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  1. CitadelRP.com - new community

    Seems like a good idea. I have noticed though that you cannot use the same email address as the one on here.
  2. Longer Nights?

    Its alright to turn it up abit when needed but the expereince you get when its dark all around and you require a torch is excellent. Adds the fear factor back in the game when you dont see an infected near you but can hear it and makes you plan out your journey more. I enjoy the experience but dont do it as often as i should mainly due to others just turning the gamma up. Sort of ruins the fun of it when you cant see them but they can see you as if its daylight, hopefully modding will add a function to remove gamma and adjust the server so it is the right brightness for everyone to enjoy without being too dark or too light.
  3. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    Most vets will take on new members, problem is many new members dont wanna join groups or those that make a looking for group post never get a response. It seems group owners are no longer looking to recruit from that section or groups generally are just so inactive with their members playing on alts. Even the owners are playing on alts most of the time now and it just leaves groups looking inactive or that the owners dont care about leading the group and helping develop the servers.
  4. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    What I was getting at is tat the game should have been the Mod with a more polished look and then start to add all the extra parts to gameplay. Why farming and books were added so early on I have no idea. It should have been the Mod with add ons rather than trying to start the whole process from scratch and trying to cram in so many things all at once. I mean look at the recent small update, yes its just carved pumpkins but that required a dev to work on... that time could have been better spent rather than making a holiday item that lasts for 1 day a year. Looking back at the roadmaps and its a complete joke. Just shows no planning and just shows how much has been missed or broken since the game was released to alpha build 2014 2015 This game is way behind schedule with so much missing that they gave up with new ideas for 2016 and 2017. Hopefully 0.63 will get the ball moving but when you look at that evidence there it doesn't give a lot of hope that things will actually be added. They are already saying they are not fully happy with the demo of 0.63 they played and its now already late October 2017.
  5. Longer Nights?

    This, Gamma is a problem with the game and its a shame because the nights with the light system can actually make for some intense experiences.
  6. Character being KOSable

    Sounds like a terrible idea. The reason initiations are ingame is to make things clear and not create further rule breaks. If a whole group has KoS rights id be pissed if im in the same area, wearing the same stuff and get killed due to someone elses idea to allow the killing from distance without interaction. Im concerned that you would talk to a Moderator and Loremaster about this. No offence but a Moderator has no idea and has training wheels on when it comes to reports and a LM has nothing to do with the rules or ingame mechanics. You need full approval from Rolle and the admins in order to implement this kind of thing and ill tell you now you are not the first to have this idea and all the guys that brought it up before got shot down simply due to the possibility of mass Miss IDs
  7. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    Fully agree with this. The simple problem is SA isnt good enough, if the devs had brains they would have made SA exactly like Mod then added in the useless crap like books and farming in order to boost the content count. So far we have gone since December 2013 with a game that is nowhere close to the Mod in terms of content and enjoyment. Mod: Engine block, wheels and fuel and you have a working car SA: Battery, spark plug, fuel, wheels, doors..... and you have a bugged out car that hardly moves SA is too complicated for the casual gamer that only has a few hours after work to jump in. Everything has so many steps before you actually get a reward from it and thats whats killing the game. I understand they want a hardcore survival game but that takes away the fun aspect. Why look for hours for ammo when you can simply use a melee weapon to kill the bugged out infected in 2 seconds, and this is where the fun then dies with DayZRP. As much as people moan about it PvP is a game mechanic that dramatically improves gameplay (when done in the right RP manner). Would you watch a talk show about campfires or live action adrenaline fuelled drama if you were on twitch/youtube? Reason the community got player waves from the likes of PSI wasnt because he was a good youtuber it was because of the amount of content he put up showing firefights, comedy and drama. All of which havent been seen large scale in years, with Mod i could log in and play 3-4 hours straight now i log in and the first encounter can make me feel like its time to instantly log simply because there isnt anything to keep me interested. Straight after im logging into Squad where i get the drama of screaming down comms whilst bullets fly, a game feeling i havent had since the Mod days. The game (DayZ) isnt good and at this stage this is where the game should have been in 2015, will it get better and bring in players? We have to wait and see but with steam reviews being negative i think we can rule out new players making their way in the community until things dramstically change and unfortunately as much as i have hope in the dev team i just cant see a dramatic change coming that will push the reviews out of the red and into the blue.
  8. Voodoo

    Tunesquad or monstars?

  9. Voodoo


  10. Voodoo



  11. New Update

    Pumpkins... Could have added some other stuff like a hockey mask etc. I guess this is yet another example of the dev team having other priorities. Alright i guess although 0.63 would have been a better gift.
  12. back4the pvp rp

    My fellow 501st OG welcome back
  13. Voodoo

    Im now starting to accept i cant drink like i used to when younger.

    Got the worst hangover going.

    1. Rory


      Josh sent me a picture of you passed out at 4 in the morning xD 
      Good you're having fun at least

    2. Voodoo


      I dont wanna see any more alcohol xD

    3. Rory


      Thats inevitable. You decided to go out with Josh for 3 days xD 

    4. Jinx


      Maybe cut it down to two days

  14. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    DayZRP has been dying since 2012 (even with the huge waves of new players). Osaka is right, put the MOD and SA side by side and you will see the MOD has more features to keep you entertained. Now before everyone jumps on the "heres voodoo being Mr. Negative again" i want to point out that i still have hope that SA will get better and exceed the Mod in everyway. 0.63 looks like a step in the right direction but heres the catch, 0.63 is a demo limited to one town and have a limit on players and NPCs. Add more infected across the whole map, 60 players, persistent loot stored all over and vehicles then see how 0.63 is when the servers are working harder before judging it. Looks great in demo form but will the real thing be the same? In terms of what Osaka said about content this is where the game seriously lacks, its been years and we still have the same items. They could have implemented simple things, new clothing items or consumable items. I understand weapons not being added due to the rework (why add something only to have to go back over it to instal new sounds) but more could have been done. We live in a world where content is key to enjoying a game and us consumers want even more content to keep us interested and with DayZ were not getting the level we expect after 4 years.
  15. Voodoo

    Today is the day!

    London Ambulance Service interview here i come.

    1. Samaritan


      Best of luck bud! That is a noble profession.

    2. Randle


      Hope it goes/went well Alex.

    3. Para


      Good luck with getting the job!

    4. Voodoo


      Just gotta play the waiting game now :|

      Not sure how it went tbh. Not fully confident but not feeling like it went too bad either.

    5. Samaritan


      You have done it now. You tried your best at that moment so don't over analyse it. Well done for going for it and I hope you get accepted.