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  1. So I can expect the whitelist section cleared when I return on the 28th?
  2. Time to freshen this profile up with some more great music from a world class band

    1. edgy Phoenix

      edgy Phoenix

      you need more classic rock in your life 😄 

    2. edgy Phoenix

      edgy Phoenix

      like zeppelin and stuff 😛 

    3. VoodooLR


      Na next profile ill probably go back to some decent Lennon stuff like this:

      Or maybe go with McCartney like this song that caused the song above:


  3. Not an excuse more a fact of it doesn't help matters the same way it doesn't help when people moan about badrp in hubs yet don't record and report it and that comes from all sides including the faction members. Generally the server needs to get away from the mindset of not wanting to report because of this or that. If people want a cleaned up serious RP server then the best way to do that is reporting the rulebreaks and badrp that is witnessed and if that means people getting permabanned then I guess that's clearing out the deadwood that only joined the server to troll and not take it serious. Its easy to not get points and if you do get points then its really easy to learn from them and not do it again. The only real issue ive seen this lore wipe which has me worried is how things seem to suddenly pick up speed and the lore being pushed maybe abit too fast (9 days in). I wont spoil anything but certain events that have happened just seem very fast with consequences to two of the factions before it even feels like the factions have got their feet firmly on the ground.
  4. Cali here sums it up quite easily and the same thing was/is still going on with the RAC base. People moan they want us to give more RP and such but that's hard to do when everyday the RP mainly consists of having to find a vehicle because the faction vehicles were stolen over night. Or needing to go back and get re-geared after a firefight with CLF only to find the storage has been raided and everything gone. I didn't realise that 13 days into a collapse of a country a majority of civ characters here are made with a car theft/burglary background. In terms of the RAC view here (as I cannot speak for the other factions) but why wouldn't we start taking military weapons? We were harassed by civs on a constant basis at Vybor and with the CLF war going on and then dressing as civs then we would be ICly suspicious of all not wearing a uniform. Add in also those that like to badmouth us and make threats when we leave an area and you can see why we are not trusting anyone.
  5. VoodooLR

    The RAC

    The original Vybor compound was not made by the current leadership of the RAC. The changes made to it will simply be CLF flags waving in the wind there. The new RAC compound has been ICly worked on now for a few days (although as with the game its a fact of it just appearing overnight rather than being lore friendly and built in real time) The loremasters need RAC to work with the people on the server and to do this a compound is required to provide a hub of RP to the server. Maybe @Stagsview @Franny and @Brayces can go into more detail
  6. Currently they don’t carrying anything however I believe the devs are working out ways for items not to get ruined on them meaning they will have a lot more reason to be killed. The main reason for them however is just to slow players down from running into military areas. If you manage to not be sensible and one of these Argos to the door of the 1 entrance barracks you are in then it’s a case of good luck in getting out of there. I believe the armour automatically is ruined on death as to not make it a easy source to farm the rare set
  7. Good work @Roland and the devs as usual
  8. I've managed to kill animals with 1 shot from a mosin so I didn't see any reason to change the values
  9. @Dom Wolf you do not need to make a thread for every single question that you have. We have a helpdesk in our community discord which you can easily join to speak to a support member who will answer all questions and issues that you may have.
  10. There are a lot of vehicle spawns. Currently there are 40+ vehicles on Chernarus. I think the real issue are the ones taking vehicles and then storing them away somewhere with no intention of using them other than to grab gear and take it back to a camp. I don't think increasing spawns would be a good thing at this time as anymore than we have now could be an issue on the server.
  11. Were not gone there isn't anything there because its been stolen. Night after night the place is broken into and looted so no point having gear anymore
  12. Alexei Koslov grew up in Trotsk, a small town on the Russain border next to Lake Beloe, with his Chernarussian Mother (Alina) and Russian Father (Vladislav). His parents owned a dairy farm that overlooked the lake and from a young age Alexei was always outside enjoying the local environment of the forests and the lake. When Alexei was 17 the civil war was raging in the country. Although his parents farm never saw any fighting, it didn't mean that it was exempt from the situation hitting the country. The war meant even more work had to be done to maintain the farm and its produce to the region. Alexei was forced to help out on the farm by his parents to keep them making a living, although the war wasn't necessarily seen in the region of the farm it could be heard in the distance. Alexei’s Mother would not allow him to leave the farm due to fear of what might happen and due to this restriction Alexei started to hate the work he was made to do. As soon as the war ended in 2010, Alexei, being rebellious to his parents, left the farm to find other various jobs in the town. He spent time working at a local book shop until the summer of 2012 when he was fired by the shop's owner. Unemployed and out of money, Alexei moved back to his parents farm where he helped his father with the day to day work involved with a dairy farm. Several months later in November 2012, Alexei watched the local news channel announcing that reforms had been made by their new President Lopotev. These reforms were the formation of the RAC (Republic Army of Chernarus). Taking a look at how his life had made a turn and only seeing a future of working as a farmer like his Father, Alexei did not hesitate and the next day went into town to the recruitment office. After reading all the information available and seeing the wages that would be paid to its soldiers, Alexei signed his life away. After the last few years feeling more stable in the country under Lopetev’s rule, Alexei thought the chances of another war were non-existent. He would simply join this army, do several years and leave with new skills, friendships and a healthy bank balance. Alexei completed his training and was sent to various parts of the country, from the hot Western border with Takistan to the frozen border with Russia. Things were fairly peaceful in the country and the job mainly consisted of just keeping watch and being prepared for anything. In 2016 everything changed, Lopotev was assassinated by a group of rebels that wanted the old ways restored. Alexei was deployed as part of the effort to maintain order of the country and stop rioters and any sign of rebellion. Eventually the situation started to die down and Alexei was stationed in South Zagoria. Over the next few years things went quiet for the RAC with fewer and fewer deployments to areas of the country. Alexei was deployed around South Zagoria in 2019 as the flu pandemic hit the country and Chernarus was placed into a state of emergency. The job itself wasn't hard, mainly just patrolling quarantine zones and being posted to keep civil order in the region. With the Spring of 2020 riots started once again in the streets, Alexei now still finds himself a long way from his home still trying his best to maintain order in all this chaos that is the region of South Zagoria.
  13. Wait we're live? Well then need to start the accent training
  14. until
    Chernarus Pre Lorewipe KoS event
  15. I would ask what protocol wasn’t followed but that isn’t necessary. Update the first post using the template which is standard procedure if you want this appeal to be reviewed.
  16. Although it didn't go according to plan I'm sure everyone can agree it was fun
  17. The server password can be found in your whitelist tab at the top of the forums You will however need to make a character https://www.dayzrp.com/join/
  18. Go to the top right where your profile name is and in the drop down you will see account settings. In there you will then see a tab on the left called discord. Here would will be able to sign out of the discord account (if you are already signed in). The just go on the home page and click the discord button to re-join our discord. You don't need another forum account for discord
  19. Id be quite happy to be the staff member to help spawn in the vehicles and necessary items to get this event to work. There are a few conditions though 1. You need to present your car ICly like top gear. Im talking about you guys saying everything bad with it right from the start. 2. At somepoint in the race you need a area where every car must pick up a community member/staff member and you must finish with them in the vehicle and singing karaoke
  20. Yea that's not a tank zombie. Hitting a tank zombie with an axe will take a lot more hits
  21. We were too busy looking for ammo and finding tents. I think someone was telling us to campfire RP
  22. Its possible but depends on server performance. What I can say though is that even with a wipe Chernarus will not be the same. There is a lot to look forward to
  23. Team Name: norfolkandchance Player 1: @Voodoo Player 2: @Jewell
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