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  1. Voodoo


    Watching some of them NVFL and badrp report videos... I don't even know anymore.

    No wonder I don't really log in anymore.

    1. Dan


      It's wild out here

  2. Voodoo

    We Gotta Talk About "HostileRP" or should I say GearRP

    No such thing as gear RP. There is however a thing called apocolypse RP where if you see someone with something you want then you go and take it. If you feel baited or any other rukes broken then simply record and report and let staff do the job they are not paid to do. If your getting robbed a fair amount look at yourself and ask 'what did i do wrong and how can i improve?' Maybe running straight up to people and saying hi or always using roads is a source for the robbery that occured. There is a first rule when joining DayzRP and its simple. DONT GET ATTACHED TO YOUR GEAR
  3. Voodoo

    let amnesty players apply for staff

    Should be judged case by case. Also past staff shouldnt be judged unless they were kicked out and also should be judged by all admin team not just owner/s like the case involving @Phoenix
  4. Voodoo


    Im so confused. I was asked to help a woman at work lift some heavy stuff onto a trolley for her because im a young strong man... i thought with equality i wouldnt be used and also i thought with strong women chivalry was dead? Aswell as that what if i dont identify as a man? God im so confused, has 2019 killed off PC and SJWs or not?

  5. Voodoo


    Happy New Year everyone for tonight.

    1. Phoenix


      yay another year of pc snowflakes and feminists shall begin

    2. Voodoo


      But better than all that another year in which i get active on the servers and possibly bring 501st back (depending on things like lore wipes and generally if the game picks up and improves).

    3. Phoenix
    4. ShanePVP


      its not even 12 o clock yet son smh 

    5. Voodoo


      Yea i put it because i cba'd writing it later

    6. ShanePVP


      Happy New Year to ya anyway Voodoo

  6. Voodoo

    Rule tweak to make faction wars more realistic

    Na this is a terrible idea. Whether at war or not initiations must be made. If you were allowed to mow people down i can see a number of kos reports from civilians and it also brings no rp.
  7. Voodoo

    Go Back to old Defense/Kill rights.

    Yea we need to go back to the old rules. Anyone can say they RP'd with the victim in order to get a kill. When it was just between group members and those initiated it was simple. Plus that old rule meant groups actually meant something. So groups would be worked on harder than being a quick post up and it would encourage members to join groups. That in turn would mean more friendships being made and a good community spirit being brought back. Problem with the server at the moment (with alot saying rp has got stale and such) is simply because most playing dont belong to a group and play solo and form a dynamic group occasionally. Approved groups push the server forward and bring in more sense of community, aswell as that experienced members can take new members into a group and train them up into how the server works rather than getting a new member that jumps ingame and already knows every weapon and thinks they understand how to bandit or just run around asking for 5.56
  8. Jensen Bone's Backstory Jensen was born in London and lived a simple life with his parents, Mary and Norman Bones. After graduating college, he joined a hospital in central London as a mortician. Everyday was a struggle and Jensen wanted nothing more than to quit and follow his dream path to becoming a surgeon, but dreams don't always come true. As time passed, he felt himself become more and more comfortable with his occupation and eventually even enjoyed his job. He felt a connection to the people he had lying on the table. The only people that would ever understand him and listen to him. He felt good around them. An opportunity arrived for Jensen to travel to Chernarus and study with chernarussian morticians on a path that could eventually fulfil his dream of becoming a surgeon. On his trip, news arose that an outbreak of a strange virus had made a debut and was killing off the chernarussian folk. Jensen didn't think much of it and continued his research in a secluded lab with a few fellow chernarussians, eventually they were asked to help with tackling this crisis by performing autopsies . The lab eventually became overrun by infected and the three researches were forced to bunk out in a safe room until help arrived. They had enough food reserves for a couple of weeks. Eventually they made an attempt to leave the shelter and find a new place to survive. The other two researchers didn't make it in the first couple of weeks, Jensen knew he needed supplies to survive and knew that if he could make it to a safe house and prepare for a few weeks he could make it through this outbreak. Time passed and Jensen found himself roaming around in the chaotic environment, eventually he met Hayden Cole who he travelled with and learnt of some of her beliefs. He didn't believe in what she had to say until one unfortunate event when he lost her in a snow blizzard changed his mind. Injuries - None -
  9. Voodoo

    Rule 4.7

    In terms of chance of survival they need to provide food or drink or both at the end of the situation (they should ask you what you need) Survival doesnt mean giving you a weapon for you to use kos rights in the future. That would make no sense. You can easily loot a shed for a weapon that has no infected or take it slow and sneak into a house for a weapon. Whats the RP logical sense in giving someone something to attack you with?
  10. Voodoo

    1 hour devs?

    I wouldnt call defending me after i got an inactivity PM (which was all due to NA timezone reports and a dead server during EU peak time) as major drama. She just wanted to understand why i was being singled out when there was no work i could do during my timezone. Aswell as the fact i jumped to your aid when all your admins walked out due to your leadership and other issues only to be treated like dirt towards the end of my second stint in staff. If you dont like me Rolle then fine but you shouldnt punish Phoenix for what she thought at the time was just bias hate towards someone she was in a relationship with. By kicking her out of developer team you have lost a great gem that could have done some really fantastic work (which i have seen first hand and from the donations she recived from her modded sims stuff). Its a shame that your feelings stood in the way of this appointment especially when giving amnesty to the banned but not giving amnesty to past staff members to return and help improve this community.
  11. Voodoo

    1 hour devs?

    So a lack of communication between the two owners then? Would have thought communication would be a major part of running this community smoothly and to not get peoples hopes up only to disappoint them. I was surprised that phoenix was given the position at first but after the removal its just what I expected to happen.
  12. Voodoo

    • Voodoo
    • Phoenix

    beware the ides of march snakes in the grass

  13. Voodoo



  14. Voodoo

    • Voodoo
    • Phoenix

    Progress is always denied by feelings.

    You need to check your privilege.

    Woo woo 

  15. Voodoo

    No more Offline Base Raiding

    Problem is how to enforce it. I still think base building should be only an approved group game mechanic in which that group can make settlements for others to use. If not in a group you still get the use of barrels and tents. If that was the case then: 1. Groups mean something on the servers and have a major role in pushing the lore 2. It would stop the server having loads of built up bases all over the map owned by 1 guy (or a couple) that just wanted to base build rather than get out there and RP 3. Groups could maintain the settlement by recruiting in bulk to cover all timezones (as groups did back in mod). If maintained almost 24/7 then its very unlikely people would be able to steal.