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  1. C'mon now, you remember back in the day. Rap for me Voodoo 😘


    rap battle.gif

  2. yep, sadly hardly any of them are around anymore, either inactive on here or banned. I know alot hated the move to SA when Arma 2 was the more polished game (and still is in terms of content and working vehicles)
  3. Wish I still had a lot of the old screenshots (hard drive packed up) but those were some very good memorable times on the server. Altar Castle, firefights and very nice roadblocks to make sure civilians were not carrying military grade weapons.
  4. I've said it many times but if you want a RP server to have great RP you need to turn off base building mechanics and put in prefabs (created by approved groups). By catering to a more chilled out campfire RP style and base building safety net you are making a server that will last a few months at most before the server population crashes. Banditry is what kept the server going, every bit of gear you have, from the most rare to the most basic had a chance to be taken off of you or lost during a fight. The best times on the servers where when base building was not a thing (early days of Arma 2 DayZ and Early SA). You had to carry what you needed and if you found something you wanted you had to put it in a stash, tent or barrel in the middle of nowhere and hope noone found it. The minute base building was added to Arma 2 DayZ the server died and became a chore to groups just driving around looking for nails and cutting down trees, the same as SA when bases were added. RP can only be good when everyone is forced to roam out of their comfort zone, being made to explore towns for resources and possibly coming into contact with other random players. Prefabs work alot better than base building because they use assets from the game to make unique areas and can be controlled by the group ruling over them (meaning they can kick people out in order to keep the server moving whilst also giving a hub for people to gather for a few relaxed minutes of campfire roleplay). Unique storylines come from the unknowing and the imagination of the individual/s that like to take an idea and make it fit into the server whilst giving it abit of flair to make the concept unique (somalian pirates and Japanese imperial soldiers for instance, no lore sense to be in Chernarus but damn sure make every encounter unique and fun to the other players). The current changes proposed make the server seem to go in a sterile direction and as above, would have nothing unique to set it apart from other safe communities out there. Any business being created has to always ask "What makes this more unique than my competitors?" and in the way of DayZRP (interpreting it as many of us have) there is no difference. There used to be a time when the name alone had pulling power, but with low population over the months, a lack of creators getting content out and the general bad reviews made to others (based on bans and other negative press) the name now doesn't make it as unique. Its a shame but thats how things go, unless things become new and unique there is nothing that separate this community to any other. But there could be if base building was disabled and this place went down as a serious RP hub like it used to be (remember when it was 18+ and everyday was serious RP and fun to play because it felt like a unique environment?). I wish the community luck as I have many good memories here, hopefully things will become more unique and the community will stand out from the others in a positive light. But as it stands I have no interest to come back to an environment which keeps base building and loot hording as a thing over the core RP gameplay and banditry. Maybe if things change I might consider giving DayZRP a go again, hopefully by that time the game will actually get the stuff promised for us back in 2014 (or Arma 4 will take over).
  5. Some of the best RP I've ever had was in the middle of a firefight. Interesting to see how you will minimize bandit PVP and base raiding (whilst keeping hording under control for server stability). Overall this is slightly like what most of us wanted, that being just a simplified under control server with 2013 rules that allow freedom and everyone to enjoy whatever gameplay style they like without trying to be catered for by staff. But if limiting banditry is going to be a thing then it will just be a server to chill out on and have very bland storylines without much fear. Good luck, cant wait to see how things go and make a decision on if ill come back and play.
  6. What happened to the server? Well that is a long story that goes back to 2017 in which an image started a ban wave and since then the old stock is gone (either through bans, age or simply getting tired of the game that we have been playing since late 2013) The general rule of it all is, things changed, mistakes were made and it accumulated to a massive server drop off. It comes in waves, summer population goes down, winter population goes up. Problem is DayZRP isn't the only place to get RP now, there are other servers with streamers and when the publicity goes out of bans, low population and other negative things that have occurred here, then the possibility of getting newer members in and older members back just fades. When standalone servers came out in 2014 the community population exploded (probably too fast) and with that changes were made to get bigger. One of the major changes was reducing the player age which made things start to get more childish on the server, no longer was it intense RP it was memes with mates. More recently rules changed to follow a SFW attitude with bringing in twitch rules which led to stale situations in RP. Older players (which had been here since the foundation in 2012) seemed to be looked down upon slightly with a "we will always get more players" attitude which is why many from 2012-14 are just non existent (which goes back to the start with a certain image as a joke leading to massive bans). On the staff side of things, the dramatic growth of the server led to more staff being recruited. These staff members were (and still are) judged on performance, it became a numbers game. If you didn't match the bracket you were removed, even though it was a non paying job which you take out of your own time. Some removal occurrences happened in a way that led to them staff members rebelling, quitting the community or simply just not bothered to re-apply again. So much staff turnover since 2013 means alot of great staff that could help to change things or give new ways of improvement for the current state of the server have gone.
  7. Best RP years were 2013-2017 when we had 4-5 full servers and SA came along with not much but the communities imagination and dedication to make every night an eventful night like a movie. The change of the age limit made the community build up to that height and it eventually led to its downfall because it grew too fast (plus certain OOC events on the forum didnt help with keeping the founding players around).
  8. Looking at it through the rose tinted glasses base building is what killed the community in the first place. When people had to roam and had no way to store many items the game was more compelling. You actually had to fight for the stuff that took you days to find and the only way to save the gear you found over that time was to put it in the middle of nowhere in a tent or barrel (If you were lucky to find those). When base building came along it made the game boring because you could go from fresh spawn to geared in no time meaning you just had to go to a location, gear up and get back on with chatting. The best RP interactions always came when you had nothing after dying and had to go to NWAF or another military camp/town armed with whatever you found on the coast. Base building brought with it a new type of player (the hide away, store gear and moan when raided player). Base's should have been limited to group owned player settlements (like the mod days with Alter Castle, Ravens nest etc.) These settlements then promoted the making of RP interaction factions, RP hubs for travelling players (who could get kicked out at anytime by the owners in order to support the server from hanging around in one place) and generally they would be targets for hostile actions like raids in an MMO. They were not places to just store gear which is what alot of SA base building just became in the end. As for limiting group sizes that would be the worse decision going. The reason things have tailed off is because there wasn't enough group size. Used to be a time when the community was a community, you would OOCly just make an app for a group (even when you didn't know people in the group) and join them to just have fun. Many players then started to prefer going solo which took away the community feel and when a big group came along would moan that it was harassing them rather than forming a big group themselves or just getting on with it being an RP server and the fact there will always be a big shark in the water (which is what moves storylines on). It was never meant to be a safe community it was always meant to be on edge with interactions that twitch probably would never allow but that was because it was an 18+ community.
  9. The old days were the best but them days are over and very unlikely to return. No matter how many times we bring it up its always a no to going back to the golden times of random encounters and loot hording being limited to a small stash or tent in the trees. Arma would be a solution with its huge list of custom items, mods and maps but standalone is where things are now unless a new game comes along to move things forward. Every standalone update now is just an old alpha item or two making its way back into the game, its clear to see that development on the game has been left to modders.
  10. Lots of weapons, working ground vehicles, helis and the ability for staff to use jets. It wasn't all bad and could bring back all those that left as they didnt like standalone.
  11. Worth a try I guess, it might work. So whilst staff are listening to the community.... Arma 2 DayZRP return next? Bring back the golden age of firefights, roadblocks and grape soda?
  12. As good as amnesty sounds I don't think it will be a positive outcome. I think too many bridges have been burned and why would anyone come back to DayZRP when the game is old and there are other communities out there? I know many old permabanned players who after speaking to them said they would never come back due to how they were treated even if the offer was free. Sometimes the past just cannot be fixed. Its a shame as many permabanned players were excellent RP'ers with imaginative groups and characters which would have really given this new map things to look forward to but hey that's just how things go unfortunately.
  13. 1. Change of Map - Before anyone jumps on this and instantly dismisses it. I have to say that this new community made map is a welcome change however its exactly what I said when I was an admin and knew it was in the pipeline being made. The map is simply too small/ doesn't have enough to keep interest. Other than the main city in the centre the rest of the map doesn't really have anything to travel to other than the airfield. This map could have worked if the whole map was one giant city with rooftop settlements, Underground systems and small alleyways/backstreets to get lost in. 2. Active Lore groups - The whole map is centred on the main city which is run by a lore faction that is keeping automatic weapons out... although it isn't. Checkpoints remain empty a majority of the time and civilians are free to carry whatever they want into the city. As above if the map was one giant city with a closed off area it wouldn't be so bad but with the main focus on that key city which is run by a government that isn't about to enforce rules then the city just becomes a place to hang around in with no risk if you are caught smuggling in AK's. 3. Drop many group requirements and encourage groups to be made through group advertising (and adjust dynamic rights by removing the ability to gain defence) - A key factor to the servers being full in the past was the groups. Groups made stories, rivalries, wars, alliances, backstabbing etc. It all led to the server feeling fresh with something new happening around the corner. Too many of the player base now just want to run solo and loot or stick to a dynamic of friends rather than get out of the comfort zone. Let groups be imaginative but fit the lore, with a massive time skip groups should easily be able to use imagination to be whatever they want whether worshiping an old cowboy in a film they saw or being pirates that have landed on the coast. If the community members can start getting out of the comfort zone and join a group where they may not even know a single person it improves the community as a whole. Many of my closest friends in this community simply came from me joining a group which was a different RP style to what I had done previously. These are just some suggestions to what could help the server but we have to remember that DayZ is a game that is coming closer to 10 years old. Player numbers haven't improved in terms of sales and with the development extremely slow (if not over due to Bohemia cutting the team to the barebones to focus on Arma 4) I find it very hard to believe this game will ever get to the heights it once was. Doesn't matter how many mods or maps you through at it, the game simply doesn't have the dedicated numbers it once had especially with the history of permabans and such that took place in the community over the years.
  14. -1 If I remember correctly the issue with an Xbox server was enforcing rules and giving bans aswell as generally splitting the player base.
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