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  1. Does this mean we will all get some good hostile roleplay with the CLF back? Not this current ‘hostile’ roleplay of people getting ‘fragged’  in a firefight and getting called secondary school nicknames in game? I do hope so. ❤️

    1. Hofer


      get fragged son

    2. DrMax


      Ah. Here was me for hoping 😞 

  2. Fight @Bryan in a 1v1 and if you win we have a deal
  3. We are back for another run before we shelve the group for good. Please remain patient while we return to the fold, with a drastically different approach to things this time around as our goals are vastly different compared to last time. We're back to roleplay and enjoy the community as players in the group we loved playing, with a major twist with our goals and overall gameplay. Looking forward to getting back into the game with all of you. please note we are no longer a lore faction. The lore faction tag has been removed from all groups from here on out as it does not work as it was intended. Lore factions will remain in the firm grip of staff and Loremaster run event groups. Welcome to our newest recruits to join the Chernarus Liberation Front: Vojín (Private) Vojín Runian Kuzco - @Timberwolf Vojín Jan Koller - @Taffinator Vojín Míša Navratilova - @kalyri Vojín Yana Kaska - @Saraharas I am very pleased to announce that we have gotten new recruits in the ranks of the Liberation Front while over in Novigrad. They will be going through an intense period of training with all of the members of The Front. We are sure that you will make us and yourselves proud. Welcome to the team! A wave of promotions were also done to a bunch of our able soldiers after a time of good work and bringing glory to our country in our efforts over the past 6 months in Novigrad. Svobodník (Private First Class) Svob. Marek Valek - @Eagles Welcome to the full ranks of the Liberation Front. Carry the badge with pride. Desatník (Corporal) Dtk. Alxander Brosch - @Knight Dtk. Petr Kral - @Duplessis For brave efforts in Novigrad you deserve your promotion. Rotný (Master Sergeant) Rty. Drahoslav Kucaj - @Benry For great efforts towards the cause over time, as well as delivering crucial information at times of need you will be presented with the rank of Rotný. Lead our men gloriously. Praporčík (Warrant Officer) Prap. Radzig Kobyla - @Nonplayer Prap. Krystof Beznak - @McSheepface Under immense pressure, heated situations, firefights and dogpig olympics you have shown time and time again that you both are able to convey leadership and guidance to our soldiers. The race for Poručik is on. Make us proud Praporčiks. Poručik (Lieutenant) Por. Damek Novaki - @SynO We welcome a new officer to the ranks. Novaki has been showing his true leadership skills in Novigrad. Glory to the Liberation Front! Recruitment status is now OPEN for all applicants who follow the requirements.
  4. You can still hold me in a high regard. I am your favourite DayZRP member @Glenn
  5. Woke up today feelin fine
  6. stink-e image.png.81bd822eeca3700bfc0a09dbbe94dbeb.png

    1. Hofer


      looney tunes dancing GIF by Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

  7. Hofer

    Kase's Designs

    Nice. Good job lad.
  8. smh my head

    1. groovy dingo

      groovy dingo

      hanna barbera lol GIF

    2. MaybeleleLR


      Alt for Norge.

    3. Millicent


      dyh ym ekahs

  9. Alright @HDragon and @Decetheus it's painfully obvious that you two have something unsettled and the salt is literally pouring out of your ears. This report will be looked at for the metagaming claim and the counter NVFL claim only. More whiny bullshit about hurt feelings on one side or another and I'll have you both thrown out the door. This ain't a fucking kindergarten. Stay on topic.
  10. Domino is in full effect. Looking for new and eager Supports
  11. Approved Please set up your group CP and send out invites as soon as possible. Good luck out there
  12. This rule and others will be evaluated and re-worded in the upcoming week, give or take.
  13. Hello, This will be somewhat off template as I am on my phone typing this. Due to us wanting to be transparent about this whole situation we felt the need to publicly state what has happened in the aftermath of this report. @HDragon appealed his ban in a Support ticket to the Admin team. We started reviewing this report from scratch basically going in blind. As a result of our review HDragon was unbanned on extenuating circumstances. The GM team handled the report correctly and by the book, following the rules and punishing HDragon as he did break the rules. Due to the transparency we wish to show with the reasoning behind this you will find our response to HDragons ticket pasted down below. If you have any questions about this DM me on Discord or the forums.
  14. So what you're trying to make us believe is that you really think that just holding a gun in your hands is something that could be seen as an initiation?
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