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  1. Hofer

    BeanZ WAR

  2. Hofer

    The Game

    I even saw that you linked me in this thread and I still clicked. @Terra
  3. Hofer


    I miss GIF verdicts

    1. Voodoo


      I do aswell

    2. Hofer


      Make them a thing again @Voodoo

  4. Hofer

    World of Warcraft Classic Thread

    That's not correct. RF and PvP finders aren't in Classic. The PvP NPC's are in the main cities though, as they were in the later patches of Classic.
  5. Hofer

    • Hofer
    • JackZRP

    Thanks for hitting me in the face with your gun last night.


    1. JackZRP


      @Hofer Sorry mate my f key is to talk so when i click f and i have my gun in my hands i lamped you hahahahhahaha

    2. Hofer


      I laughed

    3. JackZRP
  6. Hofer


    This is brilliantly written. Thank you. Could not agree more with this. Roleplay, not gearplay!
  7. Hofer


    The crates were redone to counter hoarding and possibly increase performance, as there were multiple guns store it several bases over the whole map, causing newer players/people that looted to not find anything related to high grade. This server isn't all about weapons, sure. But hoarding does not solve anything, and frankly one does not need 30 high caliber automatic rifles to roleplay. Lowering them also keeps smaller camps with only wooden boxes safer from raiding, so I think that the argument about more griefing reports is incorrect. Actually. For the fun of it. It's been 5 days since the patch hit. Since then there has been 1 griefing report put up. In the 5 days prior to the patch (for even sample size) there was 5 reports.
  8. Hofer

    Kicked from the server "BattleEye client not responding"

    Hey @-Boom- Have you tried reinstalling the game from scratch? If you uninstall, BattleEye should be uninstalled as well. This way you get a clean install of both the game and BattleEye.
  9. Hofer

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Did it work out nicely?
  10. Hofer


    This is a name I remember. Welcome back
  11. Hofer


    1. Major


      Can you like not dredge up nostalgia that makes me long for days of yore?

  12. Hofer


    Have you seen this thread @Roland?? The nostalgia is real 😄


    1. Peril


      Hofer I really thought we were friends man

    2. Hofer


      We are @Peril

  13. Hofer

    The Cutting Room Floor of Vincent Miller - RP/Media Thread

    Looking forward to see some quality content my friend
  14. Hofer

    Max amount of Reports open Suggestion

    I don't think this is necessary. The current system works fine. If there's a rule breach the player will be punished appropriately.
  15. Hofer

    World of Warcraft Classic Thread

    What shit are they keeping exactly that ruins the classic game?
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