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  1. -1 If I remember correctly the issue with an Xbox server was enforcing rules and giving bans aswell as generally splitting the player base.
  2. The main issue is quantity of groups. Looking at the group section now there are 8 approved groups, with numbers like that RP will get stale or complained alot about. Look back to years ago when the servers were healthy and the complaints on hostile RP were few and far between we had 2-3 pages worth of approved groups. Them kind of numbers means interactions with the same group in an average week were few and far between because hostile groups always had many other groups to go and rob and campfire groups always had many other groups to travel and RP with. Its simple maths, if you a
  3. Well there are quite a few since 2013 Mod: 501st, BTR, Volki, SVR, CLF, SDS, RSM, Dragonzu All great fun to be apart of or to see in the server. Each being unique to the server and lets not get started on the fun of a roadblock. SA: Convicts, Runners, GenZ Its a tough one because I've been in a few groups during SA but personally nothing has come close to the memories I have of the mod. Why that is? I have no idea maybe its because of the buggy state of SA being in Alpha for a majority of the time played.
  4. Voted no. We tried enforcing PK's before and it did nothing for the server but stop people playing. Enforcing PK will kill groups off as people will just go about killing off group leaders to destroy the whole group. It should be down to the player when to sit their character out just as it is down to the player to agree or disagree to getting a permanent mark.
  5. SB? what is this madness?

    1. G_Date


      Just a meme dude. 

    2. MaybeleleLR


      A meme indeed

    3. G_Date


      It is indeed 

    4. Niller


      It's World Dominati-

      i mean a meme... Definently a meme.

  6. There is just one issue with this (sorry if someone has put this already but not gonna read all replies) Namalsk comes out on 3rd December not 1st
  7. James grew up outside of London. His childhood was rough and once he had finished his education he went straight to work for his fathers small construction company. It was mainly office work, meeting with various businesses and arranging the completion of various construction projects. When the infection started James was in Primorsk working on a deal to install new oil and gas pipes for the government of Chernarus. Apart of the deal was to also re-construct the local dockyard. Before the deal was done James was forced to move into a quarantine zone after reports of a infection in the cou
  8. For me the reason i havent played is just a lack of motivation for creating a new character. Since leaving RAC i just havent been in the mood to write a backstory for a western character and try to make it fit properly to the local lore. Solution: I think the lore needs a western lore faction to come in and spice things up aswell as give more ideas for creating characters based on this faction coming in. Also generally for new members coming in and to counter the whole negative threads i think the forums need to be more streamlined. As i said before the wipe @Roland i think it
  9. Voodoooo, where areth thou!

    1. VoodooLR



  10. Welcome to our family, looks like our family keeps getting bigger


  11. Well well well look who it is

    The family grows larger


    1. VoodooLR



    2. G_Date


      Bruce Willis Welcome To The Team GIF

  12. So I can expect the whitelist section cleared when I return on the 28th? ?
  13. Time to freshen this profile up with some more great music from a world class band

    1. Phoenix


      you need more classic rock in your life ? 

    2. Phoenix


      like zeppelin and stuff ? 

    3. VoodooLR


      Na next profile ill probably go back to some decent Lennon stuff like this:

      Or maybe go with McCartney like this song that caused the song above:


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