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  1. Voodoo

    s1 NWAF Griefing 01/24/20

    Was the base locked up? There doesn't seem to be any logs for breaking a combo lock etc.
  2. Voodoo

    s1 NWAF Griefing 01/24/20

    Did griefing occur to the 503 base after this base was hit?
  3. Voodoo

    S1 Griefing Dubky

    So if this was removed to get a vehicle through multiple times why were locks cut and barrels searched? Also seems weird you would need to use that route all the time and were worried about possible attacks against you.. seeing as the road is a circle and could be avoided.
  4. Voodoo

    s1 NWAF Griefing 01/24/20

    Connection Logs: Build Logs: Calling in to post PoV's: @miss_natcula | Hilde Kovaden | POSTED @ASuperiorWight | Corvus Delaney Cavaley | @haydenthehab84 | Dallas Price | Please post a FULL and DETAILED POV and any VIDEO EVIDENCE you have @miss_natcula is there any way you can get the list of viewers for the stream?
  5. Voodoo

    S2 Livonia KOS

    Connection Logs: Hit Logs: Kill Logs: Calling in to post PoV's: @Umfrage | George Wolbert | POSTED @chief_mello | Smedley Butler | @Gaard | Levi Gaard | Please post a FULL and DETAILED POV and any VIDEO EVIDENCE you have @Gaard how did you gain kill rights on the OP and his ally? Also who else was with you during the time of this incident?
  6. Voodoo

    S1 atempt kos invalid initiation and trolling

    @darethima as you will see I've called in those around the area at the time stated in your OP. Just for clarification in the logs it shows you were hit by some zombies before the first position logs I've posted. Was this when you killed infected as you stated in the OP? Also there was a restart soon after the position logs that have been added. Can you just clear up when the incident happened (in terms of the zombie hits and the restart) just incase the original time stated is off in which we can looks abit deeper into the position logs.
  7. Voodoo

    S1 Griefing Dubky

    Why not just take another road?
  8. Voodoo

    S1 Griefing Dubky

    Right enough of the back and forth. So you admit that you and the others called into this report knowingly stripped the walls of the OPs base/compound to make room for a vehicle and to collect nails? What was the RP reason for this vandalism? Taking down a wall or 2 to fit a car through is one thing but to remove the planks of all the other walls is something completely different. @darklingdeer @OblivionCross This report has nothing to do with gear it is to do with the fences as reported. Logs clearly show that multiple fences were dismantled.
  9. Voodoo

    S1 atempt kos invalid initiation and trolling

    Connection Logs: Position Logs: Calling in to post PoV's: @darethima | John Mortensen | POSTED @itsriggs | Jake Castle | POSTED @WinterborneTE | Nathan Winters | POSTED @GnoHomo | Thomas Murphy | Please post a FULL and DETAILED POV and any VIDEO EVIDENCE you have
  10. Voodoo

    S1 Griefing Dubky

    Connection Logs: Build Logs: Calling in to post PoV's: @Hades2101 | Max Killian | POSTED @iswearimjapanese | Eric Portnoy | POSTED @darklingdeer | Tish Montague | POSTED @Xilinara | Desmond Perry | POSTED @OblivionCross | Preston Waters | POSTED Please post a FULL and DETAILED POV and any VIDEO EVIDENCE you have
  11. Voodoo

    Rule changes, new updates, plans for 2020

    It will be from now on. All current banned members will not have a character wipe
  12. Voodoo

    Rule changes, new updates, plans for 2020

    About time
  13. Voodoo

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

    Not Today guys Time to restart
  14. Voodoo

    S1 Chernarus - Pass Sosnovy - Avoiding RP 1/20/2020

    Verdict: @Grayfox - BadRP | Inconclusive Reason: The staff team have reviewed this report and arrived at the outcome above. After reading all the statements and evidence available we can see a conflict in views of the situation to which we feel we cannot give punishment. We would like to confirm however that this is a roleplay server in which roleplay (within the rules) should be given the highest priority over everything else such as gear. It is not a requirement to run up and roleplay with every person you see, however if contact has been made and it is clear that avoiding RP has occurred then a punishment for BadRP will be given. @cmohr we are sorry to hear that your experience recently has made you feel that everyone is avoiding you. For the future we suggest if this happens again maybe record the situation or if unable to do that maybe try taking screenshots when ingame to use as evidence to show distance and movement etc. (this can be done using a function installed by steam, I believe its F12) @Grayfox we can understand that you may have not seen the OP and if in a vehicle you may not have heard anything being said if it was. These things can happen but please check surroundings in future when playing especially in a vehicle. Outcome: @Grayfox - No Punishment Signed: @Voodoo w/notes from: @Aiko @Rover
  15. Voodoo


    Glad you are enjoying the time on the servers. If you know the guys you roleplayed with you can always tag them in this thread: Im sure they will appreciate the comments and the advertisement for their group
  16. Voodoo

    Lore Wipe Discussion

    New lore needs a roadmap spread over a 2-3 year lifecycle if its to be done. Updated every 1-3 months with new information and by the 2-3 year mark have total world destroyed. Issue over the last few wipes is simply that we go from an infection starting to the world totally infected within a few months. If spread out over 2-3 years factors can be added to it such as how the infection spreads in different environments, poverty areas etc.
  17. Voodoo

    Get rid of forums or minimize it...

    I personally don't think this is necessary, the forums are a useful thing for people to keep in contact and discuss other topics not involving DayZ. In terms of monitoring it by staff I think everyones doing a good job. Its not hard to monitor topics and community members can easily report content if they believe it breaks community rules and hasn't been spotted. What I do agree with though is that it could be worth us going through and cleaning some topics up and storing them away in a archive sub forum (i.e. announcements from the mod days etc.)
  18. Voodoo

    Whistle While You Work?

    I sometimes play music on low volume when running about in the quiet times then just hit pause when something interesting happens that needs me to hear things properly
  19. Voodoo

    NVFL S2 NW Polana

    Connection Logs: Hit Logs: Kill Logs: Chat Logs: Calling in to post PoV's: @HDragon | Callahan McDuffin | POSTED @God | Kirby Hammer | POSTED @Skeeterbolt | Santino Moretti | POSTED @HECTIK32 | Mikey Gallo | POSTED @Ryan Shepherd | Donovan Joyce | POSTED Please post a FULL and DETAILED POV and any VIDEO EVIDENCE you have
  20. Voodoo

    The 5.0.3 [Open Recruitment]

    @Alkis @chief_mello @Husky. @EvanPVE Drone Strike? Feat. @Conor and @Inferno
  21. Voodoo

    New Life Rule warning

    If you spawn on or near to your death location as long as we see you run away from the area and not hang around in that area then we wont consider it NLR. DayZ being what it is means we cannot pick and choose or set a location from where you died to respawn so its all pot luck. As long as we see that member running away instantly from the area then there is nothing to worry about
  22. Voodoo

    i cant find a way to post a blacklist appeal anywhere so here it is

    Please create a support ticket by pressing the contact us button at the bottom of the forums
  23. Voodoo

    status update revoke appeal

    After reviewing this appeal we have decided to accept and re-instate the ability to post status updates on your profile. However this ability should not be abused and should you do what you did in the past it will result in a severe punishment. Status updates are a Privilege that should not be abused and can easily be taken away permanently should the staff deem it necessary. Appeal Accepted Signed: @Voodoo @Hofer @Roland
  24. Voodoo

    S1 - Vybor Military Camp - 18:50 05/01/2020

    @OnionRP can you please upload and add the video of the incident to the original post. @cjwahl and @Collin1398 have a further 24 hours to post their POV's before they will be required to make a ban appeal
  25. Voodoo

    Appeal temp ban - 5 days

    A separate team have reviewed all the details presented in this appeal. The chat logs presented to us from our servers are considered to fall into the category of BadRP. Even if they were done with your friends for a laugh on our server, you clearly show above that you understand the reason for the ban in the section regarding what you could have done better. Each and every member represents this community and as such we ask that you RP maturely. Anyone could have been in the area when you committed to writing these chat logs and this could have led them to seeing this community in a bad light and quitting or even feeling that this is appropriate to do and doing so themselves to other members on the server. DayZRP takes its roleplay seriously in order to give a mature and immersive experience to its playerbase. Appeal Denied Signed: @Voodoo w/ notes
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