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  1. Hofer

    Interview With A Community Member: DrMax

    Great interview, great man.
  2. Hofer

    S1: Kamarovo 2019-10-12, 20:23

    HIT LOGS KILL LOGS So as you see here @cjackson821 you were killed by a fence, and I assume it is barb wire or a bugged out fence. We will therefore close the report. If a similar death happens in the future, please hop into the helpdesk on our Discord and ask for a GameMaster to check this up for you before posting a report Signed @Hofer, @Rover & @Fae
  3. Hofer

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Unarchived upon OPs request. Good luck
  4. Hofer


  5. Hofer

    Happy birthday Nozzy

    Happy birthday Nozzy lad
  6. Hofer

    S1: Vybor, Time 00:00 UTC

    VERDICT @BandsRP - Rule play/Invalid kill (roleplayed) - GUILTY @SmithyS - NLR - GUILTY REASON THE RULE PLAY @BandsRP and @SmithyS exchanged a few words, before @BandsRP decided to run off to do something else. @SmithyS followed suit and @BandsRP decided to stop. @SmithyS insults @BandsRP. @BandsRP then reacts and turns around to threaten @SmithyS, and initiates. This is where the trouble starts. @SmithyS showed and tried to roleplay out that he struggled with knowing what key to press to raise his hands. @BandsRP as an experienced community member showed no understanding of the situation, and used the opportunity to take out @SmithyS, which technically is within the rules. @SmithyS posed no threat to @BandsRP either, so it kind of does not make sense to just blast him. This is rule play. There were many other solutions to this situation, and it is frankly disappointing to see a more experienced member take advantage of this situation, instead of being helpful and helping @SmithyS out with a simple "//press F5" message. You saw and knew that @SmithyS was struggling finding the correct button, and should have helped him out. The rule broken is the following: THE NLR AND OOC @SmithyS you are not allowed to return to the area where you died within one our after your previous death. You did this, and you admitted to doing it in your POV in this report. You will therefore be punished for NLR. Please re-read the following rule. In addition to this you kind of went OOC over voice. You did however attempt at roleplaying it out by saying something along the lines of "If my mind was a keyboard what key would I press", in a situation where you were at gunpoint. You are new to the community, and we do understand that this situation was stressful and a new experience for you. Just don't do this ever again. In the future, make sure to always type out OOC messages/information by adding "//" before your typed message. If you do this, the OOC information you give is allowed, as long as it it necessary OOC information. With that said OUTCOME @BandsRP - Rule play/Invalid kill (roleplayed) - 5 DAY BAN, 10 WARNING POINTS @SmithyS - NLR - 3 DAY BAN, 10 WARNING POINTS Signed @Hofer & @Samti
  7. Hofer




    1. Hofer


    2. Watchman


      !rob hofer


    3. Hofer


      Just robbed @FalkRP for 10k @Watchman

    4. FalkRP


      I would like to report a robbery

    5. Hofer


      Take it to the report section @FalkRP

  8. Hofer

    s1, green mountain, griefing, bad rp, fair play, ooc hate etc.

    VERDICT @Timm WIlson - OOC Hate - NOT GUILTY @JoshAbstract / @Timm WIlson - Bad RP - INCONCLUSIVE @TheLamp1 AOGM - NOT GUILTY REASON THE OOC HATE Let's start with the easiest thing. @Timm WIlson's comment might have been a bit unnecessary, however this is not an instance of OOC hate, and it more seems like a snarky/meme comment from Timm. However, in the future please refrain from doing this in OOC chat. THE BAD RP With no video evidence there is not much we can do to judge whether or not this was bad roleplay. Always make sure you have video recording software ready whenever you play DayZRP, as you never know when you're hit with a situation where your evidence is needed. With evidence, this case could've gone differently. THE AOGM The whole situation with being taken hostage and forced to build a locked gate is fine, if this was roleplayed out, and the players inside the locked area was given a chance to escape organically after the hostile party had left the area. @TheLamp1 seems to have been forced to make the gate, and it all seems like an attempt to hide from being shown in the logs. Upon investigation by a senior staff member, the gate was indeed able to be opened from the inside. OP simply didn't see the prompt to open the gate, we assume. Let this whole report be a reminder of how important it is to always have recording software available, so that every rule break that is witnessed in game can be documented and brought forward in a report if one comes up. If you need help setting a software up, feel free to contact any staff member and I'm sure we'll be able to sort you out. With that said. OUTCOME @Timm WIlson - OOC Hate - NO PUNISHMENT @JoshAbstract / @Timm WIlson - Bad RP - NO PUNISHMENT @TheLamp1 AOGM - NO PUNISHMENT Signed @Hofer, @Rover & @Realize
  9. Hofer


    !roulette 500 17

  10. Hofer

    • Hofer
    • Sylver

    Absolute legend right here. This man is the king. @Roland give him MVP.

    1. RiZ


      I agree.

  11. Hofer

    S1 Green Mountain exploiting game mechanic

    VERDICT @iplayb - AOGM - NOT GUILTY @Peter Griffin - AOGM - NOT GUILTY REASON @iplayb and @Peter Griffin entered the base by boosting one another inside, which is completely fine within the rules. They then found out that Peter was stuck inside the base, and had to figure out how to get outside. Rather than finding a tool and destroying the base, they decided to roleplay this out and built themselves a staircase out of planters. While the planters do partly go inside the wall inside the camp, we admire the effort of attempting to roleplay out the situation, as well as not destroying the base in any manner, preserving all the work the base owner has done to make the base. If anything @iplayb and @Peter Griffin; If this happens again try to make sure that the items you are making a staircase out of does not glitch/build inside another prop/building, so it looks more realistic. With that said OUTCOME @iplayb - AOGM - NO PUNISHMENT @Peter Griffin - AOGM - NO PUNISHMENT Signed @Hofer & @Derek Steel & @Peril
  12. Hofer

    "S1: KoS in unkown location as a result of spawn teleport bug - 09/10/2019 18:49 or 18:50"

    That's enough back and forward between the two of you @IrishChris88 and @Brandon5491. Take it to private messages if you want to continue. We await further POVs.
  13. Hofer

    Meet The Chad: AndreyQ

    Glorious interview. Nice to get under @AndreyQ's skin.
  14. Hofer

    I'm back innit

    new phone who dis Nice to see you back lad
  15. Hofer

    S1 Vybor - Crossroad

    I removed your temp ban for now @KingForADay. Please make sure to check in if you are required for more questions. If you don't reply we would have to temp ban you again.
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