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  1. Sorry but just had to @Rolle

    (Plz don't permaban me, my name is Nathan)



    1. Lewis scott

      Lewis scott

      You need a thieving and expanding player base to do that tho ;) 

      thriving* Shit...

  2. Get out of jail card idea

    Amnesty is a good idea but lets be realistic, who the fuck is going to pay 100 euros just to be on a final warning? A majority of players couldn't afford Arma 3 when we had dedicated servers so what makes you think people will pay 100 euros just to be on a cliff edge? Amnesty is a good idea (especially with the current death state we are going through) but the price range is way off.
  3. Worst Fears

    Current fears - The sea. Never been a fan of swimming in the sea with sharks and shit. - Stairs, ever since i fell down stairs as a kid and cracked my head open ive been taking stairs carefully. Old fears - The library ghost at the beginning of Ghostbusters
  4. The Masonic Knights

    I mean its something different good luck
  5. Well another mod member making a leaving thread.

    Does that mean im an endangered species?

    1. Nihoolious


      Near extinction is a more appropriate term

    2. Lewis scott

      Lewis scott

      I think active community member in general are an endangered species at this point...

  6. It's over

    No shout out from one OG 501st member to another? I know when im not relevant... Good luck with everything was fun being in groups with you.
  7. Day after day alone on the hill
    The man with the foolish grin 
    Is keeping perfectly still
    But nobody wants to know him
    They can see that he's just a fool
    And he never seem to notice

    But the fool on the hill
    Sees the sun going down
    And the eyes in his head
    See the world spinning round

    1. Brayces


      Issat sum Beatles?

    2. Randle


      Your mother should know I am the walrus.

  8. Weeb sounds

    Serious? Ill start the list
  9. Cause you're too shy shy
    Hush hush, eye to eye

  10. Operation Tower Bridge

    Images taken by Sgt. Oliver Halifax for Operation London Bridge
  11. Main Square

    From the album Operation Tower Bridge

    -Base shows signs of a rushed evacuation. -Military equipment left behind. -Wolves in the area. -Multiple infected CDF troops in the area. -Possible compound for future use. -High value LZ location. -Multiple heavy duty bunkers. -Protective clothing advised until all clear given.
  12. Office Building

    From the album Operation Tower Bridge

    -Signs of a rushed evacuation. -No Intel left behind.
  13. Sealed Basement Door

    From the album Operation Tower Bridge

    -Door sealed in a rush. -Will require heavy duty equipment to be able to investigate.
  14. Heli Pads

    From the album Operation Tower Bridge

    -No rotor air vehicles left by defence forces. -Solid structures able to support rotor air vehicles. -Possible landing spot for evac. -High value LZ.
  15. Check Point

    From the album Operation Tower Bridge

    -Defences in the area. -No intel left by guards.
  16. Radar Tower

    From the album Operation Tower Bridge

    -Building destroyed in a rush evacuation. -No significant intel available.
  17. Control Room

    From the album Operation Tower Bridge

    -Equipment destroyed in a rush. -No backup files.
  18. Map

    From the album Operation Tower Bridge

    -Map showing major cities of Chernarus -Outdated.
  19. 6 hours of the working day left then i think its a RP night tonight.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Shane


      no don't do it play better games

    3. Randle


      Agreed shane

    4. Voodoo


      But all the dank loot in the tents that i saw right before being kicked off the game last night.

      I cant just not ruin someones day by stealing all their gear. 

  20. Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    Decent game. I really need to get back into it.
  21. That moment when you find a bunch of tents and as soon as you lay eyes on all the dank loot inside your game crashes.

  22. Time to be childish.

    anyone else noticed how many days its been since the outbreak :trolle:

    1. Rory



      Never mind...

  23. Why is their so much OOC text on the server now especially when it comes to hostilities?

    1. Estrogirl Z

      Estrogirl Z

      because people cant handle taking Ls so they complain OOC

    2. Hebee


      It's the foreplay for the sick thread they're going to drop on the forums later.

    3. Odap the Corruptor

      Odap the Corruptor

      //nice gearrp lol

  24. I love checking random games on steam charts then compairing their numbers to other games. Looking at the graph for DayZ you can see everytime an update was released.

  25. The Legion

    Font needs to change, maybe abit more art work and abit more detail to the story. Also i used to have a group called Legion so pay me in beanz and you can have the name rights Apart from all that hope you guys can spice things up on the server and last.