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  1. riku


    Sup, Its probably been like 3 years since I've played, but I'm back to finally play again ?
  2. Zhorah was a University student from Korean that came to Chernarus on a school trip to view the wildlife and plant life. He left his girlfriend Mia as well as his family in Korea when he decided to go. He left for his trip into the wildlife in a perfectly normal Chernarus. When he finally returned to civilization he realized that there was no way back to Korea, the only thing he could do was to try and survive. He has mainly stay out in the woods near the Solnichy Factory living off the little food he can find. When he gets low on resources he makes daring runs into the nearby cities at night. Zhorah avoids all contact with people, and is even quite scared to talk to anyone. He feels the only way to survive this hell is to endure it by himself. Zhorah believes people will steal from him or sell him as a slave. He recently injured himself running from a group of people. He tripped and fell over a log leaving his leg punctured by a branch. The only thing that keeps him going is the picture of Mia he keeps in a necklace, and the thought that he'll see her again.
  3. wow i dont know any of u thats wild
  4. wow i havent been here in awhile
  5. we can join up and have some QUALITY role play!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hello Christopher✿✿ Hello Mason✿✿
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