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"Staff Feedback.. Plz my neam is doovoo"

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    1. Alan Woods

      Alan Woods

      Gracias por el regalo jefe !

  2. I've binge watched all 10 episodes of narcos mexico in 24 hours... no idea what to watch now

    1. APositivePara



    2. Voodoo


      That's a good shout I also haven't watched the Witcher properly yet

    3. APositivePara


      Not seen the witcher but apparently it's solid. The Mandalorian was great

    4. Brian


      Sons of Anarchy, The 100, Vikings

    5. Saunders


      I need something to watch, thank you so much for giving me that series 😝 I've watch all of what you said @Brian

    6. Lucky1911


      Try Longmire, great show, or the rest of the Narcos Series 

    7. Trijim


      Peaky Blinders

    8. Voodoo


      Seen all of narcos now. Might go back to it again and rewatch the Colombian series

    9. Voodoo


      Also up to date with peaky blinders

    10. Trijim


      well damn. Have you watched The Irishman

    11. Voodoo


      Not yet I need to

  3. You will also need to create a character and make it active in order to join the servers https://www.dayzrp.com/join/
  4. @MrFloppyBottoms your temporary ban from the servers has been lifted. Please check this report for further updates
  5. Looking at staff activity for this month so far pretty much all staff members have got ingame hours on record. As for whats going on ingame I guess it comes down to if they see it or if its actually being reported.
  6. This profile change was much needed

    1. Alan Woods

      Alan Woods

      pablo escobar narcos GIF

    2. Voodoo



    3. Samti


      That actor always has lookee like a porn actor to me. Idk y

  7. After further investigation we have arrived at the following conclusion: @Lucas Ossas you have claimed in this appeal that you communicated via double mic with your fellow group members whilst using the whisper function within the game. The admin team have concluded that although we cannot prove/disprove that you did double mic in this situation, had you been in whisper the distance shown would have meant that the voice would not have been heard by the OP of the report. After reviewing the footage of testing, due to staff tools being present we will not show the test footage publicly or to yourself. Punishment Adjusted: BadRP | 10 WARNING POINTS, CHARACTER RESET Signed: @Voodoo @Saunders
  8. Voodoo


    This will be @Roland @Watchman and @Ducky department
  9. @OnionRingOfDoom the comments made above in the spoiler, are they related to this situation?
  10. That's still not a full and detailed POV of events. Please give us a full statement of the events leading up to and after this situation
  11. Connection Logs: Hit Logs: Kill Logs: Building Logs Calling in to post PoV's: @OnionRingOfDoom | Jak Onions | POSTED @G_DateLR | Gareth Jones | POSTED @Alan Woods | Mihai Nedelcu | POSTED @birdman | Ross Butler | POSTED @Icaruu | Alon Quinn | POSTED Please post a FULL and DETAILED POV and any VIDEO EVIDENCE you have Give a detailed POV of the situation and also why did you combat log?
  12. I never knew we had the same character picture
  13. Ok we are reviewing this case as discussed on discord. Firstly though a question: 1. Did you delete the video from youtube yourself? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixkZspDtTwU&feature=youtu.be For some reason the link shows up as the video being set to private yet looking at the screenshots you sent to @Conor this video is nowhere in the playlist. Id imagine you would have done this yourself as youtube would not delete a video unless there was significant reason to do so and they would also email you should a removal take place. Im just asking to get it confirmed as to what actually happened with the video evidence.
  14. @JasonBR It was fun travelling south with you today on the server with @Phoenix
  15. Time to start getting active ingame again I guess
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