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  1. Severe FPS issues around Myshkino tents

    Hmm maybe could be the case however I only seem to be getting lag in the areas directly surrounding the tents 100 - 200 meter radius i would say and then everywhere else is fine.
  2. Don't Know if it's just me but recently every time I've gone around tents ( not had the chance to check this on other servers yet) I've had fps issues on Eu1, anyone else had this or just me?
  3. Stephen Rider

    Unread Content Mark site read Home Characters List Character: Stephen Rider Stephen Rider Zantier Edit Back to characters index CHARACTER INFORMATION YOU RATED THIS 5 STARS Alias Ste Mental Stable yet cautious Morale optimistic Date of birth 1993-11-23 (23 years old) Place of birth Manchester, England Nationality English Ethnicity White British Languages English Family None known alive Religion Atheist DESCRIPTION Height 190 cm Weight 69 kg Build Slim and athletic slightly more tone to his arms than legs Hair Dark brown, slightly long and messy Eyes Green Alignment Chaotic Good Equipment Crossbow with scope, green hoodie and black beanie hat Occupation Big game hunter Affiliation None Role N/A BACKGROUND Stephen was born and raised in a lower class family in Manchester. He was nothing special and lived a mundane and relatively mediocre life, the only unique thing about Stephen was his passion for archery. From a young age ste would play with his little toy bow and arrow and as he grew so did his interest in bows and hunting. Once is his teens Ste started entering competitions at first just based around archery but as his skill progressed he started moving onto hunting, the bigger and stronger the animal the better. One day he entered a hunting competition the prize for the biggest trophy 10 thousand pounds.... the location Chernarus, little did he know he would soon turn from hunter to prey. The day began as expected, Stephen turned up the sign in for competition and began his preparations for the hunt, a lot of people has turned and and most both older and more seasoned than Ste but it didn't deter him. 10:00am rolled and round and it was time to start the hunt, Ste raced off into the forests to find a good position to lay in wait for prey hours passed and he saw nothing until he noticed some rustling near by.... Stephen sneaked over and peered through the bushes and saw a hunter leaning over a giant stag, a prize kill but then Stephen noticed something was quite right he hunter was covered in blood, far more than from skinning and animal and besides why would he skin the kill before returning it for judging? Stephen crept closer when suddenly he stepped on a branch by his foot and a audible crunch was released the hunter span round and fix his gaze on Stephen, eyes blood red and his face smeared with the entrails of the stag and Ste instantly knew he was in serious trouble.... He sprinted away but the hunter gave chase like a man possessed he ran for what felt like miles until he stumbled into a dip in the ground and fell head over heels and within a instant the hunter was on him, Stephen struggled and fought but the man was too strong he thought it was all over but with one mighty kick Stephen hoofed the man off and quickly grabbed his crossbow and with one single snap of the string the man was dead but that was just the begging of Stephens problems....
  4. Active Character help

    keep getting kicked for no active character, i have double checked the spellings and spoke to two different staff members who advised me to speak to rolle to see if he could sort it.
  5. *John Pushes the PTT* " Look Ryan I've heard a lot of mixed stories about your group" * Johns Sighs* "But you're one of the few men I respected before I left this shit hole the first time around" *John looks down at the coyote symbol embroidered into his armband, reminding him of everything it once stood for* " Regardless of what you think I know you're a good man deep down, you lead a camp and put your life on the line for those who could not protect themselves, My brother *John pauses a moment, a lump in his throat* Well....he did a lot of things that gave you every right to hunt us down to last man but instead you let us back into the camp, offered food and shelter... I guess what I'm trying to say here is I hope the morals of the man I once knew are the same as what drive the World without borders, For my sake and everyone else" *John releases the PTT and lets out a Deep sigh, thinking of his brother and what would of come if he had just been the one to put a bullet in him first*
  6. *John here the voice of ryan come over the radio and slowly lurches forward to grab his radio, wincing in pain at the slight stretch* "Protecting the weak and innocent hugh" *John scoffs* "Please explain to me then why you willfully let the pestilence militia gun down a group of innocent men last night and laughed from the side of the road, knowing that it was about happen!" *John winces down again* " You was once a good man Ryan, what happened to you?" *John releases the PTT button and slowly set his radio back down* "Why did I come back here?" *John slides back into his chair and stairs blankly at the wall, a mournful look on his face*
  7. Where did everyone go?

    So I recently came back to Dayzrp after taking a few months break to go play other games and spend time with friends and in that time the playerbase seems to have vanished. I don't know if something happened or i'm checking at the wrong times but the server nearly always seems dead. A couple months ago there was more Eu servers and you pretty much had to fight for a slot at any given time of day, now the most I've seen on at a time is 37 players....