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"The hardest part of ending is starting again"

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  1. Hey I spoke in the video give beanz plz
  2. Hello and welcome. Just a few corrections: ChernArussian Privyet is russian too, and a Chernarussian would say Ahoj as the Chernarussian language is based on Czech. Other than that welcome.
  3. Hello, You need to have played at least one hour in the last week to be able to post in the radio section as per the Radio Chatter Rules.
  4. Yeah that's just a blatant lie. I see no art of Dr. D and he will be dead by Sunday. Big sad
  5. 100 slots here we go 

    slide GIF

    1. Brayces


      Tired Good Night GIF

    2. AndreyQ


      we are still gonna need second chernarus server

    3. DerrickStorm
    4. groovy mexi

      groovy mexi

      Can’t wait for nothing to work!!!1!!1

    5. Knight


      war video game physics GIF

      Can't wait to drive cars like this !

  6. @ShockedShots you have a few more hours to respond to @Para's question. If not this report will continue without your POV and you will remain temporarily banned.
  7. Is ok. Is only game. Now we can all look forward to the lore wipe.
  8. This is how one of these events may go. Stay tuned for more events in the last week of the current lore.
  9. VOD from todays Admin UAV 🙂

    1. TurkRP


      Give feedback on our groupthr.. ooh nvm


      @ me in whose rp did you enjoy today atleast

  10. Going live in 5 minutes.


  11. In two hours I will set up an event. Starting around Novy Sobor. https://www.twitch.tv/hofern/
  12. Admin UAV with event tonight. Going live in approximately 3 hours 👌 Mid map. Novy-NWAF.



    1. TurkRP


      make it 1/2 ? and fix the vod's.

    2. Whitename


      why u gotta go live right when i plan to go out

    3. AndreyQ


      Hop in rn and stop this shit rain

  13. As @Narc Square has failed to respond within the given time he will now remain banned from our servers. To revert this decision he has to create a ban appeal explaining his POV of the situation. We apologize that we couldn't be able to find a resolution to your report @Whitename. Closing. Signed by myself with notes.
  14. Hello @Nonplayer, Since the final warning was placed on your account you've been a contributing member to the community both on the forums and in game. You've managed to stay clean in both as well, and you haven't even used your one caution. Well done. Appeal accepted, final warning removed Signed by myself with notes.
  15. This is the correct answer. We release the new lore in just over one week.
  16. @Roland approved. The better admin UAV is online with EVENTS! Get on the server.


    1. Voodoo


      You kept making the server crash from what I've heard. You should stick to doing whitelists... for once

    2. Hofer


      No u @Voodoo

      The server didn't crash. Just people in Zeleno

  17. Let's make it happen today
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