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  1. See get a seperate arma 2 mod community back up and things will be fine. Arma 2 is cheap aswell and easy to run, as for its bugs, what can be worse than bugs experienced in SA?
  2. I say go back to arma 2, make it a side community rather than project, everyone whitelists and all old banned mod players get amnesty. Go full DayZRP oldschool just like runescape did when it had problems. @Rolle get out the old patch dated 2013/2014 and reinstall it on its own community. Think of the donations for clan skins
  3. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    I'm excited for the hesco box, finally a way to create roadblocks. just need the vehicles to work properly
  4. Voodoo

    If a turtle doesn't have a shell, is he homeless or naked?

    1. Keira


      both D:

  5. o7

    I know how you feel. good luck mate
  6. Voodoo

    Its really boring getting payed to do nothing at work :|

    1. Phoenix


      :( watch netflix?

    2. Undead



      tic tac toe


  7. Where's everybody gone?

    2. 8pm is late for many EU players when you consider the actual day in which they have. If someone can br online at 5pm, doesn't come on because the server isnt full until 8pm then spends the 2 hours they have simply tunning around to find noone or a very limited bunch of people boredom sets in and they are more likely to log after an hour of running. 3. It did make an impact. I dont agree with how a majority of them left but to have 130 odd members that were all apart of known active groups (akrasia, outrun etc.) get permabanned it did make a difference. Now the server isnt getting full till 8pm back then the server was getting full at 5pm. You can say whatever you want to be honest, as the past day has shown i know what you think of me. The truth is this community needs a bigger player population EU wise so main promotion should be focused there. Why not make a seperate website with Arma 2 DayZ Mod. Add rules and lore and give amnesty, im sure some players may come back for abit of mod then from there if they prove things have changed amnesty could be given for SA.
  8. Where's everybody gone?

    More likely December if the past is anything to go by. The decline on the server has many factors 1. The game isn't progressing fast enough, why play DayZ with everything being the same for the past 2 years when you can go experience a new game. 2. The servers have shifted more to a US timezone meaning EU players must be up later to enjoy any type of full server (something a lot of us cant do due to work etc.) 3. Most of the active community got permabanned back in March. These were the guys that would throw out dynamic storylines and play the bad guys which kept the servers interesting and provided advertisement of the different interactions you are likely to find when playing (plus a majority of them were EU timezone and helped fill the server during the late afternoon/evening period) But in all @Prince sums it up. DayZ is a dying game due to the terrible dev work being done. The only hope for it is that Modding takes off and gets the players back but who knows when that will be and with Arma 3 constantly being modded to include a dayz experience would anyone really come back knowing they can get all what SA provides and more using a mili sim game with extra content.
  9. Voodoo

    Cant wait



    1. Dew


      I can this series became trash after Assassins Creed 3.

    2. Voodoo


      This just seems like the reset button.

      More RPG elements similar to witcher 3 and with historical characters it looks like it will be fun.They took a year off to work on it properly and from what ive seen it seems like its worked (although the sniper bow where you can control the arrows direction I'm not fond of).

  10. Voodoo


  11. Voodoo


  12. ChDKZ - 103.7 [open freq]

    *The radio springs to life* So you plan on taking the country back by installing fear and killing people? To be honest I haven't seen you guys around in any numbers that would even match that of the VDV, CDF or even the infected. I don't understand why we must help fight for you other than your numbers are so low you know you cannot win should it come to war with CDF and VDV forces, which this very radio message shows as a declaration of war to all sides. I just wish you guys good luck, I don't think this war will go beyond Christmas. *Transmission ends*
  13. Voodoo


    1. Phoenix


      I'm just not gonna act like my character would in radio chatter anymore :) 

  14. The Depot [24.7 Hz]

    *There is a brief sound of static before a voice is heard on this frequency* People of Chernarus, The Depot has made use of its talents and brought you all a thriving public house situated in Chernogorsk. From this we have shown our commitment when it comes to supporting local business in these troubling times and we are committed to helping out more. No matter how difficult the job we will get it done. That's our guarantee, so contact us on 24.7 with any issues you need resolving and we can arrange how the task is done. *The broadcast returns to the original message repeating every hour*
  15. Mars Corporation [Recruitment Open]

    And there i was thinking i had found a cosmonaut group that returned from space. Anyway good luck guys thread looks good