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  1. Rabbit_Raider

    Campfire Collection Version 1.

    Noice! Would be nice to see them
  2. Rabbit_Raider

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    9/10 No one knows me..
  3. Rabbit_Raider

    DayZ mod tonight

    Is this the basic DayZ Mod or any other things added to it?
  4. Rabbit_Raider


    I thought there already was one
  5. Rabbit_Raider

    favorite initiation lines?

    Weapon your drops...
  6. Rabbit_Raider

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    Very nice! Pewds 7/10
  7. Rabbit_Raider

    Arma 3 Exile

    Desolation - Easy to develop, easier to deal with Exile - Everything else. Could give it a try. Coming from someone that has done both, Exile is harder to deal with but always better then Desolation in every way
  8. Rabbit_Raider

    Remove building restrictions

    Sounds good but I voted nay by accident Looking like im the only one voting No because of that reason. Voted Yay
  9. Rabbit_Raider

    Christmas Themed Website

    That is one.... Sexy theme
  10. Rabbit_Raider

    Christmas Themed Website

  11. Rabbit_Raider

    Raven Shield, Chapter one: Enter or Leave

    Reading this and thinking.... Insane need some more chapters
  12. Rabbit_Raider

    Returning... I guess?

    Only bragging about being the first 30 day group ban The groups were idiotic, there was only 1 i could have made great but failed
  13. Rabbit_Raider

    Add targets to military collection ...

    Ofcpurse this should be in it. Make them buildable....
  14. Rabbit_Raider

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    PIXELLLL 2/10
  15. Rabbit_Raider

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    Not a fan of the song. Nice gif 5/10