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  1. Voodoo


    Its a shame we archived but i guess the server now has what it wanted right?

    @BrianM @Inferno453 @CocoMii

    1. Brian


      They got what they wanted... They all said they wanted new fear and hostile RP, but when we tried, we got killed everyday. It is what it is and we will move on to other things.

    2. Realize


      Didn't even get chance to RP with you guys 😞

    3. River


      Seriously what I witnessed today fucking blew it all. I was excited to play my new character with the group and get some freaky rp going and all that was there was people fucking initiating on you bois left right and center and then making unreasonable demands. what????

    4. Luke


      We were hoping to bump into you, I saw what you guys had to offer via Coco's streams.


    5. Voodoo


      @Phoenix its simply 2.3

    6. Saunders


      Really wish the Fifty Two got the chance to RP with you guys.. Don't know what's happened but I'm sad that you archived 😕 

    7. River


      @Voodoo Agree 100%

    8. River


      @Saunders @Luke what I witnessed today:
      The guys: Hey

      fast forward
      The Guys trying to get out of the situation. People just looking to execute.

      Then @Voodoo was told to shoot himself.... what kinda demand even is that?????????

    9. Kain


      Well, it wasn't fear-inducing. It was very in-your-face, I'll be honest. Yeah, I do want good fear in RP, but it's like a jumpscare. You shouldn't put yourself on a pedestal and announce how you guys are all cannibals or whatever. There's fear from stuff like in movies, but that has a different sense to it. We put ourselves into the protagonists shoes, but when it's something like this, well, you need to try to find out how to scare someone in a realistic manner. See, you wouldn't just go into a dark basement alone with some creepy music playing, right? In horror movies, the protagonist most likely will. However, when trying something like this, you want to try to steer clear from having the people know where or what the threat is. 

      I really do appreciate you guys are trying, but it does take a bit more to really get people afraid. Not knowing exactly who or what the threat is, how you deliver certain events, and many more is essential to getting someone afraid. A good example are the guys who were playing cryptic text-to-speech over the radio with ambiguous threats. However, some people have been captured, but not much has been discovered to my knowledge of them. 

      People will know if you are a threat if you wear creepy clothing or sound mad easily in game. They won't know you're a threat if you treat them like a friend. There's a lot of subtlety that's required. I'd be willing to talk some more about this kind of stuff with you guys to help some brainstorming. 

    10. River


      @Kain Their rp was perfect towards the beginning of the group. Freaked me and many others the fuck out many many times. It was amazing.

      Then people started metagaming and harassing them ingame and they started giving up. Can't rly blame them.

    11. Derek Steel

      Derek Steel

      really suck to see you guys group go this way from what i did see on the streams you did a amazing jobb with your rp
      sad i never got to experiance it ingame myself

    12. Kain


      @Phoenix I'm referring more to this radio post. 


      I believe with something that is really fear inducing, honestly, steer away from telling people OOCly and making an official group. Official groups, whether you believe it or not, people will use them to metagame. They always have. It's unfortunate, but there were some flaws.

    13. Brian


      @Kain how are you supposed to do it? The only reason we announced it was because of all the lies and metagame that we got right from the beginning. What are we supposed to do? How are we supposed to make a group of cannibals who doesn't get shit like this thrown at them? The way we planned it was never how it turned out. One person streamed it all and the next thing we knew, we were getting told that we were eating people without them evening knowing ICly that we were like that.. It just doesn't make sense and it is not worth the stress or the time. 

    14. Imation11


      Huge shame 😞 they became a huge massive story for many people’s characters. Massive respect for the RP 

    15. Brian


      Glad that people got good story lines from it, we tried, but never got what we wanted to sadly.

      However I do appreciate everyone who tried with us all!

    16. River


      Massive story influence for Luca. Thank you so much for everything you've done.

      @Voodoo PLEASE report the people who gave u the unreasonable demands telling you to shoot yourself earlier. PLEASE

    17. Ratatosk


      Dont worry boys and girl! We will get them next time! 

      Okay the jokes aside for now.. It was fun! And its such a shame it was so short lived but oh well! But Im sure we can make new characters that can be interesting! I believe in us! Woohooo! Thank you everybody for the great rp ❤️ 

      @Kain I dont think you have seen me play.. Dont teach me about fear. I have made many people scared shitless. Its just goes to a point where you kinda give up 🤷‍♀️

    18. Kordruga


      Really enjoyed The Tainted's role-play and we were looking forward to our story line with you lot, sad to see you go 😿

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