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  1. Voodoo

    Fawlty towers, such a great comedy

    1. Major



  2. Voodoo

    Why did the invisible man turn down the job offer?




    He couldn't see himself doing it.

    1. Brayces


      Hahaha, I love jokes like this. This made me smile, thank you!

  3. Community Summit

    That is a great idea and can be used as a perk for creating a group. The fact that you have more direct say to the staff running the server +1 In terms of the summit it is an idea i brought up a while ago about having selected members to be apart of a meeting. We used to always have meetings and especially staff Q&As that would help the community progress and become more together. Rolle lets get them meetings going again and get all the community to speak of their negatives and positives and work to make this place better. (Just to clarify this isnt sarcasm i am genuinely showing my positivity to the suggestion you have made. Its the right step forward)
  4. Voodoo

    So much drama i guess its time for bed.

    looking forward to a brand new day tomorrow with work, gym and some video games to chill out to.


    1. Samaritan


      Time to bring the 501st back yet?

    2. Voodoo


      Not yet, probably never will be a time for that

  5. Voodoo

    That's more appropriate for a new profile song.

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    If I had beanz left you would recive them ;)

    1. Squillium


      Thanks fam

  6. Voodoo

    Point out something bad and told its the same old song.. now I know how another now permabanned ex-staff member felt.

    Funny how some people can be with criticism

    1. Rolle


      All you do is post "criticism" Voodoo. Or rather it's not really criticism, but rather constant complaining. You're never happy with anything - state of the game, community, staff, report verdicts, bans, new rules, events. It's always the same old "things are shit and dying". Look through your post history for reference. You say you care so much about the community, but you're not helping by bringing everyone around you down with the overwhelming negativity. A little positivity is what we could use right now.

    2. Voodoo


      If you want positivity then follow the rules that are in place. This is a simple fuck up that in the staff rules should never have been allowed to even take place.

      Look at the voting, it says it all. I'm not the only one negative about events that have happened I thought last March would have made you realise how delicate one decision can be to this community.

      Now you want me to be positive? 

      - You have a fantastic community full of dedicated players (well once they see some game progress with beta, that's not criticism its a simple fact that people wanna do other things currently and its expected from a long wait). So with this fantastic community listen to them.

      - We run on a potentially great game should things improve.

      - We have a staff team that give all their free time to monitoring this place and not getting payed to do it. They are fantastic for doing that and making sacrifices. 

      I may not show positivity when things do go well but that's simply because I'm as inactive as fuck at the moment due to real life and generally waiting for 0.63 as I cant be bothered to jump into the servers playing a game I get bored of fast and only having 10 players to interact with during my little free peak time I get.

      I stated my opinion on the matter, which is pretty much 'you done fucked it up'. Now I'm not the only one saying that, the community responses speak for themselves. A lot of views are negative at the moment, the community is in a dark place, basically limbo. We don't have a clue what to do simply because the game hasn't updated, no one wants to dedicate time to groups/creating groups or simply jumping in game if the servers are dying out due to the drought in content. Waiting it out is the best we can do but then things happen like this incident and it reflects bad on the general mood and motives of the community.

      Why did they need to get banned in that report? Why wasn't the discussion open a lot longer in order to get all views and allow time for the right person to respond? Why was Aiko allowed to push through a verdict when staff rules have always prohibited the thread owner from being involved in all stages of the report process?

      Like the SMART guidelines you got from work I use the Audit guidelines from my work. Its simply to do an Audit, you look at the problem and ask why it happened until you get a sure answer to it.

      look I respect all staff and I don't care if you don't tell me answers to the above because fuck it I'm a normal community member deemed in the scumbag category. Simple fact is there are always consequences to your actions. By banning these guys you will now probably lose friends of theirs from playing on the server, this will lower the community numbers, they will tell others to not join because of how they were treated, us community members then see what has happened and start to ask questions and give criticism. The criticism then gets seen by all members, before you know it little jimmy has decided that this community isn't for him and although hes just been whitelisted he never types in that server password to play.

      You need to act as if the members you have are the last you will get because quite simply we have no idea if beta will pick up new players to join. Infact its unlikely due to the negative reviews all over steam for DayZ, as shown with other games recently reviews now make a big impact on sales when it comes to games. Rolle take this advice or not but the community needs a revamp, that's not being negative that's being positive. The community needs more training to occur in the staff team and for everyone to be the same when it comes to things like reports. Standard operating procedures are needed to be fully re-written and followed. Rule 4 needs to be toned down abit, I'm not sying get rid of it completely as it is a rule that is needed in certain situations but more discussion is needed. Don't aim to ban people permanently and don't aim to be so harsh, stay with that little bit of middle ground and things will look balanced. A ban should be the last thing thought about, something I always promoted when as a GM and discussing reports with the likes of @Stagsview.  

  7. The Deal With It Attitude

    Doesn't matter if its agreed as a team, the person that puts up the report was always told to be completely away from it. Only posts they should do is adding evidence or giving a POV. By allowing them to write a verdict you are basically opening yourself up as a staff team to calls of bias. Infact Aiko shouldn't have even been in the discussion involving her own report or even putting her opinion in on using rule 4. The more bad publicity like that, the more people will give up on this community and start to spread their opinions on staff being biased. As I said before, the community is fragile as it is with how bad game development is, if you want to rule a pile of ruins just keep doing shit like this.
  8. The Deal With It Attitude

    Last time i checked that was a staff rule. Noone was allowed to handle their own reports including Rolle. Its the reason there is a staff structure.
  9. The Deal With It Attitude

    What happened to the community that i used to know? Too much power at the top with no safe guards. Every ban is a nail in this already fragile coffin of a community. Doesnt matter though, all the admins walked out last time over power misuse and then with the reset nothing changed. So i cant see this thread going anywhere tbh the community has already started the collapse back when SJWs piped up and moaned and a whole load of people went onto forum suicide.
  10. Voodoo

    Wait admins can now solve their own reports?

    wow ultimate power right? Guess the GMs are not trusted anymore to do their job.

    wonder what happened to protocol and balance in the staff team.. oh yea rule 4 shit all over it.

    1. Rolle


      lol drama

    2. Voodoo


      Yea. Who needs soaps on TV like eastenders when you can soend 5 mins on forums and see whos fucked up this time.

  11. Voodoo

    So sea of thieves..

    Anyone else getting the game on launch for PC?

    I be looking for a crew.


    1. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      not worth the money, blackwake is much better

    2. Macbrine


      if i could run it :(

    3. Voodoo


      Blackwake looks better but the whole cartoon style and getting drunk, playing instruments and firing yourself out of a cannon just reminds me of the fable games

    4. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      Its a laugh with friends but its too shallow like the biggest ship you can only have 4 people on it im pretty sure

  12. Voodoo

  13. If you all travel together and all get initiated on then you can fight back. Another option is scout the scene out and decide if its safe enough to split up or make an official group. The reason the servers got stale is because of dynamic groups, there is no consiquence if a dynamic rob everyone they see as they simply change characters and do it again the next day. If an official group commits hostilities that group then has to live with the consequences and thus the server lore keeps rolling with new stories and decisions. Dynamic groups were introduced for SA simply to allow a group of people to play together for that gaming session. They were then abused by a majority of members by constantly being together as dynamic rather than building an official group. That then lead to official groups dying out due to lack of recruitment simply because things were easier just meeting the same mates everyday and rolling dynamic. Lack of official groups then lead to stale RP with no rolling stories or legends being created. I love how people lose their minds over a rule being taken out that was quite frankly the reason the servers got to a state they are. Mod rules worked and kept things balanced, its the best way to go as long as people start getting creative and getting group ideas out there to push the servers on. Somalian pirates, gun loving russian military types, heroic figures, the bunch of crazies all of which contributed to building the reputation of the community and made the play session enjoyable.
  14. Characters escaping death.

    NVFL only applies to cases where you are clearly out numbered and still went down fighting. If you manage to kill a few and run to safety your in the clear if you take on 3 hostiles kill 2 wound the third but still go down then its for the GM team to discuss. In a situation like that in the past we would let it slide as the player was unfortunate not to kill them all. Plus they have to take environment into consideration. Did the player have better cover than the hostile party etc. Its the reason why video evidence is so important. I dont think we need to be working on when to permadeath that should be down to the character owner to choose. It may not be realistic but this is a game and there has to be a balance.
  15. Beta will likely be a flop, so far there is no evidence to suggest they are close to a release with the famous quote 'we dont feel its ready' always being up in a status update. Aswell as that what new features have they shown that would make people dome back? Tourist trails? Mushrooms? New ladder animations? The only way they can save this game now if showing off a load of secret Arma 2 assets that we all loved in the DayZ mod that they are implementing into SA such as UAZs, tons of new weapons, MI-17, huey etc. old players want nostalgia back to this game to feel its going back to its roots and there is nothing to suggest that will happen. Yes we should give beta a go but i wouldnt sit here expecting all 50000 players to pick the game back up and start playing again. We will probably get about 2 full servers for a week before people realise the game is still a turd but rolled in glitter.
  16. Only likely reason for disabiling it would be done to security. Problem is will it ever come back?
  17. Voodoo

    I need a new job

  18. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    One day we will get actual news of development to this game. Tourist trails? What about all the bugs that need a fix and implementation of brand new things. Show me rounds being fired from a PKM, a working camo UAZ and a properly implemented heli flying about and being prepared and maybe ill get more hyped that things are moving forward.. also add a few explosions, make it more action packed
  19. Events "Protection"

    People come here to avoid KoS, some also come to avoid interaction with other players and aim for the best loot. Hostilities will happen, doesnt lead to killing unless you make it lead to that.
  20. Events "Protection"

    I member when the only events on the server were lore based and any grand openings or other meeting based events were simply during server times and subject to environment conditions such as initiations etc. Seems now simple things that could be dynamic and developed in game now require staff/rule intervention and put in an event because of members wanting to be safe and simply cannot RP gathering numbers for protection. Ah the good ol days.. Rolle rules for events are stupid, if people cannot organise treaties and gather numbers then simply they shouldnt host an event in the first place.
  21. Community Opinions and the Sort

    Problem is everything went forum based. - Radio messages on forums - Forum organised events Just to name a few examples. Aswell as this staff are inactive in game, activity always used to be a requirement to join staff, now seems to be anyone can apply as long as you have used the forums. Aswell as this the community took a massive hit with the chicken tendie saga that took away 100+ active users from the servers and we havent recovered since. Which all came down to a rushed staff ban for a pretty harmless gif because this community went from being a normal social hub of those 16+ to suddenly being a work environment that caters for those with a sensitive mindset (who quite frankly shouldnt be in this rp community if they cant take some harmless fun when we are a community that Is based on a horror style dark RP game) Too many SJWs took control pure and simple... but that isnt everything, yes the community has had problems and has gone, in my opinion, a wrong direction but generally the state of the game is shit. We are based on a game that is 4 years old and still in alpha with a dwindling player base. Will things get better? Probably not, we have no idea when beta is, and even if it does come out soon, copies have been sold. Steam reviews put the game to shit so new players are unlikely at least in the numbers that were at launch and anyone that has the game are likely to pick it up and play for a little while before giving up after realising its the same game with abit of polish. Only way DayZ will survive is with modding and frequent updates adding new things which with this development will never happen as updates and new things will take 2 years at a time to add something like a piece of clothing. So what do we do??? well simple, we just play the waiting game, apply some plasters to the problems in the community maybe do some minor surgery in terms of changes that are needed to revamp this place and just hope the game actually makes some progress. I hate to say it as i was one that was always optimistic about this game, saw its potential and defended it during rough times but truth is if this takes any longer or if 0.63 is a development failure, well this community in terms of dayZ SA will be extinct.
  22. Its time for DayZ to end...
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      I think u meant to say: "meme!"

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      donde esta mi burro por favor

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      Por la puta calle.

  23. Events "Protection"

    There should be no special treatment when it comes to events. In fact the system needs an overhaul when it comes to events. A majority of events planned could just be done as usual in normal server conditions following the rules (such as KoS events where a town fights a group as we have seen in the past). Keep things dynamic with the possibility of surprises along the way and say no to script RP which is a killer to the community.