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  1. From what I've seen in game and heard from a lot of people who have had encounters with you guys you're making things interesting on the server, keeping people on their toes. That's great to hear. Keep your noses out of trouble and this group will be an essential key going forward. Approved Please set up your group CP and send out invites to your members asap.
  2. Yes, I personally think we should, however I'd wait until the next DayZ patch as we may or may not be forced at that time.


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      Tusen takk! ❤️

  4. This actually made me laugh 


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  5. o7 stinkyRover. Pleasure working with you again

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      Until next time!

  6. I commend the changes and the long talk me, @The Preacher and @DukeLR had today. The lore looks way more like your groups lore now, rather than a story of how CLF ended. Good job. Your new goals section also looks much better, refreshed and rather unique. I would suggest going over and proof reading some of the text though as there are some typos and missing words here and there, both in the lore and the goals. I wish you patriots good luck as a sidenote Fishermen were stinky, and not better than any lore faction
  7. Shouldn't have shrugged off what I said and ignored my last few suggestions in our DMs then. A group lore should be unique and written by those who are creating the group, not the group you took inspiration from. Not to mention the powergaming in the ending section of your "group lore".
  8. It's great to see that the requests and feedback were taken into account Preacher... The lore contains 20 mentions of CLF, mainly focuses on CLF and even fails to correct the clear and obvious errors in some of the details on how the CLF ended. Good luck.
  9. Thanks for having me lads
  10. Or Pustoshka Just put someone else by the steering wheel and you'll be fine.
  11. Greetings @Niveous, @Konan is currently in the inactive zone. Please reach out to them and ask if they're still interested in the project. If not, please remove them from your roster.
  12. Hello @YAKMOUTH, @HoneyTea123 has not played for 16 days and is passing into the inactivity zone. Please contact them and ask if they're still interested in the project. If not please remove them from your roster.
  13. Hello again @tripzkill, You still have some members that are inactive. Three members have not played for over a month. Please fix this, or we will have to evaluate whether or not to archive the group.
  14. Matyáš Borýsek was born in Novigrad in 1961. As a young man he always got into trouble, however he turned into a proper man as a young adult. He would eventually move on to become a car salesman, travelling around Chernarus making deals to sell vans to companies and people who were looking for vans. He became an expert at making good deals with both legal and shady companies, and gained a proper reputation throughout the whole of Chernarus. During the civil war Matyáš enlisted to help the CDF, and was injured and couldn't keep on fighting. After this he retired and lived a peaceful life i
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