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  1. Gerula

    The Bar is reopening! (Open Freq.)

    * Gerula the Hunter at the edge of the forest takes out his Radio and pushes the PTT: -This is Gerula the Hunter I'm feeling kind of tired. Cloud use a drink and a stranger to talk to. Here can i find this Bar.?
  2. * Gerula here's something on the radio that doesn't sound right! He pushes the PTT in a rush and speeks: Can you repet your last transmission! What do you men ....... Over run by want? What's going on there? Do you need any help?
  3. * Gerula the Hunter finds a clearing in the dens forest, he pushes the PTT on his radio and speaks: This is Gerula the Hunter I am looking to do some traiding! Is there anybody a the shop? I'll be there in 30 minutes!
  4. Gerula

    VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    * Gerula pushes the PTT - This is Gerula, I am at Kabanino. I don't understand this open communication? I am at the Church. I will there.
  5. Gerula

    VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    * Gerula pushes the PTT: -That sounds good.... Will the Maior be there as well? Is Kabanino Ok? I'm how much time you think you'll be able to come there? * he releases the PTT, stands up and starts walking
  6. Gerula

    VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    * Once again Gerula pushes the PTT : - This is Gerula the Hunter! Is there any VDV personnel present at the NWA? I need to see the Maior..... * he releases the PTT and waits.......
  7. Gerula

    VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    * Tired, wet and cold Gerula the Hunter makes he's way form the far west. As he gets to the gate of the NWA he gets inside the green shed at the main gate he pushes the PTT: - This is Gerula the Hunter ! I am at the main gate at the NWA I need to see the Mayor. Can anybody here me? * he takes his finger of the PTT and waits for a reply
  8. Gerula

    VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    * Gerula the Hunter makes he's way form the far west all the way to the NW airfield. As he reaches the gate he pushes the PTT on his radio This is Gerula the Hunter. I am at the gate of the airfield I am trying to get in touch with the Mayor Vyacheslav Mikhailov. Mayor i have a personal issue to discuss with you..... * Gerula is tired and wet, he gets in the small green barack at the gate. He closes the door and waits
  9. I am Gerula Alex. I am a hunter. I live of the land. There is no animal or ...Thing...... out there that can scare me! I am silent when I walk so my pray does not scares away. I use to live for the thrill of hunting. Now I hunt to be able to survive.... I hate the wolfs I want to kill them with my bare hands. If I meet someone in need I will give him a helping hand. I only respect the law of the hunt and no other! From time to time i make my way to the towns in search for trade. I don't like bandits I think there scum. I will go out of my way to deal with them!
  10. Gerula


    NE Airfield firefighter Alex Jhon reporting for duty at a nearby helicopter crash!
  11. RP!!!!! Do not be offended by it. I have been playing as a fire fighter and you can be very surprised to see how many people called me retarded and so on because now in there opinion there is no longer need for that(fire fighting). But is that is my character and I don't get UPSET over it.
  12. It happened to me too in the green house in the North side. Lost a lot of pristine gear! F
  13. Gerula is a real name. Ok thank you i will be known from now on as Alex Jhon.
  14. I don't know why but i was kicked from S1 for not having the right user name for RP? I'M GERULA THE MERCHANT!
  15. This is it. The ultimate Rp. I will find it ...and sell it Gerula the merchant!!!