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  1. I was in the passenger seat of the vehicle whilst it was driving across the run way as it drove close past the man running and the other 2 people in the car was Deano & Sean and Sean was also another passenger. They then initiated on the man in the building and whilst that happened i tried to i get my AUG out of the car, and as i was doing so i got shot. Then i took out two of their men and shot another, ran out of ammo and got killed.
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    Charlie's Media Thread

    Don't want my account removed so this comment is very important
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    League of Legends (S6) Official Mega Thread

    Forum Name: Tyrone Grey Region: EUW Summoner Name: xxMETROPOLISxx Rank: Silver 3 Main Role(s): Jungle & Mid Main Champion(s): Kha'Zix, Fizz. Additional Notes: Was Gold 2 I play better than S3 cuz havent done ranks since Season 3 due to addidcted to DayZ and Arma III, but easy wins so climbing if anyone wanna duo.