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  1. Hey all! The time's come to post a leaving thread, my PC has finally bit the dust, permanently. Unfortunately I don't have the money to purchase a new PC or anything like that right now and I've got some things going on irl anyway so it's high time I take a break I suppose. Thanks to all the people who I've become friends with OOC'ly and all the people I've RP'ed with. It's been a good, albeit, short run. Until next time!
  2. XxLoneWolfzZ

    The Dollars [Open Recruitment]

    Good luck, CJ!
  3. *Bryan bursts out laughing as he hears the broadcast. He presses the PTT* 100% success rate?! If that's the case, then why haven't you captured me and the Don yet? *He chuckles* I mean, we've already picked up a couple of your people... Ehh maybe Bobby should think about recruiting us instead.. You know what they say; if you can't beat 'em, join them. *He laughs loudly and the transmission ends.*
  4. *Bryan laughs as he hears the response, he presses the PTT* Pretending to be some sort of mafia? That's cute. Aye wait there bud 'till I give a few of my "Capos" a ring. *He chuckles* You claim not to be scared, despite this, the two guys from your little "expedition" I captured seemed terrified of me; and I didn't even lay a finger on the first one... *He laughs* You tried, and failed to capture some of our guys while we've already gotten two of yours and gunned down a few more so in my opinion, you haven't earned the right to swing your dick around over the radio. That doctor bitch, Hope, tried the same thing over the radio without doing any real damage and I fucking brutalised two of her docs afterwards. Just telling you that so you have an idea of what happens to motherfuckers that talk shit over the radio... *He smiles, remembering how he captured Mandell and Yuri* Anyway, I look forward to meeting more of your people. *Static*
  5. *Bryan chuckles before lifting up his radio. He groans in pain from the gunshot wounds before pushing the PTT* Ehh... Own the South ey? Big boys huh... *He coughs* Look... Maybe you gatted a couple of us yesterday but as far as I'm concerned we've done more damage to you than you've done to us... It's time to step up your fucking game. *He chuckles before releasing the PTT*
  6. Enjoyed the RP today with Siorre, ToeZ, Innkinn, FailingFriendly, and the guy we took hostage from Black Fox Expedition.
  7. XxLoneWolfzZ

    Any Town Folk of Kamenka left? (Open Frequency)

    *Bryan listens to the transmission as he is walking through the woods. He sits by a tree and presses the PTT to respond.* Coldwater fucked off ey? Shame, had a good time with the two I met... I was looking forward to meeting more.. *He chuckles and the transmission fills with static.*
  8. XxLoneWolfzZ

    Camp Indigo [Open]

    -snip- *Bryan sits atop the roof of the school in Cherno and listens to the transmissions carefully, he picks up his radio to respond.* We will chat. *Static*
  9. Enjoyed the hostage RP with Lemons, Demaabd and the guy Hawk from the Black Fox Expedition.
  10. XxLoneWolfzZ

    Coldwater [Open Recruitment] [Active]

    Eyy Looking forward to seeing you fellows again down south;)
  11. Enjoyed the internal RP today with Prometheus, meeting JAMMIELAD again and the brief encounter with the two guys who were looking for Bryan O'Neill and the Don. Fun day.
  12. *As he is looking over the city from the roof of the school he hears Fox's transmission, he sighs before picking up his radio to respond.* Ehh... I've heard some things myself. Thought some guys from up north got him.. I don't know about any of my guys getting him, I was by myself most of yesterday though. *He stares deeply into space before continuing.* CJ and I had some history, I'd be sad to see him go but then again he chopped off one of my friend's hands so I guess he got what was coming to him if he was iced.... *You'd hear him lighting a cigarette before he continues.* Also, I smoothed things over with Danny. We've got an agreement now that'll ensure no future conflict between us. Stay safe, Fox. *He releases the PTT, puts away his radio and looks over to the spot where CJ was blown up.*
  13. -snip- Hopefully... I'm looking forward to the future of the group, it's already been a lot of fun!
  14. Thread looks nice, look forward to more RP with you guys in the future
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