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  1. Images do not exist. definitely gonna be some good pictures i presume
  2. Superman

    Should Anarchy Be Official?

    I voted yes. but will be honest, I feel like this is just bullying a group for no reason. the posts on here that are aggressive and really un-needed are ridiculous... but yet no one cares! but honestly. approve them
  3. Superman

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    I understand you now How ironic.... that its always the one person that causes the issues am I wrong? I see no issues with this Group if im honest, There were way worse groups back in the day of 2013 - 2017 but nope. 2018 Means new things.... what bullshittery is that (Before anyone says anything I havent played since you moved to DayZ Standalone) I enjoy the forums more then anything else due to DayZSA being..... Unfinished.
  4. Everyone saying why not? I can be honest, It is entirely your own decision. If you want to play DayZ Roleplay this is the place. Decent Rules, Good Admins and good response times. You'll decide
  5. Superman

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Guys lets be honest here. The only groups you can talk shit about are my groups... @Roland Am I wrong? Not being here for this entire thing has been a blast. Watching video's of these guys definitely makes me appreciate what type of group they are. Reading some of this thread makes me also appreciate what DayZRP was.. This is a decent group that is run by someone that knows the rules. All this hate for why exactly someone please brief me because this is kind of.... Ridiculous
  6. Superman


    Just done a major update to my rig.now able to stream any gamewith that being said.I will be hosting 2 big giveaways one at 100 followers one at 150 followers Number one will be (100)2 copies of Counter Strike GO1 Copy of Player Unknown Battlegrounds Giveaway 2 (150)2x Battlefield 1 + Premium Pass1x Playerunknowns Battlegrounds Number 3 (500) Decided but not revealed
  7. Superman


    Probably pissed them all off, Although most people won't even know who I am as vanished for nearly 2 years Doing a giveaway at 150 followers (2 Copies of PUBG + 2 Copies of BF1 + Premium)
  8. Superman


    Completely updated. New GPU. Anyone have any experience in creating art?
  9. Superman


    Sorry for double post. If anyone is interested streaming some Friday The 13th with my Girlfriend! (Spawn set to Jason)
  10. Superman


    https://www.twitch.tv/thealphadogs09 Forgot to post the link lol, Don't think GTA will work as much as I hoped due to low gpu specs
  11. Superman


    Didn't know where to post, Got a terrible computer but trying anyway! Starting to stream games, Starting with Friday the 13th and now GTA 5. If you're interested hop on.
  12. Superman

    Computer giveaway

    My GTX 660 will definately beat that! No matter what gets thrown at it but lets be honest should go to someone deserving or less fortunate then us.
  13. Superman


    I hope not, maybe we can have community managers to. Dank meme. But hey what Rolle wants, Rolle gets
  14. Superman

    Whats happening?

    Drama Drama Drama biased stuff and more Drama pretty much sums it up
  15. At the state DayZ Standalone is in. I have to say I quite like it, I play it on a regular basis, Not specifically DayZRP but just regular DayZ SA. Yes there are many issue's with DayZSA, but wasn't there a tonne of issues with the mod to? When the mod first came out it was... aids as people would say, But after many months of work even a few years of work it's still extremely good. No one has really "Stop" working on DayZSA and I guess they'll continue there work. It's an amazing game at the state it is in, Theres problems yes, There is problems with every game that comes out. People expect games to be done in a day... Impossible