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  1. Can this be resolved so I know whether I can continue playing or not please?
  2. I just reached the Myshkino tents and I looted a couple until I walked into one where a player was sitting there. He wasn't moving but then I realized they were spawning in so I waited as I generally welcome player interaction. This is the main reason I play these servers as there is no killing on sight. So when they spawned in they weren't speaking but they didn't bother typing either which made me suspicious. I was pondering whether they were using Team speak to contact friends to ambush me or something but I continued to talk, asking the general questions, whether they needed food or anything to try and initiate some form of communication but still nothing. I then moved back and forth but they were kept turning to directly face which made me think they were lining up an easy shot. So I said bye and backed up and I could see them quickly looking at me from behind one of the tents. I then saw him flank around the edge of the base but he was chased by a zombie so I waited behind cover. I could then see that he stopped and was clearly looking for something or speaking to someone so I took my shot while I had the chance.. Doesn't sound very intense but it's always more so when you're in game and you've spent 3 hours looting prior to the situation. And I didn't kill on sight which is what the report was for? Some may say I was being overly cautious but I don't take risks anymore.
  3. No I did shoot the other player but I know from the rules that you gain kill rights if you feel at risk right? Do you want me to explain the situation from my POV? After many hours of dayz, I've learnt to be very cautious. I played for about 3 hours today and I wasn't going to take any chances.
  4. I happened to walk into the tent when you were spawning in, if I wanted to kill you I would have done it then while you wouldn't have known who it was? Therefore, I didn't kill on sight!
  5. Thanks guys, I'll keep that stuff in mind. I've never had many issues with my internet and my ping is generally low. In future, I'll try switching servers!
  6. Sometimes I'll just be running along in the wilderness, minding my own business and I get massive lag where I teleport backwards a few minutes. Does this have anything to do with internet speed or video settings? If anyone knows of any way to fix this sort of issue, any suggestions would be much appreciated as it can be very annoying!! Thanks -Cloudjumper
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