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  1. My character was a smart but often lazy and unmotivated student throughout his life which led him to not live up to his potential in his formative years. This inevitably led him to enlist when the time for college came as he was left with no other options when it came to affording life after school. After doing a stint in the U.S. air-force as a maintainer he got out after his five year contract was up and struggled with returning to a rather more mundane life working as a mechanic for the Airlines. He spent most of his days working and nights drinking too much until his luck began to turn. During January of 2017, he won big on a scratch off that he played every Sunday with the slim hope of ever winning more than the price of a 6-pack and pack of smokes. So you can imagine that when he won this money he was ecstatic and decided rightly so to celebrate. After speaking with his longtime friend Eric, they decided to go on a summer trip throughout eastern Europe and the Balkans as they both had family ties in the region. This eventually led to a hunting expedition in the Chenarus region as they had heard a lot about the new tourism industry booming in the region and large amounts of deer in the country so they found a guide and thought they would try their luck. His luck held and sure enough they managed to bag a few on just the first week of their trek, but this luck wouldn't hold for long. The tensions in the country were high following the declaration of martial law in May but he nor his guide had fathomed the idea of the events that would transpire in July. By time news of the attacks reached them in the western provinces it as already too late to try to leave. They found all flights out of the country either cancelled or booked up for the next few days, and then the sickness came. Caleb and Eric took shelter in their guides cabin on the outskirts of Myshkino. They stayed there listening to news broadcast on the radio hoping to wait the entire event out, sadly that wasnt possible. After a little more than a week, their guide went out to check on the townsfolk and never returned. Paralyzed over what to do for fear of dissapearing themselves, they stayed put in that cabin for another week but they couldnt ignore the increasing moans outside and their own growls of hunger. Eventually they decided to head out and for a few days camped on their own, foraging and hunting for sustenance. Unfortunately they weren't the only ones hunting, a pack of wolves had tracked them since the cabin and one night they decided to make their move. Caleb survived the ordeal but in the confusion and darkness of the Forrest he lost his friend Eric and from that day on he searched for him throughout the back woods of chenarus, taking care to give the wolves what they had coming for all they took.
  2. ToastedMallow

    To the Men from Atlas [Private Frequency]

    *The radio crackles to life breaking the quiet solace of the forest. Caleb stumbles through his bag to grab the radio before the transmission ends. After contemplating a response for some time he pushes the PTT and begins speaking* Hey Ivan, sorry we haven't contacted you sooner. We've had....issues of late with some individuals you may be familiar with. Rest assured we are still working towards the goal. However, we have had to work…slower. We can discuss this matter more if you would like. I'll be listening. *Caleb releases the PTT and begins once more into the quiet darkness*
  3. ToastedMallow

    S2 BadRp Gear>Rp Around 4 am GMT

    Name: Caleb Podolski (Medic) Allies: R-Allen, Mazer, Nuggets303 POV: My team reported to me through comms they came upon a woman along the path to Kab. I joined them a few moments after they had tied her up as I fell back from the group beforehand. I entered the town and came upon the place they encountered her. It was there that I grabbed the AUG they left behind from her capture since I was the only one who had the ability (everyone double carries but me). I then joined them in the backyard of a building in northern Kab along the side of a dirt-road. Allen and Nug then proceeded to talk with her and search her for a radio. She provided them with the information that she indeed did have one but that she was not in contact with other people.After tying her up we searched her for other weapons to ensure our safety. We found an M1911, I believe, which we left her with and one bullet for the easy way out or in case of attack. We even provided her with peaches since she had no food and left her with all her other clothes and weapons. As we were preparing to leave two more gentlemen approached us along the dirt road from the north. This led to a tense moment as she tried to move them to act for her freedom and we tried to move them along quietly. After multiple verbal warnings and a final ultimatum or text and verbal chat we engaged. One of their guys and 3 of ours went down instantly. The other one of their group freed her and then they and I proceeded to engage in a gunfight and in the end I went down. PS: great gunfight guys, glad I got one of you. Also sorry I re-spawned I was unconscious for over 15 min so I figured I was glitched. Had I known you were trying to continue RP I would've waited. It was my biggest worry to end the RP that soon for y'all. Video: None unfortunately
  4. I have a bad feeling 3 is close to meeting 4 in the afterlife.
  5. Glad you guys got the group up, and congrats on the approval. You'll be seeing an app from me pretty soon.