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  1. Voodoo

    I dont wanna do this anymore. Too many late shifts this week. Only 55 minutes to go and i really cant be asked.

    Need to lay down and rest

  2. Voodoo

    @Randle don't piss off the mafia


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      Jon though😔

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      Michael aswell

  3. Rory's very necessary Quotewall pt 1

    I mean i never knew it was you that put that. Tbh if thats triggering you then that is some funny shit, its a internet community dude if you have an opinion (which you obviously did by the quote) then thats your opinion. Seems abit backward to now want to hide your opinion. Maybe you need to grow up and accept that what you write on the forums could be brought back to haunt you later. Im sure ive wrote alot of shit that could come back on me at somepoint but oh well, nothings secret on the internet i guess. Anyway, like the others said, you should take it to PMs
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  5. Perma-deathing?

    I wanna know why nearly all hostile RP now goes into //permission to kill Why is there a need to kill peoples characters? What happened to torture, or even letting them go with a task they must complete? Killing the player kills all RP for the future and then you are known simply for the killings rather than great hostile RP. Permadeath should be down to your choice but hostile parties should not be jumping on the kill spree band wagon. Has this communities hostile RPers lost all imagination? Breaking someones character in line is far more of a benefit than simply pulling a trigger. I still dont agree with remembering the events of your death, its a simple easy way of just getting yourself killed because you cant be bothered with the RP and its alright because straight after you will remember it all and can just get payback by looking for them. Atleast with the old rules that forced you to forget all events leading to your death it meant you had to value your life more in order to remember everything to get revenge in the future.
  6. Voodoo

    "The way you seem to already dismiss this thread makes it feel like you dont care anymore. If thats the case then maybe kts time to give more power to trusted admins and take a backseat."

    Sounds like im starting a military coup :trolle:

  7. Community.

    I know you see these threads alot but hear me out. There is clearly a problem currently with the way things are going. Stats dont lie, look at the player counts, that isnt all because people are bored of DayZ. 0.63 will do nothing if that is the case and you might aswell shut up shop. Fact is there are issues that are being felt by your members. Maybe arranging with your admins and putting out invites to a meeting with those that have pointed out issues would be a step forward? The way you seem to already dismiss this thread makes it feel like you dont care anymore. If thats the case then maybe kts time to give more power to trusted admins and take a backseat. All the community wants to hear is a plan B for when things go tits up, you cant put all your eggs in one basket with the hope that 0.63 will make things better and we will be back to having 2-5 full servers. So @Rolle @JimRP @Aiko @Ender @Lyca and @Oliv Get a meeting set up like the old days, invite a wide selection of community members to attend. My suggestion would be anyone and everyone that has commented in this thread and given opinions. Get members in from 2012-present to talk about the issues and give suggestions (maybe some of us older folk can bring up past systems that were in place that would work to building this place back up). Issues are clear: lack of community spirit, stale RP on servers, distance between staff and players.
  8. Community.

    Were an RP community on a game not facebook. I cant see the point of a status update system. RP needs to change in this community. The encounters ive had make me not wanna play. Seems alot of newer people are here just to gear up and not be killed on sight. Whitelist needs to be reverted back to actually typing it out meaning those that have dedication and wanna actually play will complete it. Currently its a free pass to get in. Im always of the mentality 'if its not broke dont fix it' which is completly opposite of how community owner feels. Not to dig but did we really need to change the whitelist and make it easier? Did we really need a new forum site? All these changes have lead us here with many not wanting to play, RP being stale and inconsistency with staff doing their job. Whole thing just reminds me of my Football team i support (West Ham), the club moved grounds which fans hate, the fans blame the board for not working hard enough, fights break out amonst supporters that are frustrated, the club doesnt feel like itself anymore (heart ripped out) and the manager gets the sack because hes too knackered.
  9. Community.

    When looking at the issue of staff the blame can only fall on those at the top (owners). The last LM left yesterday, had he actually been backed up with those that applied for the role he may have stayed longer or had the people there to pass knowledge onto. That situation comes down to recruitment. And there are many other problems 1. Staff IC activity -last time i was in staff we were getting judged based on forum activity rather than IC activity and building bridges with community members, this need to be changed and IC activity should be monitored. 2. Toxic behaviour - status updates have been nothing but a problem since being added. These must be removed and the forums made simply for suggestions and discussions that are RP related. 3. Work ethic - this really needs to be looked into. 4. General community attitude - its all playground politics of my dick is bigger than yours bullshit. So many moaning about PvP and RP etc. Just the other day i was involved in robbing 2 seperate groups and each occasion all we go was 'your robbing me for my gear, fuck it just kill me' then moaning all over the group thread. Why is gear suddenly so fucking important? After these occasions i really see no point is playing if the only RP ill get is a whining little bitch.
  10. Event Team Discussion

    Is there a point in having an event team without the LM's to push through new storylines? No offence but I don't understand the need for a PvP event that has no IC interaction before it, might aswell just play the server normally and initiate. I can understand a PvP event when its OOC like when we used to do a hunger games style of event.
  11. I'm done.

    Well another LM leaving. Maybe a lack of support and recruitment would do that. Anyway thanks for the new lore I'm sure we will be going backwards again now without you in the team and will require another lore wipe. Good luck with everything in the future. Oh and also
  12. December- Febuary is Winter.

    Don't think its an issue now, not fully immersive but until the game adds seasons (or a mod adds seasons lets be honest with development) then we should just stick to wearing whatever. Although I like wearing heavy coats just because they give more protection when I get PvP hungry
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    Throwback video time:


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      I member

  14. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Me during the KoS event after friendly fire @evanm23
  15. Alexi Rostov

    Alexi was born to a working class family in Kiev, Ukraine. At the age of 20 he enlisted into the Ukrainian military after many failed jobs. In 2014 Alexi went AWOL from his barracks in order to help with the rebellion against pro-Russian military forces who were now unlawfully occupying Ukrainian territory. He now finds himself with his fellow Peoples Army of Ukraine brothers in South Zagoria, Chernarus.
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    I shouldnt have come to work today everything is broken..

    Just another 4 hours to go, need to push through.

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      you can dewit

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      i can do it 

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    Streaming some COD:WW2


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    The level of beanz war posts is too damn high!

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      Hebi Kotei

      urite tbh

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      Yup! Hate that thread as it only clogs up the activity feed and pretty pointless tbh. Although I've participated too once, I still think it's shyte.

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    Just seen yhe avatar. Its back on soon right?

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  19. Arma 3 is good because its newer, we could try something completly different by getting rid of zombies all together. Maybe make a server that is a civil war with 2 major lore factions that you can join which then puts players as the threat rather than poorly modded zombies. Would be abit of a escape from tarkov vibe to gameplay. If however we go down a zombie route (if agreed a arma 3 mod would be made) then id love to see a city map rather than a country to explore, tight streets and rooftops would make for a different type of gameplay and scenery that could make the project take off.
  20. I get it, id love to see a server like Arma 3 or Arma 2 but i cant see it being a success based on past experiences. Why put in the effort of recruiting developers and making a MOD when it will likely get 10-20 players at peak time (and thats being generous). Desolation could have worked but with no developers and no alpha build to test things the project was rushed and faults found. Add the fact it was Tanoa (a DLC many wouldnt pay out for) and that there was no lore ready and it was a complete failure.
  21. Voodoo

    After over 2 years of shift work i think ive come to the conclusion that i wanna go back to simply working 9-5

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  23. By the way i am in range

    So many old players here, such an epic thread
  24. Weve had 2 Arma 3 servers and 1Arma 2 server during the SA era of this community and they all failed due to low server pop. Plus it is our money, our donations run the server and for @Rolle on a business level what is the point in him putting up more money for a server that will be hardly utilised? Thats bad business to invest in something that wont work. Time to face facts, if SA doesnt get sorted and dies even more in popularity this community is over and @Rolle still has to deal with tax man. If you really want the community to survive then money needs to be ploughed in (again business wise why donate to a failing project) or at least inactive members need to get back in game and staff need to work on improvements to the overall community and server feeling (i suggest getting everyones opinions and not dismising opinions based on if liked or if a veteran member)