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  1. On a more serious note, do we really need more military equipment and more mods making the server unstable? Our Dev team is pushing out DayZRP unique content at a more rapid pace than before and I'd rather see that focused on than adding more and more mods now.
  2. Groups are rarely force archived. In my second stint in staff here I think I've seen two or three of them. All of which have either: A. Broken a series of rules in multiple reports over a period of time. B. Exposed and taken advantage of loopholes in the rules. C. PVP focus, ruining roleplay for other groups/players, shit attitude on Discord/forums etc. We do not force archive groups for fun. We force archive groups we believe is detrimental to roleplay and the members of our community. It also is very effective in breaking up old patterns and separating members that ain't good for each other.
  3. You posted multiple times and quoted Para multiple times after he gave you a response telling you that you needed more activity. I call that nagging in my own language. The two months it has taken you to be approved has only been worked on in the background with the Loremasters to get the group lore approved. The normal group approval process still applies and takes from one to four weeks. One major criteria before a group is approved can be seen in the quote below: Your morale and motivation should be at the top when the group thread is posted. That's when you're supposed to play, be active and get good feedback from other community members that the Admin team can use to approve or deny your group. The appoval itself shouldn't be the main motivation, it should just give you extra motivation on top of the motivation you already have. Be patient. Play and be active.
  4. They work fully as intended and they're dope to tase Bryan and Duplessis with I voted yes.
  5. This is not how it works @GaryCash. You can perfectly fine roleplay your group without having official group rights. That's only usable in PvP anyways. We will approve you when we see effort done in roleplay and activity, the rest of it (group thread etc) is fine. No need to nag.

    1. Banshee


      This will forever be my #1 from LP


    2. Hofer


      Mike looked so happy to be back on stage there @Banshee. Wish him the best.

    3. Banshee


      Feels so bad for him, losing a best friend like that. Same boat Grohl and Novoselic were in when Kurt died. 😪

    4. TZ


      o7 to one of the best🖤

  7. Hofer

    BBB insurance fraud.

    This is not the BBB, it's the VVV.
  8. Looks good and interesting @Phoenyxx. Looking forward to seeing this in game.
  9. Going live with bus event in 5 minutes 


  10. Will be doing another bus event around 21:00 server time. Starting in Vybor as usual.

    1. Woodzie


      Cool, time to see the new bus! 

  11. The weapons will be expensive, as per Roland and not easy to obtain.
  12. Hello, Since you have a VAC ban that is only 133 days old on your account the blacklist will remain. We honour VAC bans for 365 days. Once your ban has passed 365 days you will be able to appeal your blacklist. Signed by myself. Closed.
  13. As OP has been permanently banned this appeal will now be closed.
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