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  1. Voodoo


    Gotta admit I agree with the report. If you go off server to RP its void. 

    This is a dynamic RP community, initiations and firefights will happen. If you don't like it then either leave the community, plan events out properly in order to keep the truth hidden (and report metagaming should info be leaked that wasn't on the server) or suck it up buttercup and give back as much as you got. Servers got to soft if people don't realise that just because someone initiates doesn't mean to have to follow instruction. Use that supersoldier M4 and wreck people.

    1. UndeadRP





    2. BorisRP



    3. LouieRP


      People forget that they can be compliant to a point where people cant be hostile to them. 

    4. UndeadRP


      Or just be non compliant well, and hide things. Invite people ic'ly to things in ya kno roleplay, and if u get snaked ya get snaked. in roleplay. 

    5. LouieRP


      Yeah exactly. It's a shame that the people who put up the most resistant against us are our own friends.

      I would love to see an influx of new players come in to make a new group and let the RP go its way. 

      Or accept ban appeals. 

    6. Lewis scott

      Lewis scott

      What happened this time voodoo?

  2. Voodoo

    A Formal Apology

  3. Voodoo


    You in? We make dayzrp great again with altar castle?
  4. Voodoo

    Server characters getting predictable, and rather old and boring.

    Problem is currently the server has a lack of population. If you had 2 full servers (like it was) you would be able to experience a very diverse play style from each member. Until the servers get full with 0.63 (lets hope they do) this is the type of characters you will find.
  5. Voodoo

    Radio Chatter Rule

    Sounds like a good idea. I thought this was brought up and put in a while ago but guess not.
  6. Voodoo



  7. Voodoo


    Negative unless there is a huge community outcry for it
  8. Voodoo


    Need me to get some guys on and change that for you? :trolle:
  9. Voodoo

    • Voodoo
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    yo whats happening stagsy

    1. Stagsview



    2. Voodoo


      Just wanted a random video to post here 😄

      how are things?

    3. Stagsview


      finished work, chillazing and modding skyrim once again and urself pal? hows life and such?

    4. Voodoo


      All good, currenly in germany enjoying the world cup (the germans arnt though) and waiting to go back home saturday to do as you are, mod skyrim up and get a session on it for the whole of sunday.

    5. Stagsview


      sundays are dnd night for me pal, hosting it with a load of friends....i only play video games after my shift...or during my siesta XD

  10. Voodoo

    Rule mode question

    I dont appreciate being called lazy, fact is id never open a tab on steam to look at server lists because this would be METAGAMING. What next? Its alright to use that server list to know how many of a certain group are on in order to confirm killing every member in a firefight or if they only have a certain amount on that its worth initiating because they cant fight back? Its not confusing its just a pointless feature (like a few others in the past) that does nothing to help the community in anyway. The servers were fine with rules being simplified in order to keep things streamlined, features like this only lead to more questions being asked (as can be seen on the forums with discussions on how this affects groups). The community was built to have fun yes that is true, its also true that it is meant to be a get away from the real world and be as immersive as it can at being a survival zombie game. As for making money to pay rolles debt, that was never the goal of this community. Any money made was a donation to keep things running such as server upkeep. Its a tragic outcome what happened in the end which doesnt need to be plastered everywhere but the fact that some community members believe this community is soley here now to pay money to the debt is really upsetting to see. This used to be a place to relax and enjoy a game and if you could, put some money on the table as a thank you rather than push it like EA does to an online game. Roleplay and fun > money Give a good experience/product and the money will come, basics of running a business. Im 28 years old with 10 years worth of wages saved up and i could have easily been the guy providing a percentage of the €600 per month (which is apparently the amount as put in a reply above) but in terms of this now as a business and replys and treatment i (and other members) have recieved in the past what would be the pros?
  11. Voodoo


    Bring Beati Paoli from mod to SA with 0.63?


  12. Voodoo

    Rule mode question

    This then just defeats the whole purpose of having this new system in place. i just dont fully understand why we need to over complicated things (in the form of putting people in sections) and make it a house of cards when we could have just simply left things as they once were. At the end of the day this is an open world survival game, survival being the key word. First rule of dayzrp was to never get attached to gear as you were very likely to lose it at somepoint through robbery or death. In order to survive the act of robbery could be a useful tool to your disposal in order to gain items that will benefit your own survival. Taking this into account its clear that this could be deemed a decent reason as to a robbery and the risk for the hostile party is the possibility of death by victim or death by not recieving what you believed would help you.
  13. Voodoo

    Rule mode question

    I dont plan on making a mountain, my undertanding of things are, if its not broke then dont fix it. If i meet someone in normal mode i can still rob them providing i have a reason, best reason would be, im surviving in a apocolypse, you have ammo, a weapon that fires more shots and food that would satisfy my hunger. So ill be taking it. If i meet someone in hostile mode i can rob them simply by telling them to drop their shit and not providing a reason as to why because they chose to accept this rp. If i meet someone on hardcore i can do as i would to those accepting hostile rp above but add on that im accepting hostile mode and im a phycho that loves cutting people up (as hardcore allows this) meaning i can look to become the serial killer of dayzrp characters due to permadeath being apart of the mode.
  14. Voodoo

    Rule mode question

    Armbands should be used as an optional group identifier not as a forum based tool. The forums should be completly seperate from IC server related situations, they should only mix when it comes to reports. However it does seem like the longer this place goes on the more the forums dictate the way the game is played, which is a real shame as it was always fun jumping on the server and not knowing what would go on and have that risk vs reward experience.
  15. Voodoo

    Questions About Kill Rights

    If you are held up and issued demands this would be an initaition. in terms of confirming targets that applied to firefights.