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  1. James Anderson was born in East London. He grew up poor, the usual kid that was picked on for not having the best looking uniform whilst at school. He never knew his father, his mum said his father was a drunk and likely rotting away in a prison. As James grew up he started to hang around with kids in similar circumstances as himself, being poor James and his new group of friends started to steal to get by. Several times James was stopped by the police and marched back to his mothers house. At 15 years old his mother passed away after a long battle with cancer and James was now left alone to stay with his aunt. At 19 James was still committing petty crimes to fund moving into his own place. He stayed away from drug sales and instead kept to the simple things such as burglary and pick pocketing until he one day met a guy in a local pub that had an idea to make money. At 23 James had moved onto crimes that led to a greater payoff, smuggling. Over several years himself and his group would smuggle illegal items into countries, the most notable items being weapons. James and his crew of guys would smuggle weapons into a number of countries, usually those on the brink of civil war. One country that would produce the most business for the crew was Chernarus. The crew was now rich and James had finally moved away from being poor to living in a luxury house and having a wife. His life finally felt complete and he had moved from being the salesman to being the director. He was now able to stay hidden and have others do the illegal work but on 26th November 2016 he was called to travel to Chernarus after a deal went wrong. His travel to Chernarus turned out to be a set up. His business partner that he met in the local pub all those years previous ratted him out in order to save his own skin from the Chernarus law system. James was arrested as soon as he landed on Chernarus soil and after a very short court hearing he was sentenced to 25 years at a Chernarus prison off the coast of South Zagoria. The first few months were tough, a divorce and numerous fights later James was starting to settle into prison life but soon he would be free after an outbreak of a virus hit the country. James managed to escape the island whilst out of his cell before the infection took over the prison. The prison guards were too busy dealing with the infected inmates to care about those swimming away from the island. James, now on the main land, spent his time surviving and travelling the country.
  2. Voodoo

    Weapon camos/skins

    Id like the ability to wrap some burlap around the weapon without it looking like a ghillie wrap or maybe add leather to it (like RDR2)
  3. Voodoo

    Juggs here!

    Welcome back Juggs its been a while
  4. Voodoo


    At somepoint ill be back on the servers again but RDR2 is just too addictive.

    We need to get a poker and blackjack system in DayZ

  5. Voodoo

    Time to comply

    Used to always be 10 seconds but you are right. After numerous rule changes if it isnt on the rules then it shouldnt be enforced meaning you can take an hour to comply if you wanted. This really needs to be added to clarify things, but obviously if they run instantly light them up.
  6. Voodoo


    Anyone else see yesterdays status update? 

    Not surprised at all that everything is postponed. Typical DayZ devs, 0.63 is officially a polished 0.62 that is missing alot of content. So now were getting less for our money.

    1. JimRP


      not rly

    2. brk


      I laugh at the fact that we had more content in 2012/13 than we do now, but oh well, bohemia knows best apparently!

    3. PalmtreeWhale


      But we have more frames per second now 😄

    4. Voodoo


      Im sure eventually they will get this game right but for a dying game that has lost a heck of alot of player base 0.63 going to 1.0 is meant to be their time to reassure the fans and get players back. Thats not gonna happen by announcing that most content will now be post 1.0 and most of the weapons you loved from the beginning are now scraped from this update and not coming back until somepoint after 1.0... i just dont understand why you would bring out a new patch and not put things from the past in like the bus, revolvers, the sks and much more.

      The devs need to get their priorities right and be organised or just scrap this project and move to arma 4 with the rest of the team.

    5. Cid


      I think it is less the devs and more the publishers to be honest.

      As long as development continues on pace, the only thing that may be harmed from this is image.  We may still get things at a reasonably different time, except instead of it being 0.64 or 0.65 it'll be 1.1 and 1.2, etc.

      Image is enough to kill a game though, so this is inevitably a gamble that I feel will be a losing one.

      And by reasonably different, I meant reasonably the same time.  I shouldn't type in the morning.  Lol

  7. Voodoo


    Really want to get back into DayZRP but have no idea how.. any tips?

    Problem ive got is im enjoying other games too much.

    1. Samaritan


      I can relate to this, I really fancy jumping back in but I seem to be distracted by real life or other games. I haven't played since we moved to .63, I'm off this week so I'm going to try and make time for a bit of RP.

    2. Aisling


      I have a hard time getting immersed and actually into the story lines and RP like I used to. 

    3. uSx


      Tbh .63 is the best version of days I've played.

      There are a lot more small mechanics that make it more "RP" oriented. You can't sprint forever, weight affects the ability to jump/sprint. Reloading magazines is manual (actually having the mag in your hand, "crafting" the bullets and magazine together where they go in 1 by 1). Tons of small features like these.


      Sure, some stuff is missing (cars, a lot of clothing etc), and it is still buggy at times, but it feels better and better.


      For the RP, it's what you would expect. Some great, some mediocre, and some totally shit. Nothing has really changed on that front.


      Imo it's worth a shot. At least to try out the new mechanics.

    4. Voodoo


      Ive played 0.63 problem i have is that after being away for a year the lore and general server side RP i just feel lost to. 

      Ive missed so much its hard to find a starting place with a character

  8. Voodoo

    Excessive Reporting ?

    Always used to be that you made a report, you were required to speak to the other party involved within 24 hours and then you asked staff whether or not you wanted to go ahead with the justice system.. Maybe we could get this back in? I don't see a problem with making a report, just need to be willing to accept an apology/realise you were wrong and get on with it.
  9. Voodoo



    Tempting... but then again...

    1. Ghost


      sooo tempting haha

  10. Voodoo

    Brotherhood [ Recruitment Open! ]

    Nice to see an old mod group making a return to the servers
  11. Voodoo


    welcome back
  12. Voodoo

    October 2018 changes

    Hey im not being negative its a genuine question. DayZ as a game has been on a downward slope, will people be picking it back up and reviving it like Siege or will it just become another early access title that died out like Reign of kings. We should all be abit optimistic and think about whether or not this game will be a phoenix rising from the ashes or another game put in the scrap heap. Only time will tell...
  13. Voodoo

    October 2018 changes

    All sounds good, only question is can we get 100 players
  14. Voodoo

    Execution rights

    Id say its justified to kill the hostage in that situation, they obviously don't care about their friend.
  15. Voodoo

    DayzRP = gone?

    Well wasn't just the fact server files were released along with mods. Yes it had bugs on a gameplay stand point but the mod was brilliant simply because this community was unified, we had great roleplayers that would put time and effort into making groups and characters and as a whole the general feel during that time was more relaxed. Now we cant go a day without a PC culture or generally a bitch fest over banditry, heroism or playing the survivor. I don't like it but elitism (as shown between mod players and SA players) is a huge problem the community has come to face for many years and a lot of the blame for that was the fact this community went very forum based rather than keeping everyone where they should actually be which is on the server. I never came here to donate money for a fancy name tag colour, my money was put to benefit paying for the server to keep running (although it also went towards other things as rolle's tax statement shows). I am here simply to enjoy a game and get lost in another world for abit. Now we need to stop the forum bickering and unify as a community. 0.63 is not a great patch... at the moment, but we have all stuck by this game so far so lets give it just abit more time. We have seen improvements and we have seen so step backs (why can I not lean anymore to the side what is this BS) but I'm sure we will get there in the end by Christmas (as a world war 1 military general would say)