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    Daaaaang that guy with the grey backpack right in front there looks pretty cool
  2. Joseph Edwin Ledger, born in Baltimore, MD. As an only child, Joe never wanted to be anything special, just someone who led a happy life some day. The only notable thing of his childhood, was it is where he began his love and passion of martial arts. Joe trained throughout his childhood years, and became extremely skilled and was always top of his class. However his life changed during his freshman year of high school, when he met his first love, Helen. She was everything to him, and they dated through high school. But things changed during their second year of college. As Joe and Helen walked home after a long night at a friends party, both slightly drunk, two men blindsided Joe, knocking him to the ground. Joe stumbled to his feet, trying to yell for Helen to get behind him, but it was too late, one of the men had her by the hair dragging her down an alley next to where they were walking. And before Joe knew it the other man was throwing another punch at him, hitting him directly in his left temple, knocking him out cold. When Joe came to, they were all in the dark alley way, and all Joe could hear was the screams of his love, Helen. He looked up to see the men violating her right in front of him, filled with unfathomable rage, Joe attempted to get to his feet,but a shooting and immense pain shot up his right leg, realizing it was broken, Joe fought through the pain, tackling the nearest of the two men, unleashing his rage on him beating him. The other man had to rip Joe off off his accomplice, and throw him back towards the wall of the alley, but Joe's rage had bubbled to its end, and Joe recoiled immediately, and he lunged at the man, grabbing him by the throat, and smashing him against the wall. Even through all of this, Joe could hear Helen's sobs and whimpers as she lay near the other end of the alleyway. This only made Joe get angrier, and he took it all out on the man whose throat was in his hands. The man struggled to break free, but Joe's grasp was too strong, and Joe squeezed until every last bit of life left the other man. finally with a gurgling snap, the man fell to the ground dead. The other man having been knocked out cold, Joe staggered and limped to Helen's side. Collapsing to the ground next to her, his energy spent, and the adrenaline rush fading, Joe used his last bit of strength to dial 911 on Helen's phone, but blacked out before police arrived. Years later the incident still haunted both Helen and Joe's lives. Helen became suicidal, with many attempts to take her own life, before finally succeeding when Joe was only 30. This broke Joe for a long time, and sent him into a pit of despair, Joe needed help badly. After months of seeing a shrink, and getting his life and metal health back together, Joe's therapist suggested a recruiter he knew personally, and wrote him a letter of recommendation. Joe joined the army at the age of 33, and quickly rose through its ranks, becoming top of his class, just as he did as a child in his martial arts classes. Joe was made a Ranger, and was given special training. However, Joe never saw active duty, instead after becoming an Army Ranger Joe left the military, and became a Baltimore police officer and detective, later joining the special task force and spending many years on the job. But once again this all changed when 3 men in clean black suites stopped Joe outside his favorite coffee shop, flashing him FBI badges, and requesting him to come with them. They brought him to a facility on the outskirts of the less populated area of MD, where Joe was drafted into a newly formed government group known as the DMS, which stood for Department Of Military Sciences. Joe tried to explain he wasn't military as he never saw active combat, and he wasn't a fit for this group. However the head of the DMS, quickly explained of the DMS's goals, and there current threat, a terrorist group based out of the middle east who had developed an extremely dangerous bio weapon. A plague that caused the dead to reanimate. Joe didn't believe them at first, not until he saw one of these reanimated for himself. The DMS asked Joe to lead a covert team of special op soldiers, likes of who come from the SEALS, Army Rangers, all the way to Delta Force members. Joe reluctantly accepted the offer, seeing no other real choice in the matter, and was instantly promoted to the rank of Captain. Joe began many many months and years of special ops training, carrying out many raids against this terrorist group. This eventually landed him, somehow, in the wilderness of the country of Chernarus, where he would be stranded after a strain of the plague would wipe out most of the country. Joe now survives day to day by himself, having lost his team long ago, only surviving due to his rigorous training. Joe didnt know his true mission anymore, what did he fight for? Why did he keep going? having lived mostly in the northern area of Chernarus, where the infection was less concentrated, Joe finnally decided to seek out other survivors, and began to make his way south, where hed heard that there were more likely to be other survivors. And that is where our story begins, the story of Captain Joe Ledger.
  3. From a young age of Tony Alfonsi always wanted to be a cowboy. His family ran a strong and rich crime business through the streets of Queens, NY. As a child, Tony would sit for hours at a time watching old westerns with his grandfather, who he grew close to. This only fueled his desire to be a cowboy more and more. His grandfather when he learned of his love, would shower him in all the best cowboy goodies, from pop guns, to authentic leather hats, which Tony would wear everywhere. As he grew older, Tony was introduced to the family business, and learned his grandfather was at the top of command. Being so close to his grandfather, tony never left his side, including in the many private meetings that his grandfather went to daily. For his 18th birthday, tony's grandfather gifted him the thing that finally made him a true cowboy, a six shooter revolver. This was no ordinary revolver however, it was specifically made for Tony. Custom fitted to his hand, and engraved with dark silver furnishing. Topped off with a beautiful engraving of a few Italian words, which when translated read to, "The Italian Six Shooter". With this gift, tony was officially part of the family business, and would begin doing work with them fully. Tony realized what he was part of was not a clean line of work, and knew it would change him. But he embraced his life of crime. and quickly became a deadly shooter and personal body guard to the family head, his grandfather. He also would become known for his international work as a smuggler, bounty hunter, and hit-man, often referred to as The Italian Six Shooter, or The Mob Cowboy. Tony did this work for many years, and watched his family become the strongest mob of New York. When he was 25, Tony was doing what he usually did on any other Friday afternoon, watched westerns with his grandfather, who had become old and senile due to age. As tony was told, the family would be up to him to run soon, when his grandfather passes. Being the most able man for the job of The Head. This however would come sooner then anyone had predicted. As on this Friday afternoon, while preparing a meal in the kitchen for his grandfather, another close guard in the family betrayed the Alfonsi's and carried out a hit on tony's grandfather. This shattered the family, causing many to no longer trust one another, many family members murdered each other our of pure fear for their own safety. Tony being one of the three people to be there for his grandfathers death, and the only surviving member, was singled out ans suspected of betrayal. Seeking to prove his innocence and rebuild his family's name, tony traveled off in search of the crime boss who ordered the hit on his grandfather and ultimately destroyed his family name. This is what brought Tony to Chernaurus, where he would be caught in a freak virus outbreak that cause the government to collapse and law to die with it. Seeing this as an opportunity to easily carry out his search, Tony thrived in the lawless lands of Chernaurus, and quickly became accustomed to this new life of survival. Still though, he had his goal, find the man who destroyed his family, and get his revenge.
  4. Doug Christon was a hard working american miner, who had just been accepted into a new job in the Chernarous area. He was extremely excited to start his new life in a new country, and he grew accustomed to his new life at the mines quickly and made friends with many of the other workers including the mines lead director, Anton Davis. Doug thought that Anton was an amazing inspiring leader, who made Doug feel his dreams could be reality. Doug couldn't be happier with his life, until the mine was closed with more then half the team inside. Including Doug. The months that followed were a literal living hell. Food became and issue soon after the mines were sealed. Then, food was no longer and issue. Doug slowly forgot, who Doug was. Slowly fading into insanity, and loosing any kind of humanity he had. Anton tried to make some kind of order, something to keep them from killing each other. The Bucket was born. Doug took to The Bucket's side. He served him, and did his every beckon and will. When the explorer unsealed the vault, and set free The Horde. Doug became The Gimp, and never left The Buckets side.
  5. Dubstep212

    Broken [IG Recruitment]

    @Spartan If possible please change ownership back over to @Gallo Thank you.
  6. Dubstep212

    S1: RDM in Lopatino - 15th June - 22:00 GMT

    I will say that the fight i had with Stann happened COMPLETE opposite side from where Mexis claims he saw him enter it happened on the Vybor side of town off towards Lopp Castle so hopefully that helps clear things up.
  7. Dubstep212

    S1: RDM in Lopatino - 15th June - 22:00 GMT

    The firefight between stann noah and myself happened before he was killed in lopp i had initiated on stann after following him out of town i gave chase for a while, lost sight and then later as i was moving back towards lopp and to regroup with noah i was killed. I see nothing wrong with what happened here seeing as it was Stann who killed me and he did have kill rights so let me know if theres anything more i can say.
  8. I had subscribed for the $25 a month for premium. And i had cancled it multiple months ago and it hadnt billed me at all past couple months but just now all of a sudden i was billed $25 when i went to my account it still said the subscription had expired and would charge me. So idk what to do here.
  9. Dubstep212

    The Nigerians (part 1)

    Jealous of that FAL
  10. Jesus this pc costs more then my life...... also what a dope ass guy for doing this like seriously Merry Christmas my dudes!!!!
  11. Well anything i can do to help work out those kinda things please let me know im eager to get into this community a bit more Thank you for your response @Rolle
  12. Nope i havnt even purchased the game on said second account still on my one and only character. Thank you for your response, and i will not go on with this.
  13. @Rolle I was wondering i have 2 different steam accounts that i play on regularly one is the account i use for DayZ and the other i was planning on buying dayz for. If i were to do so would it be possible to be whitlisted on that account as well so i can play different characters and not have to use the same inventory. So for example, im playing as my Vengeance character who requires a certain clothing style, but i have other characters i want to play on like my Vincent character. SO is it possible? Hope what im saying makes sense.
  14. Not much is known about The Vengeance, he supposed to be dead. But some classified military reports say he was part of a special forces unit in Tajikistan, tasked in taking out high value targets and gaining intel on a large drug crime ring that funded a large terrorist group. But what is not known by any official U.S military reports, is that Vengeance stumbled on darker secret behind his and his unit's presence in Tajikistan. A highly illegal plot created by U.S military commanders to launder money through the drug crime ring. When the U.S commanders learned of this, his entire unit was captured, fearing they may spread the word and ruin the plot, and were thought to be all executed. All but one individual who was able to shoot, stab, and kill their way free and escape. This man was The Vengeance who escaped into the Chernarus wilderness, on the run from U.S special forces, and radical terrorists groups. It was at this time he became what he is known as today, The Vengance. And killed anything that either the U.S or anyone else sent after him. For almost 3 months he moved through Chernarus, in hiding, till the outbreak began. Jack used his military training and skills to survive, but everyday still fearing that he is being hunted takes no chances. Where he is these days is unknown, but one thing is sure. He will have Vengeance on those who did him wrong, and will find the people who tried to kill him.
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