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  1. Hello HeBee the reason i copied and pasted his backstory because I was using it as an example to help me create my own story and i struggle writing stuff that are like 1000 chars plus when i have just a blank box as my mind always goes blank plus i have autism so that makes it harder this might make you think that you don't want a person like me on your community but I can ashore you that I am a good role-player I did try try my best to change it in fact i left it on the backstory for hours reading it over and over again to see what else could have been changed. also my friend who has got black listed because of this i would like see him white listed again as this was not his fault as i said to him that i would change most of it which i didnt so if anyone is going to stay black listed it has to be me not him. This is the reason why you were blacklisted. Can you please explain why you and your friend's backstory are almost identical copies to eachother. Keep in mind your friend that you shared the backstory with was blacklisted for the same reason as you.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/whitelist Hello, My name is Archie smith and I am 21 years old. Before the outbreak I was an security officer at heathrow in the United Kingdom, and I really liked my job. I found my way from the United Kingdom to chernarus because I was looking for a change of scenery. So before I knew it I was working at an airfield. I worked on the airfield above vybor. There were some really nice people I worked with. But let’s save that to another time and let's skip ahead to the outbreak.It was total chaos. I was working on that exact moment and their where people running all over the place. People trying to get on board planes without permission, it was as I mentioned total chaos. As soon as I heard what was going on through the radio, I started running out of the security booth and immediately began to help people whoever needed my assistants or help. But for many it was too late.In the new world I just try to survive and I also try to help people wherever I can. I also try to look for my friends whenever I move to another town/city, they were not at their homes, so I just hope they are safe. I have always been a kind of a commanding type character and i'm pretty good at making hard decisions, because that is what you have to do sometimes as an security officer. As you reading this note I could still be alive, or not. I forgot how many days it has been in the new world. I just try to make the best of it where i can and when i can. Take care. Stay safe. Why the verdict is not fair: because i feel there was not enough explanation on why i got black listed only that i needed to paste my story here Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Having the Blacklist removed and getting whitelisted. What could you have done better?: to be honest i don't know, I don't see anything wrong with my back story