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    Thanks for the bean, Mr.Bean ;)

  1. Just got my first bean ever from Buddy. He is a great guy and a cool friend and i'm glad he was the first to give me a bean. Love this community and i barely joined it. I admit it's not perfect, but hey that's  what's awesome about it. It's just like a family, we aren't perfect, but we change and improve and become close to each other. Hope you all feel the same :)

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      You my man are one great person and one amazing meme


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      Have another bean.

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      Thanks bro here's one for you :D

  2. Help me convince my friend to buy DayZ

    In my personal opinion it's nice that you want your friend to play Dayz, but you shouldn't tell him only one side of the story. Think about it, let's say you convince him to buy it and he also gets whitlisted on Dayzrp and plays. He might have fun he might not. Than slowly if he plays more and more he gets adjusted a bit to how the game works and the community within the DayzRP server. Than one day he think: "I had fun on this server. If others are like this maybe i should check them out." Just imagine a person in dayz not used to kos and shit talkers that just joined a random server. That there is the equivalent of sending new soldiers to Vietnam, mid war. All i wanna say is that if you really care about this friend of yours you really should tell him everything. The difference between whitelisted serves like DayzRp and normal servers, the bugs and glitches of the game as well as it's good parts and also a story about one of your adventures in the game, or tellin him/her about the kinds of people you met. It's only fair that he/she knows how it all works and than him/her decides by themselves if they want to play the game. Hope this helped you reach a conclusion and this is only my personal opinion if you don't like it, it's perfectly fine.
  3. Gear that gets you in trouble

    I see but i don't really get why? Is it because UN soldiers where not letting people pass the borders in the lore?
  4. From what i have seen in videos posted by people playing on DayzRP they always meet that one guy who tells them "why are you wearing that item? are you affiliated with a group that uses that item to represent themselves? if you wanna stay alive you better take that off". So i was curious what items, gear even weapons shoudn't a player touch so they wouldn't get associated with a group they are not a part of? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  5. @Elmo thank you, i am already in teamspeak so i can begin as soon as now.
  6. Your IG Name and what are you interested in learning about Hero RP, Survivor RP, Hostile RP, Hostage RP, Military RP, Group RP, Text RP and General Knowledge. )?: My ig name is Michael Dacici and i would like to learn more about the Survival rp What Timezone are you from and what time's do you usually play? my time zone is EEST right now and i usually start playing around 4 or 6 pm but sometimes i play in the morning as well How were you directed to the Mentors thread (Word to- mouth, friends, report verdict, forums)? A person in teamspeak told me about it his name was Galaxy If you had to judge yourself and your Roleplay. What do you say you do best and what would you like to learn about or improve on? To be honest i belive im quite mediocre at roleplay when it comes to speaking but i would like to learn to express my character emotions more through my words and how to act in certain situations based on the survival rp that i mentioned before