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  1. A lot of you probably don't know who I am, because I have been inactive for so long, but I am probably best known for being the leader and creator of 'caesars legion'. The reason I have decided to make this leaving thread is because for one I am inactive as it is, and because I am generally not interested in dayz anymore, instead I have started to play league more and more, I think I'm addicted. Send help. I don't expect anyone to respond to this, I guess I just wanted to make it official. Thanks to all the staff and the players, back when I had CL, I had so much fun on the servers, I just wish it was still like that. Goodbye.
  2. Been inactive lately so i'm probably stupid for saying this but i have never seen you before. 1/10
  3. Probably because i have been inactive recently, but never seen you before. 3/10
  4. Husky - 10/10 I swear i recognize that avatar... but not from you.
  5. These look amazing Moxy! +1 #Moxy4Dev
  6. Robert

    What anniversary skin did you get this year?

    Thank you Rolle, and happy anniversary.
  7. There is already a H1Z1 Thread, you can post about the game here. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-h1z1-new-zombie-survival-mmo-from-soe-makers-of-planetside-and-everquest?highlight=H1Z1
  8. Hello, Read the rules, Good luck on your app!
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