economist's "free market" has a liberalizing element in what I'm trying trying to explain. @OskuRP No and yes. You see, I like pushing the boundaries. Yet in my external roleplay with most bandit groups, I always remain lawful, I stick behind the community rules, sitting behind the hours of mindless, boring trashy robberies one after the other; I never complain since the RP is generally just barely passable to meet the requirements of the community, so normally I'm the one just handing over my guns just to make it quick; From when I last played at least a week or so ago. Don't think much has changed since then. So I like to mix things up! I like to push people I internally RP with and show its okay to go beyond the rules because its liberating. To clarify, I don't mean abusing the rules for the sake of abusing rules but to go beyond the rules in the sake of Roleplay. Some examples I can include is the sexual abuse I performed in rp months ago which definitely went to the limits of the rules here, while people were uncomfortable (which was the point), nobody could tell me my roleplay was bad because I performed the role well. Since me and the other party had agreed to it in the first place, other than the forum drama it was absolutely fine. Another example is the countless times I've killed other roleplayers for the RP in the same way that they have killed me. No reports or salt, we had simply just roleplayed the death out as if it was normal in the most mature manner possible. Honestly, I understand the ambiguity of the rules and I appreciate that. I just want to know how far I can go with them before I start my next character. I'm worried with your current staff, the next time I "push the boundaries" I could get banned for it, potentially permanently.
  14. Click

    does DayZRP have a controlled or a liberal authority?

    Thank you for the first two answers, they just refine what I needed. I appreciate it Well, are you sure that control is the right method to implement here? What I don't understand is why the staff need to be so strict about cases in which verdicts which are already plausibly solved bilaterally between the reporter and the reported. I've been in plenty of cases in which informal resolutions were made without any staff involvement, surely a reported verdict should reciprocate the same affect unless there is no perceived intention to find a peaceful means of resolving the situation? I think it would be more interesting to see you staff promoting peaceful gestures of resolution to reduce the level of out-of-character conflicts in the community. Please refrain from posting unnecessarily. Thank you.
  15. Click

    does DayZRP have a controlled or a liberal authority?

    No I wasn't asking that at all. In fact, none of your answers answer any of my questions regardless. I am asking for a community discussion, since many of the regular forum posters here are ex-staff or are staff themselves. Thank you for your input.