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  1. Try connecting by pressing the discord button on the home screen. If this does not work then please send in a support ticket using the contact us function at the bottom of the page
  2. *The radio would burst into life with a muffled voice, the sound being distorted with static* "I've heard you are looking for members of the Brotherhood, well whatever they have done I wish you luck. I've spoken to a few of these Brotherhood members recently, they tell me that another group is going around who might appear to be Brotherhood but they are not. These guys go by the name 'The Jokers'. Last I saw of this group they were in a yellow two storey building in the town of Gieraltow opposite the clinic there. Might be worth checking, I believe these guys are more trouble to the region of Livonia than Brotherhood are. Infact if they were not being hunted by your men I believe they could be useful allies to your cause.. lets just say they have a lot of info that they like to share, for a price of course." *The radio static would increase, the signal lost*
  3. Good luck to you, we tried with the group above but it was very much polished everywhere that we were cannibals as soon as we took our first victim (which you have to keep alive as per the rules) and then they run off and tell everyone that they had a piece of them taken. That then led to a few questionable metagaming situations which led to us losing interest to play as the group because everywhere we went somehow we were known without giving much away. @Brian can confirm this, but overall I wish you luck. Tip: If you don't want to get Kuru best thing to do is not eat the meat. Infact you don't actually need the human meat just RP it out, we used to steal kidneys and skin
  4. Welcome to the group @Duke @MaybeleleLR and @SnozzLR
  5. This group looks very WIP. It is missing a lot of key features such as a roster and does not contain SMART goals. Also as per the rules: "You may not have been a member of another group in the last 7 days" Rules can be found here: As it appears that this is a WIP and you are currently in a group this will be archived. PM a Mod+ to bring it back to ideas when the time is right.
  6. Heard and seen great things from you guys. Activity is fine and goals look to be getting completed. I'm sure you will increase the number of goals over time. With all that said I see no reason to hold this back any longer. Group Approved Look forward to meeting you guys ingame.
  7. Tue but as ive said a lot now I think the ammo types listed need to be buffed up anyway. 9mm for instance does hardly any damage to players let alone the infected. I think we really do need to increase these ammo types damage values to make a lot of the guns like pistols and SMG's have a value to them and are reliable to use in multiple situations such as PVP and PVE
  8. Both sound good to me. calling in @Watchman and @Ducky
  9. That will be more of a @Roland thing or @Watchman and @Ducky But yea castles on Chernarus will spawn them aswell as the mace I believe.
  10. I need a division profile to go against your rogue profile

    1. Ducky


      "Fuck The Division!"

    2. groovy azu

      groovy azu

      *gets blown up*

  11. A separate team have reviewed this appeal and arrived at a conclusion. Although this is your first offense on our servers we do not make acceptions. We have a standard punishment guide which lists the time given for rulebreaks ingame, this can be found here: As can be seen in this guide you were given a verdict of BadRP which falls under the 5 day ban and 10 points category. After reviewing the report we do not see any justification in lowering this punishment for yourself and it is clear from this appeal that you understand what you did wrong and how you could have handled the situation better for the future. Appeal Denied Signed: @Voodoo @Elmo
  12. Bohemia control our item shop essentially so I believe the cool down is exactly where it should be now. Spawning items in is an advantage as certain clothes have more slots. If cool down was less this could be abused by spawning in multiple items of a certain inventory size to carry more or deck out a group of players to carry more. Then you have the advantage of spawning in clothing to cut up into rags because you are bleeding out and didn’t keep stock on bandages (or they got damaged in your inventory). If cool down was less this would be abused.
  13. Good to see you finally managed to do it after all that time looking for a bear
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