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  1. Voodoo

    Interview With A Community Member: Watchman

    I bring the games good read @Watchman
  2. Voodoo

    Zombies are too hard?

    The zombies are easy and you dont have to crouch walk to kab from the coast. 1. Avoid major towns and cities take the buildings on the outskirts 2. If your going in the town its best to crouch walk or simply walk/jog never sprint 3. Use a knife as it takes less stamina and when you do fight a zombie aim higher to get the zombies head hit box, this depending on lag will take a zombie down in 2-3 hits 4. Draw a zombie to you away from other zombies. This is easy just wait for it to become alert walk abit to it then jog backwards. Its easy to take them out on their own. 5. Never take on more than 1 at a time, if your lucky you will win but dont expect clothing to be good 6. If multiple zombies do attack you on your own jump on a car. Here you might need to use a gun and just take on the hoard. If with another person check next tip 7. If multiple zombies are attacking and your with a friend jump on the same car, work out with movement who they are triggered to. The person triggered stays on the car and moves to get the infected seperated, this is when the second person jumps off and takes them down 1 by 1 with a knife. If its not going well get back on a car. recently ive been avoiding crouch walking as you can easily work out the trigger distance when walking near infected and if there are multiple i just avoid them or pull them to attack me 1 by 1.
  3. Voodoo

    Remove NBC clothing from item shop (When the radiation mod is released)

    Well it needs to be removed otherwise its pay to win especially if it can be set up so the radiated areas are the hotzones or rare loot like the dark zone is for the division
  4. Voodoo


    I think its better to find the territories out IC rather than on the forum map
  5. Voodoo

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Great to see this open again. Had great RP with this group over the last few days.
  6. Voodoo


    Thats why i love supporting west ham. Havent got a voice for rp tonight.

    3-1 and you fucked it up!

  7. Voodoo


    Some people have too much time but this is great 😄


    1. Osku


    2. Eddie


      😂 Lmao. 

    3. DrMax


      The real Queen of our country! 

  8. Voodoo

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Watchman always good to see you drunk rp @Phoenix @Franny @Derek Steel and the rest of the GenZ guys that were around, great RP as always @Banshee Nice to rp with you today looking forward to more rp in the future of gen z @Thrynn Great RP today
  9. Voodoo

    Problems with server? Website says online 120 slots, but still no joy...

    Its an issue that's being looked into. Check the discord for notifications when its back up and running
  10. Voodoo

    • Voodoo
    • Elmo



    1. Elmo


      Why you gotta snipe my memes like that voodoo

  11. Voodoo

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    seen you about 8/10
  12. Voodoo

    M1A rifle

    I found a mag the other day in one of the shop buildings under the cash register desk
  13. Voodoo

    Last Nights Ensuing Chaos - Battle of the 12 Armies

    Generation zero wasn't involved in any of this we were too busy looking around cherno and struggling to get supplies due to the fps drops
  14. Voodoo

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    good luck with this guys
  15. Voodoo

    James Brothers Gang {Recruitment Closed}

    congrats on approval guys
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