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  1. Restrictions on avatars?

    Is this serious?
  2. Restrictions on avatars?

    Are there any major restrictions I should worry about I'm not planning on using pornography or anything.
  3. New Zealand roleplayer

    Being in NZ we are 12 hours behind most of you fellas so when I go on the servers at 4pm(my free time) there's only about 20 people, and I cant find any other servers with more players, any suggestions?
  4. Ingagment question

    If I come across a gun fight do I just have to run and hope I don't get caught? Sorry if this is an obvious question.
  5. Too hot?

    I'm overheating at the moment and am not sure whether to ignore it or just walk everywhere, any ideas?
  6. Team Speak Rudeness

    Well that sucks hope it gets better
  7. Whitelist question

    I got it!! Thanks for all the support hahah I can't wait to get out there and Survive, within the rules of course haha.
  8. Whitelist question

    'working in one of the largest cities in Chernogorsk' I have made this grammar error in my whitelist process am I gonna get rejected, I'm starting to freak out lol.
  9. Whitelist question

    yep it sure does, however I've already submitted and am now paranoid that I haven't checked it enough. But thanks any way.
  10. Whitelist question

    Will a few small spelling mistakes or a little bit of bad grammar make my app rejected?
  11. Force feeding a hostage.

    Is force feeding a hostage classed as power gaming
  12. Two accounts

    I have stupidly made two accounts with the aim to be able to play 2 characters. I have now regretted this following and alert message to go on ts and verify that its for a family member considering that is isn't can I request for one of my accounts to be deleted?? Thanks
  13. I don't mean to be impatient

    Does anyone have any idea of when I can become whitelisted, like has this premium only thing being going on for awhile?