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    Sea, Lakes and River [Open Frequency]

    *Dimitri would listen to the message and push his PTT* "Ahoj Dr. River. Are you ok? Where are you? What are you doing? Contact me on my frequency" *he would release the PTT and slightly smile, looking around to see if anyone heard him*
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    dumb and dumber idk GIF

  3. Hofer

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    omg fix your border please

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    [Game] Catch someone looking at their own profile!

  5. Hofer

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    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    Heard so much about this. Good luck
  7. Hofer

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    They do when they respawn. If you've found broken ones they have been used by other players.
  8. Hofer

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    The current cars spawn in a working state, and has done since the last DayZRP patch. I assume the same will be done for these vehicles.
  9. Hofer

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    Well actually... I and a few friends ran around the map via roads last night, and we encountered multiple groups of people in the span of little over one hour.
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    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    I'd sign on adding all of these suggestions, purely because it adds a lot to RP and just makes the server much more interesting. Very happy about the vehicles! However. Do not add fast travel. This will end random encounters all across the map, and centralise RP even more than it is today.
  12. Hofer


    Nobody is breaking the rules. Nice.

    1. Eagle


      Almost no one is playing 🤣

    2. Fae


      Cant break rules if you never get in game 


  13. Hofer

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    What do you mean? Your kill count is off the charts
  14. Hofer

    Don't Get Gun Lube in Your Radio's PTT

    *Dimitri hears the noise from his radio while he's trying to sleep, grunting slightly before taking the radio closer to his head and replies* "Ahoj. Are you doing ok there? So many strange noises.... What do you mean by these words? Are you ok in your head?" *Dimitri then puts aside his radio and tries to go back to sleep*
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    New profile graphics, new you

    1. Brayces


      I have ascended! \o/

    2. Hofer


      Now to get a proper red tag?

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      I ... I dunno about all that, when you're red maybe.

    4. Hofer


      Next christmas then

    5. Brayces


      Aye, I'll see ya there!

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    Interview With A Community Member: AndreyQ

    Da. Good interview. Good man.
  17. Hofer

    Should writing on notes be modded back in?

    I like this suggestion so much I kinda wanna make it a sticky thread. +1
  18. Hofer

    Attempted RDM 09-11 22:30 NWAF S1 Chernarus

    Verdict: @SpartanKiller84 - Attempted Invalid Kill (On sight) - GUILTY Reason: Due to the video evidence shown in this report this case is clear cut. @SpartanKiller84 you opened fire on @NorwayRP without contact. You never tried to roleplay with him, and just kept on shooting. This is deemed as an attempted invalid kill on sight. This is a roleplaying community, and we have strict rules which you do need to follow at all times while playing on our servers. You always need to initiate on other players before even thinking about killing them, unless they initiate on you. If you wish to have your account deleted from the website you need to put in a support request. With that said. Outcome: @SpartanKiller84 - Attempted Invalid Kill (On sight) - 2 day ban, 10 warning points. Signed by @Hofer & @Peril
  19. Hofer

    S1 NVFL Near Solnichny Factories 00:42:56 9/11/2019

    @Snorf your temp ban has been lifted. Please keep an eye on this report for further questions.
  20. Hofer

    Attempted RDM 09-11 22:30 NWAF S1 Chernarus

    @SpartanKiller84 has been temporarily banned from our servers until he posts his POV and until this report has reached a verdict.
  21. Hofer

    Poisoned to death?

    Your timestamp is incorrect according to server time. I am assuming since these are the only hits recorded to your name for the past 24 hours that 04:58 server time is correct. Hit Logs: 04:58:22 | Player "Michael Porter" (pos=<1692.3, 14213.3, 448.4>) hit by Player "Vali Kuznetsov" (pos=<1691.5, 14214.1, 448.4>) into Spine(40) for 0 damage (MeleeFist_Heavy) 04:58:26 | Player "Michael Porter" (pos=<1692.6, 14212.9, 448.4>) hit by Player "Vali Kuznetsov" (pos=<1691.9, 14213.7, 448.4>) into Spine(38) for 0 damage (MeleeFist) Kill Logs: 04:59:09 | Player "Michael Porter" (DEAD) (pos=<1694.6, 14212.4, 448.4>) died. Chat Logs: 04:55:37 | Chat("Vali Kuznetsov"): //perms to cut a finger off? 04:56:57 | Chat("Vali Kuznetsov"): *places the knife on the start of the finger* 04:57:19 | Chat("Vali Kuznetsov"): *applies a small amount of pressure to make a small cut* 04:57:46 | Chat("Vali Kuznetsov"): *cuts a little deeper into the finger then stopping Position Logs: 04:55:14 | Player "Michael Porter" (pos=<1692.6, 14212.8, 448.4>) 04:55:14 | Player "Lorcan Smith" (pos=<1690.5, 14211.1, 448.4>) 04:55:14 | Player "Willow Paden" (pos=<1693.2, 14212.5, 448.4>) 04:55:14 | Player "Kap" (pos=<1691.9, 14209.4, 448.4>) 04:55:14 | Player "Vali Kuznetsov" (pos=<1691.7, 14213.9, 448.4>) Calling in the following people for their POVs and full un-edited video evidence: @mbender08 | Michael Porter | OP @HDragon | Vali Kuznetsov | POSTED @Lorcan | Lorcan Smith | @Willow | Willow Paden | @Kaptain | Kap |
  22. Hofer

    S1 - Tisy - Invalid Kill

    Kill Logs: 02:37:15 | Player "Anthony Torrez" (DEAD) killed by Player "Tyler Lorenze" with FN SCAR-L from 4.99925 meters 02:38:02 | Player "Vali Kuznetsov" (DEAD) killed by Player "Tyler Pearce" with AWM from 96.7105 meters 02:42:12 | Player "Tyler Lorenze" (DEAD) killed by Player "Lorcan Smith" with M1A SOCOM from 20.662 meters 02:42:14 | Player "Jake Powers" (DEAD) killed by Player "Lorcan Smith" with M1A SOCOM from 13.0457 meters 02:42:20 | Player "Lorcan Smith" (DEAD) killed by Player "Tyler Pearce" with AWM from 173.97 meters 02:50:54 | Player "Arri Graham" (DEAD) killed by Player "Bobby Kalo" with AKM from 3.1105 meters 02:50:54 | Player "Bobby Kalo" (DEAD) killed by Player "Arri Graham" with M4A1 from 3.10805 meters 02:52:47 | Player "Radoslav Zdenek" (DEAD) killed by Player "Arthur Milton" with MP-133 from 0.956337 meters 02:54:47 | Player "Bela Kovar" (DEAD) killed by Player "Tyler Pearce" with AWM from 92.9843 meters Hit Logs: Chat Logs: Connection Logs: Calling in the following people to post their point of views and any un-edited video evidence they may have: @HDragon | Vali Kuznestov | OP @hAwkzyyRP | Anthony Torrez | POSTED @OpticVC | Tyler Lorenze | POSTED @DannickVC | Tyler Pearce | POSTED @Powerjake | Jake Powers | POSTED @Lorcan | Lorcan Smith | POSTED @NorwayRP | Arri Graham | POSTED @MouseWB | Bobby Kalo | POSTED @tossVC | Luke Runningham | POSTED @Willow | Willow Paden | POSTED @Mia | Bela Kovar | POSTED IN THE OTHER REPORT - NO POST NECESSARY
  23. Hofer

    BeanZ WAR

  24. Hofer

    BadRp/killed without proper reason Orlovets

    Verdict: @Akumuu - Invalid Kill (roleplayed) - Inconclusive @Akumuu - Combat logging and lying in a report - GUILTY Reason: Invalid kill Both of you have different stories as to what happened regarding the invalid kill. @Akumuu claims he waited three minutes after the initiation for @Gopnik22 to respond, and Gopnik claim that there were no initiation. As there is no video evidence provided from either part we have to deem this as inconclusive. Keep in mind though for future events that you need to make your initiations clear to the part you are initiating on. You also have to give the defender a reasonable amount of time to comply to your demands. Combat logging @Akumuu you claimed that you waited over the timer to log out. The logs show otherwise. Remember to always wait at least 30 minutes after breaking line of sight after a hostile situation before logging out. If you do have to log out earlier, seek out the other party on Discord and ask for acceptance to log out. Lying in a report @Akumuu even after logs were posted you still claimed that you did not combat log. Even after a Gamemaster pointed out the logs, you still claimed you waited well over the timer. You specifically claimed you waited over an hour after the kill, which is a lie. Lying in a report is a punishable offense in our community, as we take formal reports seriously. As should you start doing, in the future. Outcome: @Akumuu - Invalid kill (roleplayed) - Inconclusive @Akumuu - Combat logging and lying in a report - 7 day ban, 15 warning points Signed by @Hofer, @Voodoo & @Saunders
  25. Hofer

    Dimitri Stepanov - From Isolation to Danger

    I was born on a cold winter day on January 1970 at the Berezino Hospital in Chernarus. My childhood has been mostly forgotten, but I still remember one special day at school. I think I might have been around 12 or 13 years old. I was excited, because we were suppose to have a day where we would bring one of our parents to school to talk about their jobs. I was always the one that was bullied at school, due to me using glasses. But I was proud of my dad, he worked for the Chernarussian Army and he had been travelling all over the world with his comrades. The day started out well. We listened to stories over and over again about parents that were teachers, shopkeepers, truck drivers etc. but when we came to my dad, I really felt proud. My dad went up to the teacher’s desk and started talking. All of the other kids in my class were amazed that my dad was in the Army, and the fact that I never told them about it. This would be the last time I saw my father this way. After the class finished my dad left for a mission with the Chernarussian Army. They were going to infiltrate Takistan and take down their leader. The Dictator of Takistan had recently declared war on Chernarussia, and the plan to take him down was to free the people of Takistan from the misery of this dictator. They never arrived at their destination, as the helicopter they were in crashed at the borders of Chernarus due to a technical error. Everyone died, except my dad. He had fractured literally every bone in his body, and his neck was severely damaged. The doctors at the Berezino hospital gave him little hope for survival, and said that if he would survive he would not be able to walk again. He was paralyzed for the rest of his life. When my dad woke up and got the bad news, he was crushed. His military career was over and he would never be able to walk, drink, eat or anything ever again without the help of others. That was the day I decided to become an Orthopaedic Surgeon. I wanted to be of assistance to the people that would suffer the same fate as my father, since I had seen what this did to him. My dad died one year later due to complications leading to a brain tumor. This is the only thing I remember from my childhood. Most of my life before Day Z is vague. I do remember that I studied for my Orthopaedic degree in the England for years. I made quite a few friends over there, and I even had some military weapons training done in the memory of my father while thinking that I would never get to use it. I was wrong. Day Z It was morning. This had to be summer. I tried to get my radio working, but I couldn't obtain any signal anywhere. I looked at my watch, and I saw that I was late for work already. I swiftly packed my bags and drove over to Berezino. At this point, I lived right outside the town in a little village called Khelm. There was no traffic, and I stumbled upon a few abandoned vehicles on the way but I didn’t give it much thought at the time seeing as I was already late. When I came to the borders of Berezino I was met by a massive military roadblock, which also was abandoned. This was out of my understandings and I left the car to go outside to check out the perimeter. There was blood everywhere. Bullet cartridges all over the place, I could not believe or understand what all this was about. I quickly stepped back into my car and tried to find something on the radio. I felt frightened but at the same time adrenaline was rushing through my veins. I decided to start up the car and go around the roadblock to get to the hospital and talk to some colleagues about this. When I arrived at the hospital I saw the same type of roadblock outside. All the windows of the hospital were shattered and there were tons of bodies in front of it. I quickly checked the ones closest to me if there were anyone with pulse around there. The bodies were ripped apart and bitten. I entered the hospital when I was met by the most frightening, disgusting thing I had ever seen. It was a man covered in blood, his eyes were all white and he screamed like a predator. He started chasing me causing me to run for my life, so I ran up to the woods north of Berezino and decided to head for the North East Airfield. I ran for my life, and after about 5 minutes of running the sounds of the creature had vanished. I turned around and I managed to see him about 200 meters away from me. He had stopped, perhaps I managed to vanish between all the trees. These creatures reminded me of the Zombies I had seen in many games and movies up over the years. I reached the North East Airfield when I saw a plane taking off. The airfield was covered by guards and military. I decided to wait up in the woods until I saw a new plane landing on the field. I made my way down to the first guard and started asking him what had happened. He stopped me immediately and asked for ID, profession, and country of origin. I explained that I was a doctor and he swiftly took me inside. I was told that I would not be permitted to leave Chernarus, as the needs for doctors were immense. They conscripted me into the army and in return I got shelter, supplies and a weapon to defend myself. The Chernarussian Army and it’s defeat I was roaming with the Army for a few weeks. We went on a mission to save some people that was stranded over in Devil’s Castle. When we reached Devil’s Castle it was quiet, we were a company of 5 men. I was told by my commanding officer to wait outside and only come in if someone was hurt, because they would need me for medical treatment. The adrenaline started pumping in me again, just like back on Day Z when I first arrived at the roadblock. I hadn't seen any familiar faces for a long time, and I hadn't been to my beloved Berezino for at least 3 weeks. I had begun to lose track of time. I was thinking to myself “How could all this have happened? Where is my family? Where is God in all of this?” when I heard screams. It was the zombies. I took a peek around the corner and all 4 of my comrades were already overrun by what seemed like hundreds of them, I knew I had to escape. I jumped in our car and drove back to North East Airfield as soon as I could. I did not know what I was about to see. The airfield was overrun by thousands of zombies. My immediate instinct to this was to turn around the car and head over to the Chernarussian Border to camp out. I set out a small camp of mine, with 2 tents and a small fireplace. I had abandoned the car since it was out of fuel. After camping out by the border for what must've been a few weeks I decided it was time to man up and return. I decided to set out on a mission. I wanted to help those who needed help all over Chernarus. I started to walk south.... I returned to the civilisation after being in exile for too long. My head was numb and I had lost touch with other human beings. I found myself around a camp belonging to a group of people called the Toymakers. I stayed there for a few days helping out a few people. I can't remember all their names. Alkis... something. I do remember Tallie though. Taleinara O'Rourke. A 15 year old girl who had been badly wounded and scarred. I helped her a few times treating the wounds before moving along. I got sent in the direction of a man called Dr. Dylan River and Jessica. They followed my goal. They were with a group of doctors trying to help people. I seeked the northern part of Chernarus to find them, and I was lucky enough to stumble across them near a castle. I met Dr. River and Marie White. Marie is a stubborn, but kind woman. She only wishes the best for her friends and injured people. After I introduced myself and ran along with them for a while I decided to join them. I met the rest of them. Ellie, Jaro, Nikolai, Dr. Ellis, Edgar. Jessica had been taken away by the islanders, a fierce group of people running a prison on the coast of Chernarus. This is where it all went south. Quickly. The islanders were after us. A man named Richard Harissa. He forced ut to look for a man. I didn't like this Richard, and as such I insulted him. His leader never grew fond of me because of this. Richard was our doom. We planned on getting rid of him somehow. This didn't work out the way we planned. Some of us made plans with a russian man named Vlad. He had a group of powerful people behind him, and he was to ambush the islanders and Richard when we set up a meeting. Oh how wrong we were... The ambush turned into an ambush on us. The Vlad and his group of people decided to take Ellie from us. Poor little Ellie. Forced to kill Richard. Even though I was glad he was dead, I was not happy that Ellie had to do it. She's just a kid. Nikolai, Jaro and Marie started searching for Ellie. This was the end of Jaro's story, as he was shot in the process, and Nikoai went dark on us. While this all was happening me and Dr. River travelled the country to continue our work on patients. But I wasn't going to stick around to do that while my friends were taken captive. I decided to act. I contacted Legion, a mercenary group that took on contracts, and asked them to take out Vlad. I regretted my decision immediately as this could end up badly for Ellie, so I cancelled the contract before it had even begun. I then got in touch with Tallie again. She had more injuries, and I helped her further. I promised to stay by her side for as long as I could. That was until Nikolai contacted me. He asked me to meet him. I obliged and travelled to Staroye. I didn't see Nikolai though. I was greeted by Radek and Anya, and someone else. I really can't remember. They took me to a house, where I met Ellie and Nikolai. I was happy and I was sad. After interrogating me they found out that I had put a contract on them. I told them I didn't, I cancelled it. They didn't care. Jack, who was with them at the time, took care of my punishment. The removal of my left pinky finger. He cared enough to let me have all the fingers I needed for surgery, but it still hurt. It was unbearable. Jack drugged me, and I really can't remember much until I woke up the day after. My wound was professionally cleaned and sowed up though. Jack is a talented man. I was wounded. Both mentally and physically. The Legion Corporation had a contract on my head. I was ready to end myself. I took to drinking and pills. It wasn't until I figured out that Ellie and Nikolai had joined Vlad and his men willingly, due to them also having a contract on their heads, that I decided I wanted to stay. I joined them after some hesitation, and I roamed with the group for a while. I offered my services to Vlad. He accepted it. Marie did not take this well. She believes that we made the wrong choice. We had no choice. Marie believed me for a long time. Me, Ellie, Nikolai and Jack (ironic, huh?) roamed the country together with Tallie. She was still with me after all this time. We were looking for the ones that hurt Tallie. We have still not succeeded in doing so. Tallie was lost. I haven't heard from her in weeks. I don't know where she is. I feel like I have failed her. Failed her badly. I will look for her. When I have the time. Marie still believed our good intentions. That was until I decided to go with Vlad, Anya, Ivan and the rest to a camp out west. This was the camp where Marie and her group lived. Some irish people came to the camp. They were with a group named District. Vlad didn't like them. He took to arms and captured everyone in the camp. This was when Marie lost her trust in me. I don't blame her though. I'd lose trust in myself as well. I am trying what I can to fix the situation. I haven't done any medical work in weeks now. Tallie is lost. I don't know what to do. Ellie and Nikolai are still glued to each other. I got a lead on Tallie. She was supposedly in Miroslavl. I am now there. Looking for that innocent 15 year old girl... I will not give up.
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