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  1. Lewis Archer

    No Initiation/ RDM - 26/07/16 S1 GORKA 23:30

    Ok , i am writing this on behalf of my group. Here is a description of the event and events leading up to it. We met and had a nice chat with a man and woman next to Novy who had informed us that they had been robbed by a group with similar numbers to your own group and say they have just been released , just minutes later leaving them , we are running down the road when we see 4/5 armed men running from the direction in which they were released. This starts to make us be on edge in the first place. We then keep our distance, staying back , we even stop in some trees to hopefully not draw attention. Once you went out of view for us we moved up a bit more trying to keep distance in which all of you turn and start making a run for me in a tree i am now stepped out in the middle of the road waving to you , you do not wave back and instead decide to have guns out and running to me , that's the 2nd thing i get aware of. You then start accusing us of wearing your armband (which may i add none of you are wearing) so this is my 3rd bit of awareness kicking in that you guys are the type of people that just initiate on people. You guys then speak of performing rituals on us which again flags as a i don't feel like getting initiated on today sign . Even in your video you are just wanting to initiate on people and are saying to each other lets initiate now or whatever. I say to you guys that , i'm just going to leave now or something along these line in which you try stopping me from leaving and keep telling me to return , you say come back to the road , stop and other things along the lines. You then raise your gun and say stop , stop right there or something similar , and then are telling me to drop my gun. This is hostile action and my friend has the rights to shoot he picks off one guy that was guarding my friend and i'm pretty sure my other friend kills another. Meanwhile i'm talking to you, you ask me to put my gun on my back and i say i cant i have one on my back already, then you's say drop it on the ground then . In which gun shots are fired , and you execute me. May i just add while robbing someone they are classed as being hostage i would assume and you executed me instantly which i'm pretty sure is against the rules if i'm not mistaken. (something along the lines of "you can not instantly execute a hostage when gun shots are fired.") So to sum up the rules you accused us of breaking : RDM - how was it RDM if you initiated / performed a hostile action towards me giving us rights to shoot in our group Bad RP / Attempting to avoid RP - We did not want to get robbed which we had a very high suspicion you guys were the hostile kind of guys just looking to initiate on people so we tried getting away i said after you tried to "perform a ritual" on us that ill just be leaving and did not want a ritual performed on us. If anything this is us valuing our life because you guys are surrounding us with guns , then saying you are going to perform a ritual and after we heard that group your size just released someone we did not want to be the next to be taken. No value for life - So me trying to say i'm leaving now and going through some trees is not valuing my life ? if anything i am extremely valuing my life because i do not want to be getting no ritual performed on me or getting robbed on my way to a trade camp just down the road. "They did not know if we had over watch etc" yeah we did because we had over watch , which you guys were unaware of. At no point did i be rude , at the time i was not a hostage or whatever so i was allowed to ask questions the guy said can you take off the armband without pointing a gun at my head or being hostile so i was not being rude by asking him what group he was from etc , this is called trying to gain information , we have been trying to find an armband colour for god knows how long now and this was only one no one had knew a group had so we took it. Also just to regard the fact you guys assume you did not initiate your guy even says "shall i shoot him" so he even knew it was initiated. Edit : 23:34:06 | Player Lewis Archer has been killed by player Moralis Wren this is the guy who execute me , and i was going to report it for killing hostage instantly but i this report has saved me time so to the staff reviewing if you could consider this rule break also id much appreciate it , thanks. Much appreciated for the concerns .
  2. Lewis Archer

    Whitelist status

    Will they post in advance saying "it will open in ..." or not ? Usually not, no. This is how it usually is: i looked at your reply and seen the screenshot and had that second of "oh my god it is open" NOPE hahaha.
  3. Lewis Archer

    Whitelist status

    Normally an admin will post on our twitter (@DayZRP) when the whitelist is open, keep an eye on that. Will they post in advance saying "it will open in ..." or not ?
  4. Lewis Archer

    Whitelist status

    Hey man , i don't suppose you can tell us when the next 24 hours of recruitment is open ?
  5. Lewis Archer

    Whitelist status

    I feel like i spend all my day refreshing the application page , hope that their is not many left to review.
  6. Lewis Archer

    Whitelist status

    I don't suppose anyone knows how long apps get closed for ? i was about to write app few days ago and when i woke up the apps closed and been checking back daily every since. If anyone can help , much appreciated.