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  1. Owen was rather poor when he was growing up, his family did their very best to provide for him and they did well, he was brought up well with the right ideals and values of the time, having little didn't effect his demeanor or attitude growing up. While about to leave comprehensive school with good results, he wasn't the smartest but he wasn't dull, weighing up costs meant that Owen wasn't able to afford to go to university, so he decided he would have to get the funding somewhere else, he joined the Royal Engineers. Now Owen wasn't a violent man, saw combat only a handful of times, he joined the Engineers to help people in warzones not to perpetuate them, however he excelled in his combat training and that training could be called upon when needs arise. Getting towards the end of his first tour in Afghanistan, he couldnt bare to leave his squad, and ended up renewing for 2 more years, by the end of this tour in late 2016, he had to decide for himself where his life was going, to do some soul searching he decided to travel in the new year, it was on these travels than Owen became caught up while attempting to backpack in southern Russia, he wasn't going to see home again, he knew that. But if he was stuck here, he may as well get on with it, since then he has began to help strangers, feed clothe and protect them if necessary, he's quick to trust but he doesnt forget betrayals either, there's been a few of those since the outbreak, but that doesnt diminish his ability to see the good in people, and so, onward he marches, through the new world.