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  1. +1 if it's compatible with our in house solution of build anywhere
  2. I don't think you read my first question properly. What exploits were used? You can't state why you need this many items when you say that there's more than what a clan needs of items in your two man base? I am a bit confused.
  3. I have two questions @Warming 1. What exactly is it you mean they've done to wrongfully enter? Boosting (giving someone a lift) or using an object to climb on is a realistic tactic. 2. You state one ally in your base, and you also say that you have more items than a clan would need. I'm genuinely curious as to why the pair of you need that many items then?
  4. Legend doesn't cut it. He needs his own unique rank.
  5. Hello Lumen, After reviewing your in game activity in total since your final warning was applied you've got about 2 months of consecutive playing. Get a solid month of playtime in and we can sort your final warning out. Signed @Cal @Hofer
  6. Thread is missing a roster with the members in it. Other than that it looks alright.
  7. Great event you held yesterday. Kudos Bishop 🙂

  8. They can play for as long as they like as long as they register on our webpage and link their SteamID
  9. We currently don't have a coder but we'll see what we can do about it.
  10. Hello Mason, Sorry for the delay but Christmas and all that. There's a feature in OBS that allows streamers to brighten their game to their stream (or recording in this case), however it doesn't alter the view that the user itself has. This is not something we can't properly police whether it's being abused or not, however we will have to put good faith in our users to not cross a line where they're BattleEye banned. If you choose to use an external program to brighten your game and BE deems it cheating then tough luck, you're out of DayZRP too.
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