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  1. Zzzzzzzz click* why are u so mean little bitch hmm mean to us friendly faced clowns Click* Mr.D the doctor cored oh ho HO ah ask Todd if he got The Messiahs message and no I'm a different person a little friend in the trees one who is friends with The Messiah
  2. Radio turns on with static* Hello my friends. I wish to tell you about My Dark Carnival you should come and visit you have nothing to fear but you maybe thin- ARGH SOME ONE FUCKING HELP THERE INSANE PLEASE SEND HE-BANG BANG BANG ... Come to My Dark Carnival please. Oh and the cost? Your.Soul )(o: Transmissions cuts off but you thought you heard a voice say 'Please help us' but you dismiss it as your imagination maybe you'll check this place out what could go wrong?*
  3. If anyone can answer this please reply I need to now how to make a clan respond step by step please