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  1. Our POV doesnt just revovle around you, it involves everyone that was part of this event. Tho "you" might not have done anything wrong but your group members clearly did.
  2. Kyle, you were associated with a seemingly hostile group, this report should include the entire process of the situation. You were a innocent bystander during the negotiations of dropping the weapons, let me restate my point of view, As we gave you a warning please stop following our friend as it seemed hostile and suspicious, one of your group members said "Yea he was the one whining and wanting charcoal tabs, how about you ah, shut the fuck up." Clearly seen in your video evidence. This was a response to me asking you kindly can you please stop approaching our friend with a MIC that was not working. I then asked if you can please drop your weapons, we had you surrounded, myself behind a wall, Reeda and Will by the bus. We all had clear angles, aswell as a realistic holdup situation, "Roleplay Wise". If you track in the video I asked you all to drop your weapons clearly stated, at 1:03. I asked you again, at 1:10, with COMPLY OR YOU WILL BE SHOT. At 10:13 one of your group members pull up his weapon and ran backwards for cover, initiating a defence to prepare for hostile action. I then opened fire on the person who ran, not you. Reeda and Will opened fire on the other armed man located to the left side of your character, he was knocked unconscious, you were sprayed and killed. I understand, for one you were "Innocent" however in our defence tho we have Not played the rules 100% to your liking, you were in the worst place possible during the gun fight, if you were to run away, we would have not shot you, as you were clearly unarmed. A total of 10 seconds was given for your group to comply and you didnt. Therefore the situation uncovered a firefight which resulted into the deaths of you, me and one of your group members. If your members were to comply this wouldnt have happened. Unfortunately they didn't, which resulted into the events occurring. I understand, we are meant to AVOID unarmed innocent bystanders in this situation, however it is very difficult to ensure the safety of my group members when you are in the way of a hostile who has the potential position to harm or kill my team. This is why we opened fire, spur in the moment, you died. At least we kept to role playing all the way through, Helping your member after, not looting, this is role play. So please If you want to call out whining, slimy shits, please ensure that your not one yourself, because your online report disputes and points are seemingly progressively, all about you. Which is rather "Bullshit" in itself. This game revolves around the "Players" not the "Player", in a real life event, would you avoid shooting a man with a gun that poses a threat to anyone close to you, because there is an innocent bystander in the way? This happened fast, adrenaline kicked in, roleplay kicked in, survival kicked in, your life meres nothing to the lives of my group members, you were that minority, a wrong place in the wrong time, Instead you decided to "Backchat" and not move away from conflict. Unfortunately you were right in the center of 3 lined sights of my team, yes you were caught in the crossfire, look at the logs, you were sprayed, as was your team member located to the left of you, not to mention this event occurred at night. So please review your video, the time stamps of every word said, when I opened fire, count the amount of seconds you and your team members could of avoided this situation, I tried to let this slide, with "yea your right" but reading your replies to my team, disgusts me, as you target with disrespectful language, almost like a child that cant accept, whats occurred and just be reasoned with a solution to be set. If this situation still bursts your bubble in the morning after 3 days. You have an issue with the roleplay in itself. We role played correctly. End of story. Lets settle this report to me administered by an Admin, Please. Regards, Dean PS : Admin I will ensure my in game name is correctly fixed when I load in.
  3. Hi all, Just to confirm i am not new with rp in the sense i dont know how to play correctly and im sure i have read the rules. Kyle all our point of views have been stated and theres no point to lecture us the rules. Please Admin review with the evidence that has been presented and make a decision as this conflict will continue back and forth. Thanks, Dean
  4. Hi Kyle Broflovski, I agree, this is "Your" report, I do apologise again for ruining your gameplay, firefights are intense and you were caught in the middle of it. You are 100% right "Always confirm your target; if uncertain about a players identity it's better to hold fire than to risk a KoS." We confirmed that your two friends were hostile, however you were not. Therefore, it is reasonable for either one of us to get a punishment, for misjudging a firefight setting at Night with Innocent civilians caught in between. I dont want to argue back and forth via report forums on who is in the right. We are clearly in the wrong for killing you, therefore we are happy to take the punishment/myself included. We do however feel that we did roleplay correctly, continued to roleplay correctly after the incident, but again the report is based on your death not your friends therefore, there is no argument for us. We are in the fault, we apologise, its your decision to push things further, but please be about it more politely as we dont want to cause online disputes over one incident. Regards, Dean.
  5. Hi, there I was the individual initiating the first shots after I saw one of your group members raise their weapon and run in for cover, after multiply stating's can you "Please, stop following our friend" "Please drop your weapons, comply or you will be shot." We also were very distanced and had a huge suspicious on hostile actions towards my group as you were very unfriendly, pre the shootout. "Shut the F up" is not a good way to initiate a reply. In a result I had died during the firefight, The Medic died unfortunately during the cross fire, between myself and Reeda, targeting your armed friends. Sorry to cause a inconvenience in your game, however I believe that we were playing to the best as role-playing individuals, and the end result was a great experience as I am also new to DayZ RP. If you look through your own video, you can clearly see that your group members were not complying as they were held up and surrounded, our RP stance looks strong in my opinion, yes you were caught in the cross fire, again we apologise but In a realistic setting things like this happens. Thanks, Regards, Redda - Dean Engelbrect