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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I cant get a link, I'm banned from forums apparently Why the verdict is not fair: I reported me PoV and I am still banned I reported several days ago from Funeral and Some other guy I believe the reports were made on the 29th in the early morning Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was apparently banned for combat logging even though I have been banned already so there is no way I could get on the server. I got kicked before 30 minutes of killing by an admin for not reporting my PoV within 5-10 minutes of the post being made. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get unbanned, and not deal with the bullshit ban. What could you have done better?: Nothing, I reported my PoV already
  2. Ingame Name: Alex Novitski User: Amas Caput I was apparently banned permanently for combat logging. I don't recall combat logging ever, or to my knowledge, and I didn't think combat logging was permanent. I also was banned for not reporting my Pv on 2 separate subjects, even though I did. If I could get all this cleared up, that would be appreciated.
  3. That could've been when you were shooting the chickens then, I was taking shots though, the shots that I took in my direction could've been the chickens you were shooting at.
  4. I said it was over ingame voice chat and I do not have evidence either
  5. that's 12 minutes not the whole 45 minutes or so that occured
  6. Amas Caput POV: About 20 minutes prior they were shooting in my direction, They were a group, or so I thought. I think they might've been shooting zombies, but it was intimidating that it was in my direction. So I took it as a hostile action. I am sorry if I KOS'D But I was taking shots in my direction, so I thought it was intentionally at me.
  7. Amas Caput POV: Was walking in airfield. Found Man. Said Hello. Acting suspicious. Offered me to go to tents with him. I said sure. He then pointed his gun at me several time when running. He would stop while we are running. I would look behind me. I would swerve a little bit. He would then keep running with me. Over ingame voice he started saying that I was acting suspicious, he then pointed his gun at me and said don't even try me. So I then killed him because of his suspicious and hostile rp.
  8. Amas Caput: POV During situation I ran up to NWAF hoping to find players, for I was new to the server. I saw a conflict there hoping I could watch. I was walking around listening trying to talk to people. I accidently stuck my gun up to the back of one of them. They came over to me, said as an "apology" we would like your gear. I was compliant until they asked for my vest. I thought no to myself. They threaten me. I replied "ok" and proceeded to take action against them for taking my stuff. I killed one of them, then they killed me. Am I not allowed to kill someone if I am being robbed? It was an accident that I stuck my gun up, I even told them I didn't mean to point at them trying role-playing while trying to get them to understand what happened.
  9. Amas Caput


    bang so hard
  10. Hello! My name is Alex. I am from Ohio. I enjoy hobbies such as Warhammer 40K (Blood of the Blood God) (For the Greater Good), Hunting, fishing, and of course, playing video games. So, I just all in all wanted to say hi