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  1. Good idea yes, i dont play but showing you actually keep an eye on everything may change the outcome of all NLR rule breaks its just gear boys who actually cares Now we wait for someone to spawn in after dieing to a glitch, getting atleast 1000m away and running 1000m circles around said area
  2. Good Luck, Did you decide not to usr anything i sent you on discord??
  3. IGN: Jacob Shelby Country: United Kingdom English skills: Top Notch If I would say so myself DayZ Mod Experience: 2000+ Hours in DayZ Mod (Arma 2) (Arma 3 1200+ hours) DayZ Standalone Experience: On and off for around 200 Hours Roleplaying Experience: Moving from Altis, DayZ, Anzus and Real Life RP - 10+ Years What kind of In Game role best describes you: Preacher, Unknown and Unstable Characters, With aspects of not wanting to use guns and then wanting to use guns Have you been in any clan/group previously: Raven Shield Corporation [RSM] Additional notes: Best way to contact you: Discord or PM - TheAlphaDogs#5211 Backstory: Can be found https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-12473/
  4. Fair enough. I would say give it a week and then I would say yes it would be a good idea (Personal thought) Once I get my account back I will deffo play
  5. I mean once I get my account back from 2013 Then maybe I will play and maybe then... the server wont be online because lack of players again >.<
  6. Who needs friends when you have money, drink and a pool table
  7. I love spawning in the middle of a forest, gives me a sense of.... Survival and needing to find civilization fast or you could die
  8. Old whitelist is the best whitelist. Better results and kinda hard, maybe add a few more things onto it though. But yeah I agree
  9. I was once told religious characters are crazy... so i made one 🤣

  10. Reading this gives me memories of all the bans that were done because of shit through third-party applications. Saying that, personally its all based on internet safety and security. This is a community, they basically run as a business, anything that could be an issue for a member outside of the community... could be brought here. As a member of staff they have a right to protect the members of the community even if its through Third Party, OOC specifically, its cyber-bullying persay and since DayZRP would've known about such things and not done anything about it and then something happened. All hell could rain down on DayZRP as much as the person responsible. My view on it really is, They have a responsibility and they are forfilling that responsibility perfectly. Protecting members of the community is key. AFTER LOOKING I NOTICED THERE WERE 2 PAGES !! RIP ME. Good'ol Mobile Phones.
  11. I want to create a group like most, I know i need to get more activity ingame but thats not the question. My question is my characters backstory is technically the creation of my character and the group, am I allowed to elaborate alittle more about what the group is and use my character story as a group story?
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