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  1. o7 thanks for your service

    1. Bryan


      o7 couldn't have done any of that without you ❤️ 

    2. Realize


      Salute GIF

  2. Told you chernarus would fix the server

    1. Hofer


      100%. I am so glad to see the server at 80/80 on a daily basis now that we got LEGENDARY AND SERVER SAVING CHERNARUS, after a full unban wave.

  3. hey man don't forget to update Among Us
    There's an Among Us update out and it's 41.2 megabytes, don't forget to download it

    1. CutieSnow


      A M O G U S


    2. Novagats


      Oh so you’re a crewmate? Name every task

    3. AndreyQ


      Admin: Accept Diverted Power

      Admin: Chart Course Admin: Enter ID Code

      Admin: Prime Shields Admin: Swipe Card

      Admin: Upload Data Balcony: Clear Asteroids

      Balcony: Record Temperature

      Boiler Room: Open Water Ways

      Boiler Room: Replace Water Jug

      Cafeteria: Accept Diverted Power

      Cafeteria: Download Data Cafeteria: Empty Garbage

      Cafeteria: Fix Wiring

      Communications: Restart Wifi

      Dropship: Chart Course

      Dropship: Insert Keys

      Electrical: Calibrate Distributor

      Electrical: Divert Power

      Electrical: Download Data

      Electrical: Fix Wiring

      Greenhouse: Accept Diverted Power

      Greenhouse: Download Data

      Greenhouse: Fix Wiring

      Greenhouse: Water Plants

      Hallway: Fix Wiring

      Laboratory: Align Telescope

      Laboratory: Fix Weather Node

      Laboratory: Inspect Sample

      Laboratory: Repair Drill

      Laboratory: Submit Scan Lower

      Engine: Align Engine Output Lower

      Engine: Fuel Engines

      Medbay: Accept Diverted Power

      Medbay: Download Data

      Medbay: Fix Wiring

      Medbay: Inspect Sample

      Medbay: Submit Scan

      Navigation: Accept Diverted Power

      Navigation: Chart Course

      Navigation: Download Data

      Navigation: Fix Wiring

      Navigation: Stabilize Steering

      O2: Accept Diverted Power

      O2: Clean O2 Filter

      O2: Download Data

      O2: Empty Garbage

      O2: Fill Canisters

      O2: Fix Wiring

      O2: Monitor Tree

      Office: Download Data

      Office: Fix Wiring

      Office: Scan Boarding Pass

      Office: Swipe Card

      Outside: Fix Weather Node

      Outside: Open Water Ways

      Outside: Record Temperature

      Reactor: Accept Diverted Power

      Reactor: Divert Power

      Reactor: Download Data

      Reactor: Fix Wiring

      Reactor: Start Reactor

      Reactor: Unlock Manifolds

      Shields: Accept Diverted Power

      Shields: Download Data

      Shields: Fix Wiring

      Shields: Prime Shields

      Specimen Room: Start Reactor

      Specimen Room: Unlock Manifolds

      Specimen: Store Samples

      Storage: Empty Garbage

      Storage: Fix Wiring

      Storage: Fuel Engines

      Storage: Water Plants

      Upper Engine: Align Engine Output

      Upper Engine: Fuel Engines

      Weapons: Clear Asteroids

      Weapons: Download Data

      Weapons: Fix Wiring

  4. It didn't even go a full month before the map change threads started. Man it feels good to be right sometimes.

    dr strangelove smoking GIF

    1. AndreyQ


      Me when chernarus 😐

      Me when deer isle 🥳

    2. Jackfish


      We atleast had a couple weeks of fun and it was done waaay too late. If we stuck to Nyheim we never had any people on.

    3. Hofer


      Just like now then @Jackfish, and just like after Nyheim 1.0 and 2.0.

      Nothing ever changes.

    4. CutieSnow


      Me when chernarus 😴

      Me when deer isle 🥰

    5. Terra


      Ms Pat No GIF by BET Plus

    6. Novagats


      i wasn’t even here for Nyheim 1.0 and most of 2.0 but looking at historical player counts, there was that same exact rise in players followed by the same exact dip. In fact, Nyheim had a more consistently higher player count than Chernarus does now.

    7. Salted


      But as long as they're right for a month, right?

      Oh No Eye Roll GIF by Aardman Animations

    8. AndreyQ


      Why do people hate on DayZ without doing research on its current state?


      First of all, the game is IN DEVELOPMENT. People who complain about it being in alpha for a long time (4 years) obviously have no idea about the development cycle of a video game of this caliber. There is about 100 people working on the game and although they did get lazy at one point, they are releasing some new content for the game and actively working on the 0.63 (Beta) update.


      The new update features a whole new player controller which will completely change the game and the way we play, a new animation system and is also being ported to a new engine, which is currently being made from the ground up. After beta is released, they are going to focus on the addition of new items, bugfixing and some optimisation.


      Secondly, the developers warn you not to buy the game unless you are willing to actively support the development of the game and deal with major issues. Even when there are several warning about the game being full of bugs people still complain.


      A lot of the issues have actually been improved or even fixed in the game, such as:


      No zombies - The game got a new dynamic zombie spawning system. Zombies spawn whenever a player is nearby. The more players, the more zombies which can result in huge hoards.


      No new maps - Although there are no new maps, the current map is being updated. For example, the entire western area of the map has been revamped, adding a new rail system, Tisy military base, a huge new castle and some other changes. The 0.62 update completely changed the look of the game, adding new foliage, tree models, lighting and more. You can see a comparison here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORx8mTlX44c


      Low FPS - The 0.61 update brought in some major optimization increasing the framerate for a lot of player, and the 0.62 update increased framerate by 5-15 FPS for most people.


      The team is working extremely hard to get the game finished in time, and even though Dean Hall left the team and they receive a shit ton of criticism every day, they won't stop.

    9. Mental


      What if dayzrp is just dead? Like actual just dead.

  5. I don't see how we went off-topic when we were discussing how the switch to Chernarus didn't solve anything.
  6. You seem to miss the point BlakehUwU. Maybe you need a Snickers
  7. Now this aged like fine milk didn’t it. What went wrong? Who could’ve seen this coming?
  8. Will miss you in staff, thank you so much for helping me in my first few days as Mod and my entire time as Support. You deserve MVP. ❤️

    1. Novagats


      Are you leaking that devs are making new map updates and mod changes. Along with getting a new mod list set up and all tested and working together. So that come fall there will be a big update in all the work the team has been doing during this low maintenance?

    2. Hofer


      I don't find it understandable at all because it doesn't prevent anything from leaking or keep anything secret. It doesn't stop them from talking to their friends and breaking TOS. All it does is break morale and keep them from working with their friends on other servers unless they quit. I don't think they should have to choose unless their activity is atrocious. 

      Maybe I'm just ahead of my time.

  9. anakin skywalker GIF by Star Wars

    1. Cal


      Nervous Laugh GIF

    2. Cor



    3. Mental



    4. dan


      Werent you an admin like 2 days ago

  10. Insert generic update about staff being bad because I/my friends for smacked for playing stupid games

    1. Bryan


      angry mob GIF by MASTERPIECE | PBS

    2. PublicVoodoo


      So things haven't changed then 😄

    3. Whitename


      it only takes one warning post-retirement for the resentment to kick in

  11. Hello Administrator Cal

    1. Taryn


      I thought he quit? 🤔🤔🤔

    2. Fae


      @Tarynonly person who can remove him is Roland and hes gone for milk and hasnt come back 😞


    3. Taryn


      I've seen the milk carton. 

      I'm wondering if we should call the FBI at this point. 

    4. AndreyQ


      imagine being held hostage as an admin

    5. Duplessis


      Laugh Lol GIF by The Great Pottery Throw Down

    6. Empress



  12. I am happy to see that Chernarus single handedly saved DayZRP like everyone claimed and called.

    Cracking Up Lol GIF by NBA on TNT

    1. NozzyRP


      Hofer going on his victory lap, i love it 😂

      wwe raw GIF

    2. Inferno


      There's only one thing that can save it now, and that's Staff member @GMAK

    3. JewRP


      only thing that will save dayzRP is returning to ArmA2 Mod

    4. Jackfish


      We waited too long with the switch. Still had more fun on Chernarus then the shit map we call Nyheim.

    5. Jay


      Lowkey both @Hoferand @Jackfishare right. Chernarus didn’t save the community as there genuinely needed to be a culture change mixed with things I know you and @Realizewere working towards from my understanding. And then also Chernarus while up has been immensely more fun I agree the map is too big for our player count but I still have more “fun” on it then I did nyheim. 

    6. Marcc


      i knew we should've picked Takistan.

    7. Kordruga



    8. Cal


      At least I’m having fun playing again :D

    9. Slaviox


      This Chernarus was much more fun for those 10 days it lasted.

  13. Happy birthday you Legend 🙂

    1. Stagsview



    2. Stagsview


      He caught me

    3. GreenySmiley


      Happy Birthday!!! 🎉🎊🍾

    4. Jackfish


      Happy birthday @Stagsview 😉

    5. NozzyRP


      Happy birthday! @Stagsview ❤️😃

    6. Cal


      Happy birthday @Stagsview

    7. Fae


      Happy Birthday ❤️❤️❤️


    8. Stagsview


      Aw my thank you all xx

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