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  1. Hello @Challenger, A separate team of staff members have reviewed your appeal and come to conclusion to accept it. Public criticism is allowed, and most of the message you conveyed in the Discord was fine. But as you said yourself in the appeal you should not have added "sucks to suck", especially with your Discord ban history. Even though you were in the wrong in saying that, we feel as if it is very mild and that you should've been given a warning beforehand and told to stop by a staff member rather than a straight ban. Please think twice before you post something on Discord in the future, even if you mean it light hearted. Appeal accepted - Discord ban and warning points removed Signed @Hofer @Para
  2. I don't know if everyone knows about our Timeline but I suggest everyone check in on it every once in a while. https://www.dayzrp.com/index.php?app=timeline

    1. AndreyQ


      waiting on Lil BB's 48h challenge on top of Berezino Pub to be added onto the timeline

  3. It's there. Just read. Closing
  4. On second thought the leader and most of the members hasn't played in days. Archiving this for now. PM a Mod or higher if you want this to be unarchived.
  5. The Loremaster and Administrator team has reviewed your groups goals and witnessed your group in game. Your formation was done ICly and your aim to assist the RAC is admirable. As such we have decided to approve your group. Approved. Please set up your group CP and send the invites out to the rest of the members.
  6. After reviewing your group both the Loremaster team and the Administrator team is satisfied with what you have set up both here on the forums and your roleplay and feedback from in the game. You have successfully created a group centered around a previously unused area, and the group lore consisting of survivors gathering to stay safe in the apocalypse makes sense. Approved. Please set up your group CP and send out invites to your group members as soon as possible. Good luck out there.
  7. After reviewing your group thread and the feedback given from community members, as well as seeing your group in action I am glad to announce that you will be the first group to be approved in the new lore. The Loremaster team is satisfied with your lore and justification for being in the region, and as such the Admin team have decided to give the green light. Approved Please set up your group CP and send out the invites to your group members. Good luck with the group and your Berezino pub
  8. Seeing as OP hasn't played in a week and there's no feedback given for this group I will be archiving it for the time being. PM a Mod or higher if you want it reopened.
  9. Hello, Is this group still active? I don't see much feedback from anyone and there's no updates in this thread for over a week.
  10. Best changed meme to date. You've been out-memed @TurkRP
  11. God no. Base building is gone and that is magnificent.
  12. 16993040-portrait-of-an-old-man-holding-his-nose-tight-to-plug-out-the-horrible-smell.jpg.b51218c298a948acef12fac908b5fb7e.jpg

    1. eDgY ScOuSe

      eDgY ScOuSe

      anime stinky

    2. Roland


      He changed

    3. Hofer


      You changed @Roland

  13. I enjoyed the roleplay of so many today, especially those in Berezino and Olsha. I don't know who were there as there were probably 30-40 people involved. But here's the ones from my group and the civillians I know: @Burak @Jackfish @Bryan @Conor @Brayces @SynO @Benry @RileyChan @burRP @Para from CLF @Watchman @Franny @Ratatosk @groovy azu @Scouse @PhoenixLR @TZ @Millie That's about all I know about. Sorry to those I forgot or don't know the names of.
  14. Welcome to our newest recruit to join the Chernarus Liberation Front: Vojín (Private) Voj. Vit Prokov - @SaltySully I am very pleased to announce that we have gotten a new recruit in the ranks of the Liberation Front. They will be going through an intense period of training with all of the members of The Front. We are sure that you will make us and yourselves proud. Welcome to the team! A wave of promotions were also done to a bunch of our able soldiers after a time of good work and bringing glory to our country. Svobodník (Private First Class) Svob. Lucina Liska - @RileyChan Svob. Kenny Kowalski - @burRP You have shown yourself worthy of a full membership status within the Front. Wear the badge with pride, bratri. Desatnik (Corporal) Dtk. Radomir Reznik - @Burak Dtk. Damek Novaki - @SynO For continued effort to the Liberation Front, Chernarus and it's people. Rotný (Master Sergeant) Rty. Stepan Kubicek - @Para You have been a stable and level headed soldiers for years, and recently you've shown your leadership skills in our crusade in Berezino. Praporčík (Warrant Officer) Prap. Viktor Petrov - @Jackfish It is an honour to present our new officer within the ranks of the Liberation Front. It is your time to shine and to lead our men into a bright future, Petrov. Glory to the Liberation Front! Recruitment status changed to OPEN for all applicants who follow the requirements. US applicants wanted.
  15. It's only admins that can do it though, ROwOman. Blame us (me and @Roland mainly) and not the rest. As for search function both Grim and Grimm are easily searchable as their Discord handles are Grim#xxxx and Grimm#xxxx
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