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  1. Voodoo


    Well if you can guarantee that this community will be in safe standing then you have my backing with this amnesty May I just suggest that the final warning imposed on these members gets a fixed sentence? Maybe final warning for 3-6 months? I know it sounds lenient but if we win back their confidence in the community again it could drastically increase our numbers on the server through newer members seeing that we are once again a huge server of DayZ. Lets do the right thing and make this place as big, if not bigger than it was before.
  2. Voodoo


    Issue is ToS for the companies you have listed have 100% been looked into by a solicitor to make sure everything in writing is completly solid with no grey areas. Can you say that the rules for this community and its ToS have been looked into by a legal professional? Currently the gaming market is in bad press and its getting worse (Skin gambling on Csgo, loot boxes on battlefront etc.) last thing this community would need is legal action because of things not set in stone. Lets say the unbanned pay up, they get banned because of something deemed illigitimate to this communities ToS (and dont deny it hasnt happened weve seen people banned that werent even on a final or had any points on record simply because they followed and posted a picture of a chicken nugget... or got under staff members skin abit) they could then bring this up and even go through bohemia. Bohemia could then take this issue up and demonitise us or worse close us down. Anything this sensitive really needs to be looked at by a legal representative. When i was made redundant from my job over 3 years ago i had to go through a solicitor to make sure my contract was being followed and noone was being ripped off. By signing up to this community we digitally put our signature against the rules and ToS. With each change made it practically nullifies that contract that was signed, for instance i could still be covered under the 2013 rules and ToS (dunno if it would be seen like that but its a situation that needs to be tred lightly). Is this community covered under sweedish law? Or can someone use their own countries law that may go against sweedish law for instance. If this community is now classed as a business with paying tax then law comes into it like in any business. Are you meant to be paying a pension to staff? Basically to sum it up, when it comes to money (and you know this first hand with the tax stitch up) you really need to watch your back and the companies you own. This isnt simply something you can “wing it” with. One wrong move and the courts can completly destroy you.
  3. Voodoo


    I know its been brought up about bohemia but by paying to play, should the banned user get banned a second time does this not go against trading standards laws meaning the individual could sue this community due to not recieving what they payed for? Ive been thinking this for a while even with simple things like paying for forum content, afterall these payments have now been deemed to not be a donation and thus they have been taxed meaning any payments to this site must follow trading rights laws.. maybe its something worth looking into before it gets to a stage someone has balls and the community needs to pay for a lawyer. Better call saul!
  4. Voodoo


    Seems like a good idea on paper but not sure anyone will pay to be unbanned in a community they are unsure will survive or not based on a single DayZ update. Seems abit steep a price when you consider they could just add another 25 to the amount and get a brand new game.
  5. Voodoo

    DayzRP = gone?

    Fully agree with this.. lets not get too over excited (lets all be honest everyone just jumped on the server last night because they saw I was online)
  6. Voodoo

    Lore poll

    I'm all up for a new lore, maybe we can start it somewhere else? The outbreak occurs in takistan or some other neighbouring country. Chernarus is used as a drop off point for Westerners that were abroad but cannot get back into their country due to closed borders?
  7. Born in Miroslavl, Alexi grew up in a thriving city. When the infection hit he was working locally in the police force and was attempting to help those trying to flee the chaos when the city was overrun. He now serves in the 502nd trying desperately to get a foothold in South Zagoria.
  8. Voodoo

    502nd Rozviduvalʹna Kompaniya (Open Recruitment)

    App is already in to storm get ready
  9. Voodoo

    502nd Rozviduvalʹna Kompaniya (Open Recruitment)

    I may have to put in an app... ive been playing so much tarkov I'm sure I can pull off a scav voice by now.
  10. Voodoo

    502nd Rozviduvalʹna Kompaniya (Open Recruitment)

    oi... 501st-509th is trade marked
  11. Voodoo

    What's good?

    Welcome back
  12. Voodoo

    DayzRP = gone?

    Fully agree a ban wipe would be a good thing.... but lets be honest who in their right mind would return if they feel the ban was unjustified? (like most of the cases that have happened in the past few years) The community image turned to shit and the respect members had (especially from member that were here and funded this place to keep going from the start and during the 2013 wave) has been diminished due to the actions that occurred.
  13. Voodoo

    DayzRP = gone?

    Fully agree, it seems to be too little too late in terms of the changes. The community went in a certain direction and that basically killed a lot of potential and the future of the place through new rules and random banning that was completely unnecessary. Add also that the game has been in 0.62 for over a year and you can see why no one plays this game, nothing has improved in over 2 years with the same bugs that has plagued the game since release. Hopefully 0.63 comes and works out well but I wouldn't hold out hope of that. The community got stale the day when over 100 members that actually used their imagination to create unique groups and storylines were banned for a chicken meme. Also DayZRP has always been dying since 2013 (just maybe this meme is coming true)
  14. Voodoo

    Battlefield V

    Exactly, everyone is jumping onto battle royale and nothing new is being done to make it better 'Were doing battle royale the battlefield/call of duty way"... so basically your doing it the PUBG way but with your engine? Gotta admit ive been enjoying the beta today. I like the way squad leaders now have perks like supply drops which are earned by working well as a squad. Still haven't worked out the building mechanics but that's mainly because I keep playing sniper or assault. Apart from the expected beta bugs it does feel like a battlefield game, would prefer a few more routes that could be created (like blowing a hole in a wall inside a house to get through to another building next door, this seems to be a thing in Rotterdam that some houses don't have many options when it comes to navigating through them) but apart from that I think I might invest in this game on release (even with all the controversy about female soldiers).
  15. Voodoo

    Battlefield V

    On origin go to the BF5 page and it has an option to try the game. That's where you can download the beta test