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  1. It worked, thank you very much for the help. I'm broke, it is possible to gain access without payment? I can't use PayPal. Long story , I had issues with them freezing my account after not using it for over 6 months and then adding $250 to it. They then froze it for another 6 months then I called them out for freezing accounts because they actually benefit from doing so. Sorry for the tl;dr, maybe I missed something Ill go read more. I'd really like to join this community. I have nearly 6K hrs on the mod, and have always wanted to join a community that actually role-plays, as I feel its a waste of time putting in all sorts of effort with no real goal. Also, I realize this isnt for the mod, Im just pointing out I'm a serious gamer.
  2. I entered my Steam account when I was trying to fill out the form to be white listed, and it states the Steam account is being used already. My steam name is Hydn1
  3. As the subject states, I am unsure which username i had when I initially signed up. It's been a while and with DayZ SAs update , I am very interested in joining the DayZ SA Role-Play community. Apologies if this is posted in the incorrect forum. Note: As soon as I get the required details, I will then proceed to remove this account. Thank you. Haiden