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  1. rabcu

    A bench... Beautifull..

    I love my finger on the right
  2. OMG it was amazing hahahaha I love this video so hard! Great job!
  3. Thank you! We need to play again!
  4. My Name is Jack Wolter. I am from Poland, 18 years old. I was raised in pathological family, mom and dad abused alcohol. Since I was a kid I had to work for everything by myself. From five years I'm catching myself casual jobs. There was always a lack of bread in home, because every money was spent on alcohol. A brand from a past left it's mark on me: sometimes I was agressive and sometimes I was shy. Parents terrorized me that if I tell somebody I'm walking hungry they're going to give me to child house. In school I was trying to give everything from me. I didn't wanted to be like my parents. I wanted to be someone. In school I didn't had many friends, I had only one to be honest that was Ryan. We were best friends, I could tell him everything and he'd understand, he accepted my every choice. I didn't want to live in Poland with my family so after my 18th birthday I went to get a driver license, I racked up money for it by myself, same with a cheap car. I passed exams for driver license at the first time. Someday I decided to run away, I told Ryan that I'm going at "vacations". I offered him to go with me. He agreed. Unfortunately we happened to be there at the wrong time and at the wrong time... Well, maybe I'll find the real family here... -Features Mark after wolf bite at the left arm Mark after bullet somewhere around left thigh
  5. rabcu

    ban appeal

    @Castiel I don't really remember that much, but I think there was a guy on the left, right and behind me. Back then I indeed belived I would get out of this situation alive. How? After killing one guy, my other friend would shoot guy behind me and on my left... then I would kill a guy on my right. I think I would get out of this alive... PS. Now I know it was stupid, and I wouldn't do that again...
  6. rabcu

    ban appeal

    http://old.dayzrp.com/t-S1-RDM-at-west-Sosnovka-26-07-2016-20- Me and my friend tried to hunt down a guy that just robbed us, meanwhile we got almost shotted... that's why my friend came up to Sam and told him that we're getting shot. After that we were pretty sure that was a guy that shotted us, he was wearing pretty much same clothes as the guy that robbed us + we were pretty angry after what happened before our death in previous life and my friend said it was him, so I wasn't thinking too long and I shot him. Then my friend got broken legs and etc... That's pretty much what happened. I still don't know if that's a guy, but it seems like it wasn't him. I'm sorry, we were sure it was him. http://old.dayzrp.com/t-S1-NVFL-SW-of-Sosnovka-26-07-2016-22-01 After what happened in previous report other people came up to us... we were frustrated because of robbery and RP we had before that (like I've said... in previous life) and they seemed like they knew this guy that we just killed so I was a bit scared and I knew if we tell them that we just killed this guy, we'll get killed. So I tried to kill them, and I got killed myself. After that I'm not gonna lie, I wanted to help my friend... he gave me information about where he is (not saying that he doesn't have a radio anymore or anything like it). So I tried to get some equipment and help him. I know that I've broke New Life Rule but I wasn't thinking about it back then. I'm sorry, and I'll be more than happy if you guys gave me 2nd chance. Also I didn't mean to RDM.
  7. rabcu

    ban appeal

    Then I am sorry, I couldn't find that. I want to admit, I did that. I was frustrated because of the RP that we did before (One life before) and I couldn't control myself. I also know it's been a long time but can I get a second chance? My last chance to redeem my trespasses. I promise my RP will be a lot better and I won't RMD, Metagame or anything like that ever again. I am so sorry.
  8. rabcu

    ban appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Report has been deleted, so I can't provide a link Why the verdict is not fair: it is fair Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was really busy and couldn't place my POV within the report, and I got banned. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I'd like to remove my ban from DayZRP server What could you have done better?: First off, I would place my POV but I was really busy at the moment... Report was placed a long time ago (I think it was in July). I didn't have time to put my POV, next time I will. Also I'd like to be given 2nd and last chance.
  9. Why did you mute at 2:10 ?
  10. I've met with Jay in a barracks on south of NWA a man, we talked to him and gave him a Scorpion with ammo, we asked does he need food or something else. Then we went to tents where we found him and3 other man. When we were leaving tents in Lopatino direction he walked to us and started talking, later when my friend wanted to give him more ammo (you can hear this in video) he stared shooting at us.
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