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  1. back4the pvp rp

    My fellow 501st OG welcome back
  2. Im now starting to accept i cant drink like i used to when younger.

    Got the worst hangover going.

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    2. Voodoo


      I dont wanna see any more alcohol xD

    3. Rory


      Thats inevitable. You decided to go out with Josh for 3 days xD 

    4. Jinx


      Maybe cut it down to two days

  3. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    DayZRP has been dying since 2012 (even with the huge waves of new players). Osaka is right, put the MOD and SA side by side and you will see the MOD has more features to keep you entertained. Now before everyone jumps on the "heres voodoo being Mr. Negative again" i want to point out that i still have hope that SA will get better and exceed the Mod in everyway. 0.63 looks like a step in the right direction but heres the catch, 0.63 is a demo limited to one town and have a limit on players and NPCs. Add more infected across the whole map, 60 players, persistent loot stored all over and vehicles then see how 0.63 is when the servers are working harder before judging it. Looks great in demo form but will the real thing be the same? In terms of what Osaka said about content this is where the game seriously lacks, its been years and we still have the same items. They could have implemented simple things, new clothing items or consumable items. I understand weapons not being added due to the rework (why add something only to have to go back over it to instal new sounds) but more could have been done. We live in a world where content is key to enjoying a game and us consumers want even more content to keep us interested and with DayZ were not getting the level we expect after 4 years.
  4. Today is the day!

    London Ambulance Service interview here i come.

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    2. Para


      Good luck with getting the job!

    3. Voodoo


      Just gotta play the waiting game now :|

      Not sure how it went tbh. Not fully confident but not feeling like it went too bad either.

    4. Samaritan


      You have done it now. You tried your best at that moment so don't over analyse it. Well done for going for it and I hope you get accepted.

  5. Well if people feel their ban is unjustified or feel they were shit on by those in power then the salty attitude can do this kind of shit. When you have the internet you will get trolls that want to ruin it for others. My money if i was betting on who would DDoS would probably go on those banned in March, alot of enemies were made on that day. However its more likely to be a problem with the server provider, they havent been the best since weve had them. Good news is the recent DayZ dev log has said that all information will be released with 0.63 meaning @Rolle will be able to host his own servers with all the tools just like the good old days.
  6. My Personal Battle

    Thats good, keep up the good work.

    Its about time we got this.

  8. Walking into a Firefight

    You did everything correctly, you left before an initiation and firefight started. Had you been there when shots were being fired you simply stay in the building with hands up showing your not a threat and if killed you make a KoS report. Had it been dropped when you were in the doorway of the building then again you simply put hands up and comply. If you log into a firefight best thing to do is put hands up and stay where you are (and if you can, record for any possible KoS that may happen). If you walk into a town and during a firefight when the shots are very far between and you notice its a firefight then put your hands up and walk right back out. Do not run around with hands down as thats the moves a shooter would be doing.
  9. 8iJQSdTHk7DvJe5a8t7PVb.jpg

    so wild west online.... new future side project? @Rolle

    could be fun getting abit westworld from time to time.

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    2. SweetJoe


      I'd do it.

    3. Rolle


      Another unfinished alpha?









      I got this :D

    4. Voodoo


      Who doesn't wanna mass KoS like this


  10. Walking into a Firefight

    Well if the victim has admitted walking into a firefight and the killer gets punished then thats some shitty GM work in which the punished member should make an instant ban appeal. Infact id be willing to help them right the appeal as a lawyer of sorts. If i was apart of the GM team with my 2 years worth of knowledge with reports i wouldnt punish the accused for the victim deciding to use the rules in his/her favour.
  11. Walking into a Firefight

    Warn them to leave, if they dont go then shoot them If they are warned during the fight or admit to knowing a firefight was happening in a report then you wont recieve a ban.
  12. Ha

    Good luck with everything.
  13. When you're clearing out all the steam friends that are mostly alts from CSGO and then you find that one person from school that was added almost 10 years ago who messages you..

  14. Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    Cant remember, I haven't played in a while. Was thinking about going and checking out Sol. Could be the RP hub, easy to find we know the planets and such