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"Not the world I wanted, but the one I found myself in."

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  1. Wire

    The World I Found Myself In

    This may not be the world we wanted, but it's the one we found ourselves in.
  2. Wire

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    @Raven06 I believe he meant seasons in the ways of like a "Season" of your favorite tv show show. Not in literal seasons like summer, spring, fall, Etc. Although, I agree, I'd love to eventually see something like this in the game, but I'm sure we are at least a year or so before modding gets to that point.
  3. Wire

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    I'm in 1337% I may not be as nearly as active as I once was, but this is something that could almost "rebuild" the foundation for DayZRP in my opinion and would improve overall atmosphere every year and make things feel fresh again.
  4. Wire

    The Ghost of a Dead Community

    *He would take the radio form his pocket and turn it on* *He would press the PTT a few times and listen for the beep to make sure it was working* *The sound of wind and static would nearly wash out the calming voice coming form the radio* "Hello there. I'm trying to reach out to others still out there fighting to survive. I would also like to share with you the dying words of a wise man named David Pond." *The radio goes silent for a moment* "So my name is Franklin. Franklin Zaou to be exact. I am assuming that I am the soul survivor of an unnamed community that a young man named David Pond founded. The rest of the community has fallen silent. However, there was one last message I wanted to share with anyone that would listen." *Another silent moment passes before the radio buzzes again* "The message I want to share is simple, but powerful. It was a message that was shared with my before I left David Pond in his final resting place. The message was this: 'This world is not the world we wanted, but it is the world that we have been given. So let's make it a great one.' These were the words that David had left me with, along with his personal journal filled with his experiences as the leader of a peaceful community. For anyone that knew Mr. Pond, they would know, not a man of anger or regret, but a man of optimism and hope. A man that wanted nothing but the best for the people that he cared for." *Franklin would sniffle before releasing the PTT for a moment and collecting himself* "Here is what I want to do. I want to carry on Mr. Pond's legacy and dreams. I want to make this world a world worth living in. In the next day or so I will be heading to Mr. Pond's grave site. As far as I know, I am the only one who knows the location. If you want to pay respects to such a kind man, than you are welcome to join me as I travel to the site." *Franklin clears his throat* "As for those who caused Mr. Pond's peaceful community trouble and grief. You are forgiven. There are no grudges held and only amends wish to be made." *Franklin sits in the grass field with his legs crossed and closes his eyes as he looks towards the sky* "I pray to Inari Okami that everyone out there continues to be safe. Namaste ." *The radio goes silent as Franklin releases the PTT"
  5. Wire

    Stop Looking At The Player Count...

    @gElmo That's totally understandable. I agree, playing at peak times are usually much more enjoyable. I'm not trying to say that you should never play something else if you'd rather play on the server at specific times. I understand that completely. I just want others to see that if they are really itching to log on but the server is just not booming at the moment, that they should think about hoping on anyway to see if they can actually help increase the amount of people online. PS: There are now 6 people online. there was only 2 before I logged on 5 mins ago. A small change, but one that could change others' minds. ? @RebelRP I agree, here recently there has been quiet a few players. I'm just trying to show that, in general, the server population would be higher if people did this. Kind of just trying to open people's eyes for the future. I also agree with the sever needing people looking to get involved with the story and lore. I hope the updates will bring waves of those kinds of people.
  6. Wire

    Stop Looking At The Player Count...

    @UnknownPhenomenon Don't feel bad. I was bad for it too. Then I realized just how many people probably do the same thing. I mean think about it. Imagine if everyone who did this would just log on in the first place instead of "waiting for others to get on" There would be plenty of players online and tons of opportunities to RP with someone!
  7. Wire

    Stop Looking At The Player Count...

    So I just re-typed this because I was rambling. Let me make it simple. Have you ever looked at the player count on the server and said "Oh there are only 7 people online, I'll wait and see if more players get on and then I'll join." If not, you're lying that's great! I know I have done this and I shouldn't. What I think we should do is join the server even when the count is low. Why? Because you joining could make the next person that looks at the player count say "Oh hey, there are plenty of players online to play with. I think I'll get online too!" This will (more than likely) continue like a chain reaction as more and more people go looking at the player count to determine if there are enough players online to warrant them logging on. Put shortly: Join the server, at least for a bit, even if the player count is low. I am almost certain that this will increase the overall average player count on a day-to-day basis. If I'm wrong...it's not like it'll hurt anything. So give it a try. Log on even if there are only 3 people online. Or even take the real challenge and don't look at the player count at all!
  8. Wire

    [GAME] Name Mixup

    Wirehead (Funny enough, that's what I call Twitch Followers. It also use to be my username when I was younger)
  9. Wire

    • Wire
    • Popet

    So like...it's been a while. We should get a Pipsi sometime.

    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora


    2. Popet




      And @Wire, if I don't die from the infected or starve and thirst to death sure thing. xD

  10. Wire

    DayzRP = gone?

    @Burgz, you make a good point. However, it is exciting to see the amount of people online grow like it has. I agree, our hopes shouldn't be given up, but I do have some hopes that (once the update is fixed) there will be more players to join/return.
  11. Wire

    A hello.

    Welcome! We are glad to have you here! I was the same way when starting DayZ. I wanted a realistic-feeling experience and all I got was killed by a sniper out of nowhere. When I found this community and server, I realized it was exactly what I was looking for and I loved it! I hope it's what you're looking for too and can't wait to see you around!
  12. Wire

    Birthday / Anniversary / Promotion / Donor / 1000th post

    Just a quick post to share my excitement about being apart of the DayZRP community for 2 years as of July 15th! I have never been apart of an "official" community this long and it just goes to show that communities like this (at least to me) are the best communities. To me, it does n't matter if people disagree on rules or have pointless arguments about lost loot. A community like this is exactly the type of community I like to be apart of and I wanted to say I've never been happier. Thanks to absolutely everyone for the amazing times and conversations the past 2 years! Here's to many more!
  13. ---WIP--- CHILDHOOD Born in the city of Anchorage, Franklin was an only child. He was raised by his mother after his father passed away. Franklin would always play alone and didn't have many friends. His mother would force him to go to birthday parties and play dates with the other kids from school. At these events, Franklin would simply put in his headphones and listen to his MP3 player. At the age of 11, Franklin had discovered his father's old journal along with some Japanese textbooks that had been passed down for generations. The textbooks filled with information on the study of spirituality and the journal filled with notes and self experiences from his father. From this point on, Franklin would study the books and become familiar with meditation, martial arts, and other spiritual focuses. EDUCATION After high school, Franklin moved out of his mother's house and in with his girlfriend. He attended the philosophy program at the University if Alaska Anchorage. However, he only completed 2 years before his mother passed away. This caused Franklin to lose focus and drop out of college. He was depressed for months and only found comfort in the books and notes that his father had left behind. Franklin would study the texts and notes constantly. This caused his girlfriend to leave him. ASPIRATIONS Now seemingly alone in the world, Franklin purchased a guitar in hopes of one day being able to play it. He continued to study the texts and learned to play simple tunes on his guitar. At the age of 22, he decided he would head to a country that constantly came up in his texts. Chernarus. Here there was an area with the name of South Zagoria. It was described as a "calm and rural land" where someone could travel in any given direction and find somewhere isolated and tranquil. This intrigued Franklin, as he wanted to escape the city of Anchorage and explore the world. He took the relatively little cash he had inherited from his mother, and bought the first plane ticket he could. Taking only his books, guitar, and MP3 player, Franklin set out to restart his life and find out his purpose. Little did he know what awaited him in South Zagoria.
  14. Wire

    Broke up with my girlfriend...need a distraction

    @Hardwired Thanks, I really appreciate it. I'm truly glad to be back.
  15. Wire

    Broke up with my girlfriend...need a distraction

    So, if anyone has noticed, I've been gone for a bit. Had some RL stuff going on. Marine brother is back from Japan after a year. My cat of 15 years passed away. My girlfriend and I broke up. And I'm finally on my last year of college. I could use some distraction from the relationship, so I'm having a go with DayZ again with the only community I know to play with. You guys. *rolls eyes at own sappy comment* Seriously though. I've spent the last few days trying to find something to get my mind off of recent events and couldn't help but come back to this game. Not because the game is amazing, but because this community is. It has the drama and the backstabbing that real life has and, while I don't care much for that stuff, it makes me feel like we are all one big (really messed up) family and I've missed you guys. So, hello again from your friendly neighborhood nobody. I'm glad to be back.
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