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  1. Brickity

    10x Hall of Fame giveaway

    Oh yes! I like free things!
  2. Brickity

    Make DayZRP great again

    In regards to points 1 and 3, since I no longer can gain kos rights from being in a dynamic but from only being a group, would I gain kos rights from being in the same 'starting faction' as whoever I am grouped up with?
  3. Brickity

    Add an appropriate addendum to a report verdict that has been successfully appealed

    I'm all for anything that makes the solved reports area legible and easily accessible for those wanting a better understanding of the rules and the interpretations of them in various situations. I also made a suggestion a long time back, where 'solved' reports that had no verdict should be cast out in to their own sub-forum, however this never gained any traction. The solved reports section should be easily available and accessible for learning and understanding the rules, not just a punishment area.
  4. Brickity

    This Community #NotAll

    This is already a 'thing'.
  5. Brickity

    "Case by case" basis on the rules, and the problems from it

    No Value for Life (NVFL) is a great example of a rule that needs to be judged on a case-by-case bases every time. The rule itself states "Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters survival." which can often be open to interpretation. For the most part, the rule is to use your common sense, and judge whether the reasonable person would survive the situation. However there are so many factors and varying circumstances that can change people opinions. How many people were involved, was it 1v2/2v4/5v9, what guns did people have, did either side have back-up, how many people were out in the open and could be seen, how many guns were raised if any, where were people standing/did they have cover, etc. I can remember a report (probably wouldn't be able to find it) from a long way back, in which 6+ people initiated on a single person who fought back, died, but was still found not-guilty in the report for NVLF. This was because he proved with video evidence that he had been playing the whole session in 1st person, and only ever saw and heard 1 or 2 of the initiating team. Sure, we could try and have a rule-set that is black and white and covers every single situation so that the admin team could judge solely by the rules and be completely impartial, but we would have a very long page of rules. However, in saying all of this I do have one criticism. As the OP mentioned, our rules do follow a similar basis as real life law, where case law often sets a precedent, yet our reports that create these precedents are thrown into a single thread, with no organisation and mixed with reports that were closed without verdicts, never to be seen again. If I were to be reported for a potential rule break, but can remember a situation from reading a reports months ago, I would have a hard time finding this report and utilising it in my defense.
  6. Brickity

    Single player games.

    Fallout 2. My favourite game of all time. I recently re-played it yet again and highly enjoyed every moment of it. I have also finally got around to playing DragonAge Inquisition for the first time. Have found it entertaining so far.
  7. Brickity

    Putting 'real' danger back into the game

    How would that solve anything?
  8. Brickity

    No Man's Sky Today!

    I spent my first hour excitedly gathering resources to fix my spaceship to finally take off and explore the galaxy. Then I realised that to fly the ship, I press one button to accelerate, and another to land. Space stations don't even require the second button when docking. As someone who enjoys for example the complexities of flying a helicopter in Arma and the difficulties landing mid firefight, without auto-rotation etc, I found flying in No Mans Sky babied and boring. The hardest part of the game was crashing my ship on purpose.
  9. Brickity

    Report Rule Addition

    If the OP cannot change their accusations later in the report after receiving more information (whether that is based on logs or response from accused), then the OPs will over-accuse in their first post, in the hope that at least one of their accusations are correct. So we will start seeing report titles such as: S1 KOS, Possible CL, Possible RDM, Possible bad RP, possible something etc
  10. Brickity

    KOS squad

    This sentence sums up everything wrong with your suggestion. The point of this server is to role-play with each other. Not to try and kill each other.
  11. I don't see any point in this rule. The Admin team promotes the idea that opposing groups in a report discuss the situation between themselves and come to a mutual understanding. If you as the accused made a genuine mistake and are genuinely sorry, most of the time you can talk to the OP and they will forgive you and drop the report, negating any need for you to post any key evidence. If you as the accused broke the rules on purpose and/or are not sorry, then you aren't going to provide evidence against yourself either way.
  12. Will never happen. There is no reason to have rules that are unenforceable. The only way this could ever be enforced is to block all types of external communications, that being Skype, Steam messaging, Mumble etc. Then force everyone to only be in the DayZRP Teamspeak, then have an admin/moderator in every channel listening to what people are doing. Both impossible and impracticable.
  13. There is the possibility that the low population of us Aussies/Kiwis is be due to a lack of a local server.
  14. Oh shoot you're right, I read that entirely wrong. Ignore me.
  15. I think you meant 'would'.? Otherwise you contradicted yourself in the second sentence.