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  1. Matt

    Show some love <3

    SoonTM. Foreal doe, just waiting on beta.
  2. Dylan Vuk in his day job runs a travel blog online, the perfect cover up story for his true line of work. Dylan is secretly a underground doctor, patching up criminals and any other people to afraid to go to a real doctor. Being Croatian Dylan's job mainly brought him to slavic countries due to him understanding most of the languages. His most recent job brought him to Chernarus, more specifically the city of Elektro. He took in the sights of the city and the local wildlife and when the night would come he'd patch up the local gangsters who got shot up. It was fun and easy work for Dylan, and he was earning good cash for it. When the downfall came, Dylan wasn't so surprised, he'd always been the paranoid type of guy who would say this type of situation would one day come. And when it did come, he was prepared for it. With the infected walking around Dylan did not really know what to do anymore, survival for him was rather dull. And now that he was trapped in this shit hole of a country he was starting to get bored of the sights, he decided he would try and use his medical skills for his own benefit, and in a time where people are shooting eachother and getting beaten up on a daily basis. Dylan knew he could make some profit out of this.
  3. Have you heard about the High elves?
  4. You! The one and only boi! -Insert goat licking gif- Soon young hobbit.
  5. Dayz is almost in beta, need to check this out for the rp again, oui oui amigos.
  6. Matt

    Petition for the Meme thread

    Aye I want it back, sign me up.
  7. Matt

    Some may know me, Some might not. But I'm back, Bitches!

  8. That moment they said getting a draw would 've rare. So far got 2 losses, 1 win and 3 fucking draws. My placement is going awful.
  9. I'm starting to wonder if I am the only person who mains Ana. Like I swear she is underrated as hell.
  10. Eww. Who even are you? A very organized Matt who has to store 1gb of pug pictures in a folder
  11. So many people with messy desktops, need some folders to keep it organized.
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