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  1. Frisks For Radio

    Operation Kopec - Lore Event [RP-PvP]

    slap me on the CDF side as a UN ally.
  2. Thanks for the feedback gents. I'll tweak what I can. @Galaxy hope you still running as the g bracket.
  3. *Having heard the last transmission Jacob decides to finally speak up instead of just eavesdropping on the conversation. Trying to put on a some sort of fake accent to hide his recognizable voice he holds the ptt and begins to speak* The United Nations are doing nothing but dividing this country further, your inability to take action is causing people more suffering and death. I have seen people lined up and shot, torn apart by gray skins, and disarmed by a military who has no right to do so all while being ordered to not get involved, to stand down and watch as peoples lives are torn apart. *Giving up on the fake accent he begins to speak normally* No more, its time to take action. While the world burns and this Disease or whatever the fuck it is spreads to our homes I am not going to be the one who stands and watches it all happen. I would rather give my life knowing I at least tried doing something to help these people. *brief pause and hesitation* Consider this my resignation from the U.N, Colonel, I'm going to help the people... Alpha bravo. *Jacob releases the ptt, stands up, and continues on his way.*
  4. Frisks For Radio

    still looking for you :(

    1. Gaylaxy


      Have you tried opening your eyes? :ph34r:

    2. Frisks For Radio

      Frisks For Radio

      Alls I see is darkness


      without you

    3. Gaylaxy


      Deep shit man

  5. Frisks For Radio

    [OLD] United Nation's media thread

    Its already happening!
  6. Son of Odin

    Fucking Mexican!

  7. Jacob was born in Detroit Michigan to two parents of Italian and Canadian descent. He went to public schools and lived in an average house and up until the age of ten his life was rather normal and free of stress. But around that time his father started to degenerate, his work schedule getting smaller, his free time more and more spent at the local bars. Nothing too noticeable yet. But when Jacob turned 13 his father was laid off. Things began to become considerably darker after that. His father spent more time in the bars, and when he did come home it was late, and Jacob would either be awoken by the sounds of screaming and yelling, or worse. The soft sobbing of his mother on the other side of the wall. Jacob knew his father was hitting his mother, he could see the bruises the next day, and whenever he raised his hand her mother would flinch. When he was drunk he was a menace, a thing to be avoided. Definitely not his father...but when he was sober, when he was himself, he was still his father. Jacob came to hate the moments when he was drunk, and rely on the moments he was sober even more. But when Jacob was fourteen he left. Just disappeared. Jacob and his mother never saw or heard from him again. Life became considerably more difficult after, money was hard to come by, and Jacob had to pick up an under the table job at a restaurant to help. It was during this time, when Jacob was fifteen, that his life took another dive. One night Jacob dropped a tray of dishes, shattering the entire thing. In anger the manager fired him right there, sending him home three hours early. And what he found there was something no teenage boy should ever have to discover. In their deficit of cash Jacob’s mother turned to the only thing she knew that could get money quick, Prostitution... Jacob and his mother's relationship decayed severely after this. His mother quit, as he had requested, but it was still there, it had still happened. His mother was ashamed of it, and Jacob himself was stunned. Over the next three years Jacob focused on getting good grades and getting his high school diploma, he made money where he could but school was his top priority. His motivation to be better than his father is what kept him going and as he grew up and matured he realized what a deadbeat he really was. There were times Jacob thought that if he ever ran into his father again that he would kill him. After graduation Jacob decided to join the United States Army and at the age of 18, was shipped off to Fort Benning in Columbus Georgia. He served Ten long years in the army and during that time he saw what the world was really like and it scared him. He thought his childhood was rough but seeing what it was like for kids in countries like Africa and Iraq made his upbringing look like a walk in the park. After his latest tour of duty he decided he wanted to help these people so he decided to volunteer for a United nations peacekeeping mission to Chernarus. {WIP}
  8. Gaylaxy

    Has he returned..? ;) 

  9. Frisks For Radio

    Lone Shark [Open Frequency]

    -User has been warned for this post-
  10. Frisks For Radio


    Nice vids, keep up the stellar RP!
  11. Frisks For Radio

    Kos/ Killing a complaint person

    Elijah Grayson's pov Akrasia initiates. We shit talk eachother for 2 hours as we hunker down in our settlement and I get shot and killed. Not much to say just a typical firefight I guess.
  12. Frisks For Radio

    For the "Court" (Open frequency)

    *Elijah picks up his radio and begins to broadcast* I hope next time you lot decide to come you bring more men. You know where I sleep? Good, make sure you drop a backpack full of 556 and 308 next to my pillow. Until that happens consider your silly little "court" enemies of the Angels. And as for your victory. If you consider killing innocent bystanders and traders who were visiting Heaven a win then congrats but I mean you have a lot more bodies to bury then us. Next time you come fill your bags up so we can make more of a profit eh? *Laughter can be heard as business resumes at Heaven. Elijah ponders why people can be so stupid but cant come to a conclusion and the radio goes silent*
  13. *Elijah picks up his radio and begins to broadcast* Whoever decided to borrow most of our tents when we were asleep make sure you bring them back in mint condition eh? But to any traders or scavengers in the area of green mountain listen up. The Angels are looking for tents, if you happen to find some bring them to Heaven and you will get a good deal on them. Stay safe out there. *The radio goes silent and Elijah resumes his daily routine of cursing the Akrasian name and making deals*
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