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  1. To Aleksander Orlov, Viktor Mikhailvich & Olga. Goodbye and take care comrades. It was an absolute pleasure fighting along side you all and I hope to see you all again sometime in the future. "Прощайте товарищи" //Sad to see you all go. as this game, mod and NRF/SVR made you my good friends. but I wish you all good luck in the future lads. P.s Don't forget the Red Berets we will be keeping in touch and up holding the law.
  2. Mine isn't too major but I had Tonsillitis a few weeks ago and that is a killer! Eating, Drinking, Swallowing, Talking HURTS like a bitch, Luckily it only lasted just over a week so I didn't have to have my Tonsils out or anything
  3. The Chief signing off for now.

    o7 Take care Wunsleh.
  4. Software to make signatures etc

    I'll check them out too, thanks Misty
  5. Phone recommendations.

    My mum has the windows phone and it's fairly good for the price that's my opinion.. but you should check reviews and such on youtube that would give you a better idea
  6. Rubble rendering in problems....

    It happens to me now and then, and it can be fairly annoying but it's Arma! Luckily I have never died from this though
  7. What do you drink while playing games.

    Vodka. //Water usually
  8. o7 RSM, Sad to see another great clan perish.