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  1. Falcons Militia

    Thanks for the feedback gents. I'll tweak what I can. @Galaxy hope you still running as the g bracket.
  2. Falcons Militia

    @ThePoshFart for Enimies
  3. The Resistance [Open Frequency]

    *Having heard the last transmission Jacob decides to finally speak up instead of just eavesdropping on the conversation. Trying to put on a some sort of fake accent to hide his recognizable voice he holds the ptt and begins to speak* The United Nations are doing nothing but dividing this country further, your inability to take action is causing people more suffering and death. I have seen people lined up and shot, torn apart by gray skins, and disarmed by a military who has no right to do so all while being ordered to not get involved, to stand down and watch as peoples lives are torn apart. *Giving up on the fake accent he begins to speak normally* No more, its time to take action. While the world burns and this Disease or whatever the fuck it is spreads to our homes I am not going to be the one who stands and watches it all happen. I would rather give my life knowing I at least tried doing something to help these people. *brief pause and hesitation* Consider this my resignation from the U.N, Colonel, I'm going to help the people... Alpha bravo. *Jacob releases the ptt, stands up, and continues on his way.*
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      Have you tried opening your eyes? :ph34r:

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      Alls I see is darkness


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      Deep shit man

  4. [OLD] United Nation's media thread

    Its already happening!
  5. Fucking Mexican!

  6. Jacob Angello

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    Has he returned..? ;) 

  7. Lone Shark [Open Frequency]

    -User has been warned for this post-
  8. Akrasia

    Nice vids, keep up the stellar RP!
  9. For the "Court" (Open frequency)

    *Elijah picks up his radio and begins to broadcast* I hope next time you lot decide to come you bring more men. You know where I sleep? Good, make sure you drop a backpack full of 556 and 308 next to my pillow. Until that happens consider your silly little "court" enemies of the Angels. And as for your victory. If you consider killing innocent bystanders and traders who were visiting Heaven a win then congrats but I mean you have a lot more bodies to bury then us. Next time you come fill your bags up so we can make more of a profit eh? *Laughter can be heard as business resumes at Heaven. Elijah ponders why people can be so stupid but cant come to a conclusion and the radio goes silent*
  10. Tents for Heaven

    *Elijah picks up his radio and begins to broadcast* Whoever decided to borrow most of our tents when we were asleep make sure you bring them back in mint condition eh? But to any traders or scavengers in the area of green mountain listen up. The Angels are looking for tents, if you happen to find some bring them to Heaven and you will get a good deal on them. Stay safe out there. *The radio goes silent and Elijah resumes his daily routine of cursing the Akrasian name and making deals*
  11. Looking for allies

    *Elijah is standing in Heaven, surprised at how many people have come to trade. He takes his radio and begins to broadcast* Hello again Chernarus, this is Elijah, from the Angels. Now that Heaven is up and running we are looking for friends,allies, and people we can trust. If you're interested you can contact me on this freq or you can come to our home near green mountain. Oh and if you're one of those easily spooked and untrustworthy types, we can take this to a private frequency as well. We are looking to set up some trade routes, get our supplies out there so people can use them. And of course in due time, maybe even fight together. *Elijah stops the broadcast and sets his radio aside as a trader approaches him*
  12. Heaven is open

    *Elijah takes up his radio as laughter can be heard in the background* You people can rob anyone as you wish, just keep it outside our walls and we wont have no issue. This is just a gathering point for traders to sell the goods and hire mercs, attack it and the traders and all the good equipment they have disappear into the wind as they flee across the whole damn country, and then you just get to fight us which I guarantee will be pretty bloody. As for the one who stole our gear, wouldn't bother coming back, only thing you'll find is yourself full of holes, you lot took what five military tents full of pumpkins, cucumbers, and clothing? Bet you got a work out moving it all out of the tents *Elijah takes a sip from his cup and continues* and you did it when we weren't there, makes you look even stronger. *pause* Oh and to the Pagan, like always, go fuck yourself.